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Texrat 2009-11-03 18:51

Brainstorm News
Here we will post developments and status messages for Brainstorm. This thread will not be used for conversations.

qgil 2009-12-07 13:09

Re: Brainstorm News has got a big development push and now it's much more usable. Following your own proposals and votes is esy with My Brainstorms (you need to be logged in to see this, obviously).

Also the Move to Brainstorm resolution has been implemented in and only today I have resolved about 20 enhancement requests that way. The tactic so far has been to be quite strict on new enhancement requests while trying to solve via bugzilla the old requests with many votes.

qgil 2009-12-08 12:35

Re: Brainstorm News
Now proposals in the Sandbox need at least +10 karma and 1 solution in order to reach automatically the Under Consideration level, where solutions can be voted.

This means that now we don't need to wait for assigned moderators to get proposals out of the Sandbox: *you* moderate.

The functionality of Comments has been removed from the Brainstorm pages, forcing the creation of Talk threads. This way we avoid duplicate discussion. Hopefully the automatic integration between Brainstorm proposals and Talk discussion will be implemented by Reggie and Oskari soon.

qgil 2009-12-11 16:07

Re: Brainstorm News
Oskari fixed some bugs and now shows plenty of fresh brainstorms and ideas:

Texrat 2010-01-11 19:13

Re: Brainstorm News
Please welcome Flandry and chemist as new Brainstorm subforum moderators!

I have been so busy with outreach program stuff that I have not been able to be as active here as I would like. I can't speak for qgil, but I don't intend to stop helping here completely... I'll work in here as much as I can.

I have good feelings about Flandry and chemist and I'm sure they'll do fine. Please show them your support!

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