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preflex 2017-02-07 21:58

XWayland Victory!
OMG! This just happened...

I downloaded Manjaro ARM rootfs from here and extracted the contents into /home/nemo/Manjaro .

I mounted some stuff and chrooted in.

cd Manjaro
mount --bind /dev dev
mount --bind /sys sys
mount --bind /proc proc
mount --bind /dev/pts dev/pts
mount --bind /run run
chroot ./

Then, I updated and installed some packages.

pacman -Syu
pacman -S plasma chromium plasma-wayland-session weston onboard

Note, I don't know which of these are actually necessary. You might not need weston.

Then, I created a directory in /run/user and exported some environment variables.

mkdir /run/user/1001
export $(dbus-launch)
export XDG_RUNTIME_DIR=/run/user/1001

Then, I did this:

kwin_wayland --xwayland &
... and an XWayland window opened!


export DISPLAY=:0
chromium --no-sandbox &

and Chromium browswer launched in the window, with full multitouch input! Touch-scrolling, pinch to zoom, and all that jazz. No onscreen keyboard though, when I try to type a URL.


onboard &
And now I have Text input! I can install uMatrix in Chromium! Yaaaaaay!

One caveat, it looks like it's trying to draw a 1024x768 window on the 768x1280 screen (Nexus 4, portrait mode). It's cropped on the right side, and doesn't fill the whole vertical space.

Anybody know how to set the screen resolution for XWayland?

BluesLee 2017-02-07 22:25

Re: XWayland Victory!
Damn, this comes late, I needed this two hours ago before installing aliendalvik on a Nexus5 :D

Great news, really great!

HtheB 2017-02-07 23:17

Re: XWayland Victory!
Can you take a video or some screenshots please? Very curious on how it looks!

mrsellout 2017-02-07 23:49

Re: XWayland Victory!

Anybody know how to set the screen resolution for XWayland?
There appears to be a --width and --height option for the kwin_wayland command (and they default to the dimensions you mention):

kwin_wayland --help
Usage: kwin_wayland [options] [/path/to/application...]
KDE window manager

  -v, --version                          Displays version information.
  -h, --help                              Displays this help.
  --lock                                  Disable configuration options
  --crashes <n>                          Indicate that KWin has recently
                                          crashed n times
  --author                                Show author information.
  --license                              Show licence information.
  --desktopfile <file name>              The base file name of the desktop
                                          entry for this application.
  --xwayland                              Start a rootless Xwayland server.
  -s, --socket <socket>                  Name of the Wayland socket to listen
                                          on. If not set "wayland-0" is used.
  --windowed                              Use a nested compositor in windowed
  --x11-display <display>                The X11 Display to use in windowed
                                          mode on platform X11.
  --wayland-display <display>            The Wayland Display to use in
                                          windowed mode on platform Wayland.
  --framebuffer                          Render to framebuffer.
  --fb-device <fbdev>                    The framebuffer device to render to.
  --virtual                              Render to a virtual framebuffer.
  --width <width>                        The width for windowed mode. Default
                                          width is 1024.
  --height <height>                      The height for windowed mode. Default
                                          height is 768.

  --output-count <height>                The number of windows to open as
                                          outputs in windowed mode. Default
                                          value is 1
  --libinput                              Enable libinput support for input
                                          events processing. Note: never use in
                                          a nested session.
  --drm                                  Render through drm node.
  --inputmethod <path/to/imserver>        Input method that KWin starts.
  --list-backends                        List all available backends and quit.
  --lockscreen                            Starts the session in locked mode.
  --exit-with-session </path/to/session>  Exit after the session application,
                                          which is started by KWin, closed.
  --no-kactivities                        Disable KActivities integration.

  applications                            Applications to start once Wayland
                                          and Xwayland server are started

preflex 2017-02-08 00:09

Re: XWayland Victory!

"xwin_wayland --width 768 --height 1280 --xwayland" did the trick!

preflex 2017-02-08 00:49

Re: XWayland Victory!
2 Attachment(s)

Originally Posted by HtheB (Post 1522989)
Can you take a video or some screenshots please? Very curious on how it looks!

I hope these attached properly.

BluesLee 2017-02-08 06:17

Re: XWayland Victory!
The next step would be to package everything so that the non techies can also profit from it.

Do things like sound, video work?

nieldk 2017-02-08 07:36

Re: XWayland Victory!
A reminder for who wants to try, be careful with the BIND mounts, deleting stuff from folders (for example /proc/) by mistake, can mess up your 'normal' SFOS installation ;)

karan5chaos 2017-02-08 08:42

Re: XWayland Victory!
Really interesting !
Would it work on SFOS Ports aswell ? :)
Also I'm a noob in linux and it's commands so can someone explain me what kind of apps we would be able to run with this ? :)
Thank you.

claustn 2017-02-08 08:48

Re: XWayland Victory!
It runs on a Nexus 4, so it works on Sailfish ports!

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