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itdoesntmatt 2015-11-21 11:54

NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?
Since the conversation on another topic is going really off topic, I think is better to open a new thread just to discuss what is the actually situation of nemo mobile, glacier UI/UX and why there is no as much interest as the one the sailors (me included) have showed for sailfish os,

Jolla is a company, and apart for mistake of having easily promised something (open sourcing silica) for not realizing it in next two years (wich is interesting and polarize community opinions- well for me is only a matter of problem with investors decision as they inject money and they have the right to choose- AND THAT HAS NOT TO BE DISCUSSED HERE) they have to deal between community ideals and economic balances...
So, i would like to understand, since i am new on this world (i joined tmo on march 2015, i' m a kid about it) why there is this lack of interest in nemo mobile;
if i don't get wrong it runs on same components of sailfish, they are brothers/twins, it is open source, and is free from any ( even in honest and sincere like jolla) company's interest.
Why no devs, no sailors, no one or such a little number of them, are interested/involved in nemo mobile? thanks so much for hearing me

itdoesntmatt 2015-11-21 11:56

Re: NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?
i copy paste the interesting comments of coderus and szopin:
You know, Jolla team itself is not responsible for opensourcing decisions, it's all about investors.
And about Nemomobile, check Asteroid smartwatch project, it's all done by Nemo community. And because it's not a commercial organization (Yet?).

Coders probably did not see this as a venture that would bring them ROI (bashers are usually not coders, armchair CEOs), some got tired of Nokia and never getting there, others probably just went android, as there is at least a possibility of some income there, however slim chance it might be. Open source relies on fanboys in a way and android killed proper linux I'm afraid, people would be angry about things like this: not anymore, it's business as usual in the new linux world nowadays, android is king

thanks to both for ever useful opinions

szopin 2015-11-21 12:07

Re: NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?
Aside from all gloom and doom, glacier just has no recognizability. When this forum was flourishing 5 years ago there were lots of people who wanted to join and help, now we have 10% of coders still sticking around (with some just around to post a popcorn gif every now and then :P when debates get heated), 90% of jolla users looking for answers about openrepos/whatsapp etc Glacier would need to reach out to a new bunch of users/demographic as it is turning into a dying project. Trying to get it on RPi and stealing some talent from there maybe (I believe locusf got it running on raspberry, not sure), social media like reddits and facebooks? With no new maemo device _maemo_ specific forum is going to die too (jolla was just temporary it seems, what next? endless countdowns?)

itdoesntmatt 2015-11-21 12:20

Re: NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?
ok, but i guess team of nemomobile doesnt want to impose their UI preferences alone and without hearing community, since i dont think they want to obtain a product used only from 7 people.
So if we have screen and we have different and constructive opinions, why not sharing our impression and suggestion with them? we together can polish it and make it really nice, cant we?
Someone on the other topic said that jolla would have been focalized on main commercial devices already in the market, making only software just like cyanogen. So if it is difficoult since jolla is a company, let's make it with nemo mobile, wich is not a company (yet??). Sailors have made a really good PR and advertising (you attracted me wich i was simple android user) so why not using our enthusiasm for it?
we can also collect found to support developers that join nemo team (as we do for great developers for sfos like coderus, cepi, hhaveri, ancelad, dax etc...); the difference is that, at least for now, we don't need to produced something or paying attention to things that companies have to deal with, so it would be enough a lower money budget. Then we could really find some producer wich are unlike and looking for user base, as puzzlephone, or fairphone. They could have, along with mass commercial android user base, another branch of open os (faithfull)user base... maybe i am just stupid or making things easier than they are, but i am at least open to understand other point of view and being corrected if wrong. this is the real spirit of community, not something when everyone has to show that his opinion are the best and others have to learn from him, but a place where we can exchange ideas and opinion, not fight, not in order to blame someone or bash everything who tries, but to give suggestion and keep on enthusiasm.

For example i think that a lot of sailors here would be happy to give a monthly fee to a team of developers that mantein and develop their preferred OS. sure, who can't code, like me, have to give some fee to support efforts by who are able to code, but i dont thing that, if is it real a community where people want to join and not to use and throw away, it wouldnt be a problem

PS: jolla with dillon passion and sailors users enthusiasm have obtained great free advertising in different ways.

itdoesntmatt 2015-11-21 12:28

Re: NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?
szopin, i mean that it would be leaded by a team of devs/designer, but hearing opinions of others member of community in a way similar (but better) than jolla have done. not a completely anarchic way, i have to specify. I think that if we are here is that, in first place, we like gestures and hate tiny buttons, or am i wrong? if i am right, this could be a really great point to start.

i know it is impossible to satisfy everyone, but with patches system that our great developers have used it would be possible to satisfy as much as possible users, if they get along with the basis philosophy and design language..

itdoesntmatt 2015-11-21 12:33

Re: NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?

Originally Posted by szopin (Post 1489012)
Settle the status bar debate, you have almost 50/50 split here, so what do? Either you have a guy with a vision on top, or gnome/android

in the team that leads the developing you mean?
In such a situation, community can make difference.
if 50-50 is only on community, well, it would be like anyone had voted.

ps: TAKE JOLLA AS EXAMPLE: a lot of things about ui divided community, but at the end i guess people who went out for UI disapproval were not so much, sure a minorance.

itdoesntmatt 2015-11-21 12:40

Re: NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?
sure, as i said, i guess that community trust the ui team as long as possibile. For sailfish os, this thing has worked, and is not only a matter of i give you founds so i have to choose- you invest your money you can decide by yourself. We start from an important point of agreement, a simple UI with trasparency, with no tiny button, and gestures based,
other things could be important but never will corrupt common assumptions suggested above.

PS: for status bar, i dont know anyone that have abandoned sailfish os only for status bar. Some things could be patched, others have to be tollerated, as clever people knows that we cant agree on anything, but if we have a common paradigm, it would be realtively easy to get along. For example, i know a lot of people using android that don't like every single design object/ interaction of android, but they are still happily using it.

(i ask myself how can you be happy to run an ugly resources eater like it, but thats another story)

itdoesntmatt 2015-11-21 12:47

Re: NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?
so you think that a community driven thing is not a really option. we start from different thoughts

itdoesntmatt 2015-11-21 12:51

Re: NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?
I would bet on good intention,common sense, being smart of most community's member. is it so crazy?

itdoesntmatt 2015-11-21 13:04

Re: NEMO MOBILE, why such a little interest from sailors?
from what i read, it seems the problem is that some guys consider themselves smartER than the others and that they disappoint/disapprove choice and decision taken by someone without proposing any constructive alternative. The fact they sing the same melody for ages, suggest they are not discussing or exchanging opinions, they are just shouting and expressing their ideas without listen others' ones. I have seen too much critics and too little proposals here.
there is no place for one man show here, since is a community. we all have to deal with the fact we all can go wrong, and that making joke of anyone, or anything in wich someone believe, is simply unuseful. So you can discuss and argument your pov, and if the truth is so much evident and people are not so self centred, they at least can admit their fault, but on the other side it is needed there is no one making jokes of others fault or bad consideration. And to conclude, guys, to much negativism...we need to be not in the cloud but at least positive, no one have climbed even an hill saying it would have been impossible.

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