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gidzzz 2012-09-30 22:33

[Maemo 5] [Announce] Hamster Filer 0.6.6
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Uhm, what?
I am pleased to announce a new file manager, but a the same time I would like to apologize for the stupid name and the icon which is perhaps a little too cute. ;) It was a codename which I quickly grew attached to and couldn't come up with a better one for the release. However, it's not as meaningless as it seems -- with this application you can accumulate bucketloads of files in the clipboard and have multiple file operations going on at the same time, just like a hamster hoarding tremendous amount of food. ;)

How does it look like?
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What does it do?
  • Copy, move, link and delete files and folders, including root privileges (restart required)
  • Parallel file operations with logging -- do many things at the same time and browse the history (Ctrl+O)
  • FileBox-like clipboard (Ctrl+P) with configurable behavior
  • Location bar with buttons and path editor (Ctrl+L or press and hold one of the buttons)
  • Opening files with default or user-defined applications (enter "application-name %s" in the command field)
  • Bookmarks (Ctrl+B)
  • Customizable view: hidden files (Ctrl+H), grid/list view (Ctrl+G), a (currently quite limited) choice of file details to show, fullscreen view, location bar that can be hidden
  • Displaying thumbnails, MIME icons
  • Creating empty files and folders
  • Sending files via Bluetooth and email
  • Multi-selection (Ctrl+S)

There are a few more keyboard shortcuts, like Left end Right to go up/down the filesystem hierarchy when in the list view, Ctrl+A to select all, and maybe others which I forgot to mention. If you don't want to pull out the keyboard, filter box can be shown by swiping up from the very bottom of the screen.

There is a page in the wiki dedicated to this application:

imo 2012-09-30 22:47

Re: [Announce] Hamster Filer - a new file manager
awesome as always ,just a query before testing,is it written in qt ?

gidzzz 2012-09-30 22:51

Re: [Announce] Hamster Filer - a new file manager
Yes, C++ and Qt, everything hand-written in a notepad. ;)

seanmcken 2012-10-01 03:55

Re: [Announce] Hamster Filer - a new file manager
anything to extract .tgz files??

Mentalist Traceur 2012-10-01 05:56

Re: [Announce] Hamster Filer - a new file manager
This looks like something I would approve of. I hope it's coded with portrait mode supported, cuz if not I shall be sad and continue to use FileBox. Either way, will install and give it a look, probably sometime tomorrow.

gidzzz 2012-10-01 06:12

Re: [Announce] Hamster Filer - a new file manager

Originally Posted by seanmcken (Post 1274593)
anything to extract .tgz files??

There's no built-in support for archives, but it can be configured to use another program for that (Xarchiver in this example, but also File Roller comes to mind and maybe others). Go to the Applications window and add a new entry with "xarchiver -e %s" in the Command field. You can also add "xarchiver -d %s" to create archives. Then you can use Open with... in the context menu to extract an archive or create one from a folder (selecting a few files instead of a folder will also work, but in a different way: using Open with... in multi-selection mode will run the command as many times as there are selected files).


Originally Posted by Mentalist Traceur (Post 1274625)
I hope it's coded with portrait mode supported, cuz if not I shall be sad and continue to use FileBox.

It even has a portrait lock in the settings.

ivgalvez 2012-10-01 07:33

Re: [Announce] Hamster Filer - a new file manager
Absolutely wonderful.

I will dare to ask for the possibility to enqueue operations, rather than running them in parallel, as it will be a bit overkill for the device to run a few operations at the same time.

ersanpermana 2012-10-01 12:11

Re: [Announce] Hamster Filer - a new file manager
Great work and thanks for applications..
can change the icon-pack?;)

Mentalist Traceur 2012-10-01 23:37

Re: [Announce] Hamster Filer - a new file manager
I just tried it out. I think I'm feeling in love (with a file manager) for the first time.

I noticed a tiny bit of glitchiness with multiselect (had multiselect on, went into clipboard, fiddled around, came back to folder, selection wasn't working, clicked the single/multi-select toggle button, and all was good - I don't recall exactly what I did, but it was more complex than just getting into clipboard and back out).

Also, multiselect is done a LOT better than in FileBox, I have to say.

The only counter-intuitive thing is if you've selected 4 [Edit: Some amount of files, I said 4 as an example] files using the dragging-select, and then lift up your finger [Edit: this applies to clicking multiselection too, it's just more counter-intuitive feeling in the dragging on in my opinion), if you press down to get to the long-press context menu, it immediately deselects whichever file you pressed on. I got into the hang of it pretty quickly (click a second time to reselect (and hold), or select all but the last desired file, and then click and hold that one).

Perhaps it would be better to toggle the selection OFF on a file in multiselect after the finger has lifted /off/ the file instead of after it has touched it? (But still keep toggling the selection ON on a file happening when touch first happens, since if you made that toggle after a finger lifts off, you'd force double-clicking just to get to the long press context menu while in multi-select.)

Also, the icon for the button that takes you to the clipboard is missing from my theme, apparently (but then again, my theme is a custom one I slapped together myself so I might have missed something) - are you sure it's a standard icon that should be in every theme?

nikhilsyangbo 2012-10-02 00:45

Re: [Announce] Hamster Filer - a new file manager
where iz the download link

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