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newsbot 2005-08-09 17:00

Introducing the MANaOS Browser
Quote: Antônio Gomes of the 10LE Browser Team has announced the MANaOS Browser for the Maemo platform, a port of the MiniMo/Mozilla Browser, an embedded version of the Mozilla/Firefox browser.A list of features of the first version are detailed after the jump. ...
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Mike Cane 2005-08-09 17:14

There's an item there I'd like people to note:

Web page menu item

* Open page
* Open file
* Save as
* Save image as

This is not something that's been offered with any PalmOS browser, as far as I know. Nor with Pocket PC (although this might have changed in the past few months; I've stopped paying attention to PPC.)

One thing I'd like to also see is the ability to add FURL -- -- to a browser. In Firefox, their download adds a teeny drop-down menu to my Bookmark Bar. This is very, very handy. (Try it, if you haven't!)

Yahoo is also beta-testing a FURL-like service. What they want people to do is to download and install their entire Yahoo Menu Bar. Although I use YahooMail, I wrote and told them I wouldn't be using their FURL-like service because they are demanding too much screen real-estate.

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