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lukeman3000 2014-01-10 07:55

I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
So, I know that the N800 is pretty old tech at this point, and probably made completely obsolete by my iPhone.

But, it was free, and they're only going for ~100 bucks on ebay, so I figured I play around with it a bit. That said, I don't know anything about OS2008 (Diablo) like where to get software, how to install it, etc. and would appreciate any pointers in that department.

Also, I'm just looking for ideas on some cool things I can do with it. Can I stream videos from my PC with it to watch around the house? Any particularly good games? Anything else neat/fun that I can do with it?

endsormeans 2014-01-10 08:32

Re: I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
Ok now that you are in the right forum....concerning the n800 I suggest looky-looing around well the os2008 subforum concerning the diablo operating system....
The flasher is a little dicey on win 7 64 I suggest using the nokia software updater program...setting compatibility for say xp or at least give it admin rights. Works like a charm every time.
charge your battery full first. shut it off...start up the updater...use the usb-micro connector ...plug it in...hold down the home key on the face of your n800...i's the little house :) simultaneously power on the nokia..keep holding that home button while doing'll power on and a usb icon will appear on the nokia n800 screen upper right can let go the home button and set it down and let your comp. find the new device....updater won't find nokia site...then asks for you to open file on your file containing Diablo rx-34 I mentioned on skeiron B) then once it's done've only just begun...there is a mountain of things you can do with this that so many devices can' this day do. Keep me posted....I come traipsin' through here all the me or someone else will be around to give you a hand...Nokia's gone ....gave us (the community) maemo before the boat 24/7 support here man ..we are all fellow users...we help how we can.....fix probs...write new stuff...blahblah you get the corporate abandonment here...we maintain it..update it ...backport programs from further up the device line...alot of n900 stuff got backported to the n800/810.....welcome to Maemo
to the way the world should be behaving ..:D
As far as what the device can do...mah-gawd ! oh yeah stream from your a handsome number of operating systems...ample number of fine video..if you are more familiar with winamp...there is a port of that for n800 called xmms ...full equalizer and cool ***** effects...crap ..gtalk...VIDEO gtalk...pen testing...hehe
ach the list goes on and on..It is a fab device....esp if you are new to's a good starter device for understanding the n900 and the up and coming neo900. I can't think of a better device...only wish the n900/neo900 had the same size screen real estate as the n800/810
..right's late here....I'm hittin' the snort-fort man
I'll check in sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening...see how you are doing'll have fun with it...just't go wrong with it if you read...take your time and enjoy .

Update: HMMMM just realized it may be a bit more challenging nowadays to find the update is a link for a is easier than trying to mail you a copy at this hour...
update: dead link

should work no a copy ...or better ....copies...of the exe and zip or rar it for storage..files and programs do get lost or corrupted....just in case eh? :D

lukeman3000 2014-01-10 08:37

Re: I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
So, the nokia software updater program and maemo updater 3.5 are two different things? And the nokia one is compatible with win 7 64-bit?

If that's the case, I'd appreciate some help finding it because I've heard it's hard to get ahold of..

endsormeans 2014-01-10 08:54

Re: I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
Bam! way ahead of you...hehe ...yes they are 2 different programs that do the exact same thing.... the flasher IMHO works best on Linux machines and the Nokia internet tablet software update wizard works best on windows...but some may disagree with my opinion...if you are a windows user by nature and are daunted by linux...familiarity is best when approaching unfamiliar terrain...go with the update wizard feels "windowsy" hehe

...if the linked download has probs ...I'll pull one of my copies out and we'll get it to you...but it is the exact same exe I have so it shouldn't give you grief.
Talk to you tomorrow
Remem..have fun...everything is a puzzle :D


Update: Ach! before I shut my eyes...I just gotta say...
once you have it reflashed to diablo...I'll give you a hand setting up cssu (community updates) and a few very very very good tweaks and progs. and we'll get you to the latest version of Diablo....Diablo Turbo...then set up all the repositories for all the potential programs...then you can play like there is no will want to grab at the minimum a 8-16gb sdhc class 4 (best stable card speed frankly) card for the internal card slot and a 32gb sdhc class 4 card for the external....yup it takes 2 cards....depending upon your affordability and accessibility can go higher...up to 2 128gb cards...but for now I don't think you need that much and there is some work pertaining to cards that high and they are specific cards as well.
And given enough time having fun...could be a long time before you start getting bored :D
Then point you in the direction of copying (cloning) the internal operating system onto the internal sd card so that you start the n800 and run the device off the sd card...saving your device strain and increasing it's longevity means that the internal storage for installed programs goes from under 100mb to gigs of storage...ample room for ALL the apps available ...As well booting from the sd card enables easier restoration from crashes...all that fun stuff...And when you start getting bored there..point you towards installing chrooted os's like easy debian turbo...for example...chrooting allows you to open an operating system inside the current running maemo os... debian has tens of thousands of programs ...concerning the n800 ability to run them efficiently...some progs do better than others...there's Basilisk...a Mac os ...there is one for the Palm...there is for nokia internet tablet....there is Arch Linux on Arm ALARM..somewhere.. So many OS's so little time ....some have better functionality than others...there is also a section on transcoding audio and up on it...esp. if you want to stream video from your comp to your n800...mind the file size and ease of use and how clean the pic quality I get with my methods I love....some stretch the boundaries to get best this or that...if it looks good...sounds good...plays good.. 10 times out of 10... and I don't need to spend a ton of time fiddling with a transcoding program then I'm happy.
Tons of stuff to do...ya just gotta puzzle out the flashing 1st :D
Hackers delight man
Okay ...NOW I'm seriously going to hit the snort-fort before I fall over. :D
Tomorrow...see you then...have fun with the new super-toy :D

lukeman3000 2014-01-10 09:45

Re: I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
After a long and arduous process consisting mainly of trial-and-error, I was able to successfully flash my N800 with the latest Diablo firmware in Windows 7 64-bit with maemo flasher 3.5.

However, while I was reading the wiki about updating, I noticed that it talked about "flashing the eMMC". This seemed like an optional process so I paid no attention to it. The only command I ran in maemo flasher was the following:


flasher-3.5.exe -F RX-34_DIABLO_5.2008.43-7_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f
My question is this -- what exactly is "eMMC" and how would I know if it's something I need to do or not? I would like for my N800 to be as "stock" as possible, so is this necessary?

endsormeans 2014-01-10 09:59

Re: I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
the wiki does mix reference of the n800/810 WITH the n900 on the same page...make sure you keep that in mind.....what I believe you may have been reading pertains to the n900...

.If you flashed your n800 that is all you need to do...that is as stock as it gets. :D
There are stock progs that I can help you dump...they just consume space you would otherwise use for much "funner" stuff than having say the tutorial video kicking around forever. :D
Believe me ...give it a bit and you will want to go beyond "stock"
we'll trip the puppy out
ok...BED for me ...See you later man

Update; If you look up the post page I put up a link for the software updater...Works smoother for a windows user than the flasher.....less headache IMHO . Next time you flash...try it eh?

lukeman3000 2014-01-10 10:02

Re: I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
Haha alright, sounds good. Just FYI, here's what the wiki says about it:


Flashing the eMMC resets the MyDocs folder contents to factory settings. N900 users don't need to reflash the eMMC of their device when updating firmware but can do so to clear all data from the device. You may need to do so if you have a pre-production device e.g. in the Maemo Summit. If you have a sales unit and you have problems with your eMMC you should contact Nokia Care. However there are cases known where for instance the desktop widget configuration data which is stored in user's home directory gets corrupted and causes bootloops on hildon desktop startup failing. In this case you'll actually need to reflash your eMMC to recover system from bootlooping (there are other more involved methods to recover too, search for "backupmenu", "watchdogs", "rescueOS")
N900 users don't need to reflash the eMMC of their device but can do so to clear all data from the device - Does this apply to N800 users as well? And if it does, does that mean that there's possibly some leftover data from the previous user(s) that is still floating around on my N800 somewhere?

I just want to make sure it's as "clean" as possible.. I don't really like the idea of files out there that I don't know about taking up space and whatnot.

endsormeans 2014-01-10 10:10

Re: I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
NO YOU DON"T NEED TO REFLASH THE EMMC :D...reread my earlier posts on this page...instead of posting new replies...I simply edit and/or update existing replies....the tablet wizard for windows users is up above you on this page as well as the answers to a few more questions you've asked :D
OK...Bed...for then....nite :D

lukeman3000 2014-01-10 10:13

Re: I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
Alright, sorry if I've missed something -- I'll go back up and re-read your posts.

Thanks for your help so far - it's much appreciated. I'm heading to bed myself! Thanks again.

manamex 2014-02-14 19:12

Re: I was just given a like-new N800 -- what are some cool things I can do with it?
Running nokia updater. Stuck at downloading the updates, "No network connection"

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