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Eno-Desu 2015-07-27 23:51

Android Source for N900
Hello Everyone!

Since FirefoxOS, Ubuntu-Touch and even the new Plasma-Mobile in some way need Android Sources it seems like we need it too.

For once, it would be nice to put the Nitdroid Source (Github?) in this Thread.

That's not enough, though.

Many things have changed since Nitdroid development. Thanks to Pali and we have U-Boot on N900.

1. Goal:

Let's have a bootable Android Version (doesn't matter if old Version or incomplete) boot from SD-Card that doesn't touch Maemo installation.

2. Goal:

Make the Source compatible with AOSP, CM or something to have a base for other OS.

3. Goal:

Become serious in having a complete alternative OS to Maemo working.


Since all the good Work smart People have done in mainline Kernel for n900 it shouldn't be too difficult to have an Android Kernel running with n900 device-tree files.

The obvious good thing would be Android Power Management.

While I really like Debian on N900 I simply don't see a working mobile Power Managment soon in mainline Linux and Desktop-Linux. I'd really like to see Plasma-Mobile on the n900 at some Point.

In this Thread, let's collect Info, How-to's and Sources to make this come true.

Thanks Guys!

endsormeans 2015-07-28 00:35

Re: Android Source for N900
Oh man...
Soooo ...
love the goal thingie you have goin' on there.
We do have limited competent manpower you understand.
And it isn't like what you are proposing here hasn't [many many many times in the past] nor isn't [present] considered as new techniques and processes evolve....
Alot of work has been done over the years... aimed at getting just what you are proposing here...viable options and alternative os's ...

If what you propose [as having android on n900 as maemo's successor...hell even having a functional and current Nitdroid that isn't problematic]...
if it is [ever seriously considered] viable it will be tackled I'm sure.
Currently I don't quite think either Android or Nitdroid are there to be the successor to maemo.

And in all frankness.. [and believe me here] ...Nitdroid is interesting to play with...and I like it...but there is no way in a frosty hell I'd abandon maemo for either Nit or Android. And I imagine I'm not alone in this assessment.

It is great to run alt. os's ...but I'm not interested in being locked into one of them. I like my maemo...It allows me to play with others [alternative os's] .

Freemantle is being worked on...[which makes more sense to me...why deliberately abandon work, why deliberately lock oneself into yet another deliberately crippled-up os... when there is serious work going on trying to unravel and free us ?]...
and the neo is coming...which will provide you with [most likely] exactly what you wish...Nitdroid / Android exclusively on device ...or whatever you can beat into it?

I do give you thumbs up on the enthusiasm ..
and hey..I'd love plasma on my n900 too..
and I'm not tryin' to shoot you down here...
but I think perhaps tackling something a little more manageable...with a better likelihood of success ...[the odds still aren't very good yet with Nit/Android on n900...hell Nitdroid was "literally" just raised back from the dead ..since the site went kaput..]
a little less daunting ...
a little less mount-everest-esque to start with...
is a good suggestion.

Eno-Desu 2015-07-28 00:59

Re: Android Source for N900
Having a look at Nitdroid Sources would be a start, I think. Of course there are other Ways.

While the Motorola Droid is a different Hardware it's still quite similar to the N900. It's based on the same TI-OMAP and does have a Keyboard. Maybe it's possible to make changes for N900 in this Android port?

Eno-Desu 2015-07-28 05:13

Re: Android Source for N900
Some more OMAP3 related Android Source and build Info:

This seems sound and camera related:


Graphics related Source :

newer, likely incompatible (original source down):

Some more rowboat related mirrors and beaglebone android:

It seems recent TI SGX Releases can be used:
There is a DDK v1.10. SGX Revision 1.2.1 is supported. Will work with Android Kitkat+, maybe with previous Jelly Beans.

While newer Android require more RAM than n900 can offer, they won't run nicely. This is still good news for Plasma-Mobile since we can have 3D support.

deanrc 2015-07-28 23:30

Re: Android Source for N900

Originally Posted by endsormeans (Post 1478108)
[the odds still aren't very good yet with Nit/Android on n900...hell Nitdroid was "literally" just raised back from the dead ..since the site went kaput..]

Really?! I've been looking everywhere for the download files! is there a new link/site?

endsormeans 2015-07-28 23:53

Re: Android Source for N900
Thing is...the old site went down and a good deal of data with it.
Other than here at tmo it was the go-to site for Nitdroid...
There are quite a few threads here talking about bringing it back from oblivion...
There are attempts to resurrect it like this
whether it will [or in the future] have what particulars you need is another matter.
It was a great loss the downing of the original nitdroid site.
I'm sure if you ask some of the old-guard around here...some probably have what pertinent files are needed tucked away...if you hunt down the right people that is...and ask politely...

endsormeans 2015-07-29 00:17

Re: Android Source for N900
If you dig in the right places you may still find a fresh body in the graveyard ...
just before the [attempted] resurrection ...that is...
How deep you can dig through wayback is another matter...
some dates may allow you to dig pretty deep...others not much or at all..gotta explore...copy paste pages into a frankenstein manual -troubleshooter-howto-tips of pertinent stuff methinks...

Back to the issue at hand...
I'd suggest reading what problems were/are encountered in the past and up to the present with nitdroid on nxx0 and work upward from there.
You'll then have a better understanding exactly what hurdles there are to facing getting Nit/Cyan/Android [or possibly Replicant...] running as a replacement for maemo.

And while you are knuckling down reading...
I'd suggest including the n8x0 in your endeavour isn't much of a hurdle ..((the groundwork is already known, proven and works [ed] to the same degrees ...that is roughly on the n900..
there and you'll likely get [possibly] more help from the chinook / diablo users as well..))

Eno-Desu 2015-07-29 01:02

Re: Android Source for N900
I think, things are different now, easier. Nitdroid did some amazing work in a very difficult situation. Today, there is better Hardware support, better tools and riper source avaible (omap based android ports). I'd expect some similar Problems, thinking about GPS/Bluetooth... still, it can be done I'm sure.

Eno-Desu 2015-07-29 17:40

Re: Android Source for N900
Some things I found while investigating:

This does contain some Nitdroid related stuff:

FM-Transmitter might be usable in Android, at least there seems to be an app:

Radio Reciever, this Thread seems to contain some Info related to N900 hardware:

Modem, not sure this is the right thing at least I think I read rilmodem and ofono somewhere around nitdroid:

For Light-Sensor Values the Datasheet is probably needed:

Eno-Desu 2015-07-31 10:34

Re: Android Source for N900
Another little how-to find:

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