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endsormeans 2015-05-31 22:41

The [Almost-Completely :D] Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99
I thought I should start a new thread considering 3 things.
1-the other thread was titled specifically for maemo 5
(and this endeavor has been meant to be as inclusive as possible for not just the n900, but the n800, n810 and 770 as well)
2-it was a thread long in the tooth with mixed successes and backward steps. So a fresh start ...with no more "just a sec. something isn't working ..."
3-I'm done. It's done. I accomplished what I set out to do.

So now comes:
A- The brief on what the whole purpose and point was.
B- What is included in this OS.
C- Bending but not breaking the rules.
D- Past, present, future and a rough "what's inside" .
E- More fun in the form of inclusive interactive puttering, feedback and cooperative additions for everyone.

A- the point of all this...

With out of date virtual images and os's , the absolute joy of doing scratch and sdk installation, the endless fun-filled hours and then..something gets screwed and you are starting over...and that is just to get your development enviro set up. And I ain't gonna mask it here... the frustration, despair, etc of the new to maemo (and old) who finally throw their hands up in the air over how daunting the task seems to just get to...or past simply "Hello World" .

I wasn't happy with past partial successes.
I finally was trying to circumnavigate current maximums of capacity for iso creation because I was trying to fit "everything" in a iso.
Technically I have fit pretty much everything in. I'll explain further down.

B- What is included in the OS's.

Live distros which can be easily burned and run from or installed to an sd card, usb flash drive, external, internal, even a dvd (initially).
They are alterations, adaptations, additions "to", or simply put "respins" of LMDE2Betsy mate 32bit and SOLYDX 32bit (community edition...both quasi-rolling releases ..with the new jessie..meaning you can keep updating the system long into the future

inside it xephyr, tightvncserver, and Systemback (more on that further down) is installed on system.(Systemback as well is in a separate folder in "keepme" for your perusal)
past that there is a single folder under maemo called "keepme"
it has everything needed. (I'm sure I've forgotten some things and that is where YOU come in ...I'll explain further down.)
simple..easy instructions are included.
Pre-installed as well is:
Eclipse / Esbox and all it's plugins:
-c and c++, java, etc...
-qt integration (fit for the n8x0 too) ...
-and more..
(I opted for fully installing Eclipse / Esbox ready to go ...on the os over other possible choices for the amount of options it provides in compare to others)
-a web-link for kids and beginners to a "blocks" educational game to learn with.
-a folder with illumination software creator for the intermediate beginner and not feel overwhelmed...lotta fun.
-qtsdk (for fremantle) is present...just click ..install and go. (It was too big fully unpacked and pre-installed)
-Netbeans 6.5 (fit for n8x0 and n900 work) is ready to install (it was too big fully unpacked and pre-installed)
-Geany .016 (fit for n8x0 work) is ready to install (it was too big fully unpacked and pre-installed as well)
(With both Netbeans and Geany IDE I explain in the "read me 1st" that you may have to make a choice 'twixt them and the presetup and preinstalled Eclipse / Esbox if you wish to use them instead.
You will notice this when installing all the bits for'll want a specific version of java which means ripping out necessary java present for Eclipse / Esbox to function properly)

As well simple ...easy instructions for installing scratchbox and
your sdk of choice. (likewise both scratch and any/ all sdks were simply too large to have installed.)
There will be necessary scratch and sdk updating / tweaking for both the 770 and the n900...but that is small price to pay.

C- Bending but not breaking the rules
For starters there is the 4gb max for an iso . A wall which can be jumped over...but in the doing doesn't make things easier or more user friendly for new or old alike.
(To bend around that there are a few things which I mentioned.
such things as qtsdk for fremantle, netbeans, geany is 1 click install waiting for you, and scratch, sdks etc are easy to set up...I simply could not have EVERYTHING preinstalled on the iso would have been a nightmare to create, much too large for easy distribution, or quick and easy would have taken forever. This was the saner alternative.)
likewise there is simple ..easy instructions how to utilize the installed Eclipse/esbox to install scratch, sdks, binaries, the whole shebang ...easy even for a windows user who doesn't or has never touched linux. :D
Those are the small compromises (which aren't even compromises considering how easy the process is :) )
I've had no prob. getting to "Happy Hacking" by a couple clicks of the mouse installing everything. and still further ease in getting to hello world and beyond.
On system. ...without virtualbox, vmware, whatever...
easing clutter, overhead, easier to work with...etc...
(Many would say "Isn't it better..safer for your work to have it in a vm?"
To which normally I'd say yes...
but with the ease of a program like Systemback ...cloning, copying, live usb (.sblive) creation, easy system snapshots and backups... and having multiple copies in storage or at varying stages of personal work makes things an absolute convenient breeze..)
The bonus to bending the rules of (4gb max iso size) engagement means the entirety of the distro is only 3.34 gb in size...meaning there is alot of space to fill to that 4gb maximum allowance with more compact tools and processes. Hence the fun I allude to.
Another bending of the rules is this.
while there is a 4gb maximum for easy iso distribute ..
there is no maximum concerning the maximum size of the .sblive
Which means this.
Once you have taken this iso and installed it to say a 32/64/128/256/512 gb sd card / usb flash drive / external or internal drive on a partition ...expanded the partition size to whatever you wish...then install scratch, sdks, fill 'er up...
well it will be much larger than 4gb so creating an iso out of the OS now is a real pain.
Nor can you make it "transferable" in the sense of just moving such a huge image file..or copying it or dragging and dropping it either as an iso (which you can't create in the 1st place if it is over 4gb ) or a .sblive.
BUT.. creating it as an immediate write-able .sblive os has pretty much no limit you can take your very large os now packed with installed scratch, sdk's etc... burn a copy using Systemback...directly to another partition on your drive or burn as a .sblive onto a large enough flash drive to contain it (at least) ...leave it on the flash drive (If your flash drive is 32gb or greater and IF IT HASN'T QUITE SUNK IN YET THIS MEANS whether you start out with the iso on a flash drive with 32gb or greater capacity and expand it's partition or you burn a packed os in .sblive format to now have a complete update-able rolling release portable maemo distro workshop in the palm of your hands :D...just pop it in any computer and work away..and not just flash drives are applicable cards are also applicable..) and / or install it from your flash drive right over to whatever box, drive, whatever has enough effectively you are bending and going around this 4gb maximum...small price to pay...a slight inconvenience..considering how much this helps cut a lot of time, stress, frustration and worry away.
Handy tool it is.

D- Past, present, future and a rough "what's inside" .
I have deleted off my cloud the old versions in favour of this one.
there will be no need for 3 for the for the for the n900....
There only needs to be one.
If I do anything in the future I'll do 3 more versions utilizing (possibly) Bodhi and (most definitely) antiX 15 which is currently in beta ...but works quite is an extremely promising candidate when it finally is out of beta....and siduction.

What exactly is inside?

-Basic Instructions and suggestions.updated comprehensive and to-the-point read me...
easy for even a windows user :D

-a copy of the said iso's

E- More fun in the form of inclusive interactive puttering, feedback and cooperative additions for everyone.

Since the iso size must be < 4gb with (in some cases) a full gb of space before it is full (the new "tweaked" and updated...LMDEmo and SOLYDmaemo have no additional room...that full...100 to maybe 200mb of space .not much...that packed)...I'd like to see what other people come up with ..that I have forgotten and / or pertinent must have additions to this iso without going over the "easily distributable" cap.
So go to it guys and have fun...
come up with stuff to add ...
throw up your iteration in a cloud for everyone to try out...
add to that..etc..
and above all else...leave detailed simple instructions how you did what you did it can be effortlessly even a layman who never looked at linux before..could understand...let's make this easy for everybody eh?
Remember...that is one of the prime reasons for this...
a honeypot... to trap new people into learning in an easy comfortable way...
Don't overpack the iso ..
put in what would be of help..but leave room.....for the next guy and let's create the ultimate easy-for-all maemo development distro.

It would help to have some feedback...
Especially concerning what else people would like on the next and last updated and revised edition.

PLEASE remember for those "new-new" to all this..the versions of maemo tools in these distro variants in most cases may seem old or out-of date compared to something new ...(ie- latest current Eclipse platform) But the tools here are specific TO maemo development for the N.I.T. devices. Unless someone has tested something newer which actually works and is compatible with what is here..otherwise be careful what "new" stuff you install.

BOTH LMDEmo and SOLYDmaemo here are so PACKED and filled that it really is a miracle I got either on an iso I don't think I could get more into them ..they are that full.
Recommended suggested serving size is a flash drive of at least 6gb since this iso skirts the raggedy edge of 4gb.

Update 24/06/2015: New Revised Version. "LMDEmo" based on LMDE2Betsy mate 32bit (cyclical rolling release)

Update 24/06/2015: New Version. "SOLYDmaemo" based on SOLYDX Community Based Edition 32bit available

Update 18/06/2015: New (as well flawless compat. so far...nice and easy for everyone...but for me... boy o boy it was like jenga.. putting it together :D...) Version. "maemosid" adaptation based on siduction (a community based and driven distro ..yay!) a debian full rolling release xfce 32bit live maemo iso. downloadable, installable with our maemo work environs on it.
(sound of hammering and sawing) we are experiencing techminicalalical diffamaculties ...please standby...
I will be maintaining a relatively updated version of "maemosid" on tap will be no more than 3 months old...always....since the siduction system needs that to stay current. Which I don't mind doing at all.

We will (shortly) be ... absolutely positively completely futureproof devel-wise

Whatever I come up with after this ..for Bodhi and or antiX 15 is gonna be means there'll just be more choices...flavours...
bit anticlimactic though eh? :D

With a limitless horizon for our stuff on a true rolling release ..
no more cyclic, partially rolling, semi rolling and having to work out a new adaptation every time a new release presents itself...
..essentially we will be good to go as long as breath is in us without migrating work enviros. or scrapping everything and starting fresh on the "latest" iteration....
no more of that crap.
Gives me warm fuzzies does.

Coming soon:
- a version based on Bodhi (ordinary cyclic)
- a version based on antiX 15 (cyclic rolling release) once it is out of beta

DISCLAIMER: There is no doubt in my mind that some of these variant adapted distros will not work on every machine everyone owns...
they all won't work on every different computer I own...
due to the fact that the specific base distro's system requirements may mean that LMDEmo or SOLYDmaemo or maemosid or (in the future) Bodhimo (like the name? :D) or antimaemo (? or perhaps maemoantics?) won't work on a specific computer model (antiX 15 variant will be a great one for older systems though... so it has better odds of working compared to the others)...
that is the reason in part why I worked all the different variants ...
at least ONE of them surely will work for you if one or two won't.
the other reason for all the variants is the base distro's future direction and how compatible with maemo devel each will be in the future.
Or at worst the discontinuation of some of these base distros in the matter what...our butt's will be covered concerning the security of having a current base for our devel environs.
So try them out. See which ones you like and fit for you.

marmistrz 2015-06-01 07:07

Re: The Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99
endsormeans: It'd be rather libertas aut mors (Freedom or Death) or liber aut mortuus (free or dead)

Your Latin proposal sounds weird. Liberum is nominative, Mortis genitive, besides.

endsormeans 2015-06-01 07:26

Re: The Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99
caught me on my latin.
Didn't have a lot of space to carve whole visible sentences in the space I had
"Libertas aut Mors" isn't right either would have to be "aut Libertas aut Mors" and even then ...that is pertaining to Libertas - Liberty.
Nor is "Liber aut Mortuus" right either..."Book or Dead" ?
actually Liberum Mortis directly to english is "Free Death"
It should have been rather "Liberum ^ Mortem" but my model's claws got in the way.. :D

biketool 2015-06-01 09:02

Re: The Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99
Wow, this is the seeding of a colony safe from the corpse of Nokia Maemo working group and the loss of backwards compatibility we get with aging unmaintained versions of Linux. It is everything I could have hoped for but didn't have the skills to do myself!

endsormeans 2015-06-01 14:58

Re: The Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99
Well shucks.
glad you like it biketool.

I'm kinda caught between...
I turn around now and again and look at this whole thing and go wow ..this is finally the setup I am finding actually enjoyable..
other times I turn around and I think... meh? so it that special? anyone coulda done this.
I don't doubt that there may be conflicts, incompatibilities, all sortsa stuff waiting to be found inside. I can't test every possible move myself on this chess board...there are too many variables ...It would take me my lifetime...but with many people puttering away with it ..whatever issues there may be can be found and dealt with.
It took a lot of puttering with this...lotta trial with different os's and different approaches simply going bare-bone and installing just scratch and sdks with little overhead and a skeleton os above....using vm's....even using chroot's instead of scratch....resurrecting the dead and extracting old ubuntu maemo desktops and turning them into straight bootable live distros with all their incompatibilities whilst mummy dust from the tomb was falling off them (good analogy? :D) ....
all of those options were too unnecessarily complicated..tedious...especially for a new person to try to do...And I really wanted something that literally anyone could just pick up and use...regardless of what their working knowledge of maemo was....from zero understanding to demi-god doesn't matter had to be easy for either 1st time noob or seasoned pro.

I explored quite a few varied options.
In the end ...there were just a few impossible prerequisites ...
it had to work...
the finished product had to be up-datable..
with no cyclic os releases to bury in 6 months - 4 years all the hard work getting it to function (which is actually the worst of what we were suffering from)...
easy to maintain..
with multiple options for backup and distribution..
and it had to be flexible so it could be modified and improved upon by anyone and everyone...
perfect for the veteran devel and easy for the new member wanting to learn ..
without the pain..

pichlo 2015-06-02 08:50

Re: The Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99
"Pain-free"? The first post alone is three screens long! Ouch! ;)

endsormeans 2015-06-02 15:16

Re: The Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99

wait a sec there!...
"exactly" what are you using to view with...
a palm pilot with the screen zoomed in to 250% so your bifocals don't miss the font size?

Durn pichlo..
Get off my lawn!

reinob 2015-06-09 07:06

Re: The [Almost-Completely :D] Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99

Originally Posted by endsormeans (Post 1473040)
New Revised Version Available.
please refer to the 1st post.

Thanks a lot. I have downloaded it (but won't have time to look at it for a while).

Can you confirm that the size, in bytes, of the ISO currently available (as of June 9th 2015) is 3584032768 and the md5 checksum is e94f12b0db0a7212c2c7304e5ff3faee.


endsormeans 2015-06-09 14:08

Re: The [Almost-Completely :D] Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99
iso bytes verified: 3584032768
md5 check verified: E94F12B0DB0A7212C2C7304E5FF3FAEE
good to go

p.s.- Sorry there reinob for the delay in gettin' back to you...
was zzz-ing in the snort-fort ...

michaaa62 2015-06-22 12:42

Re: The [Almost-Completely :D] Pain-Free Maemo Development OS for Ages 9 to 99
Thanks a lot for your work!!!

Seems my download of primedmaemosid.iso is corrupted... it does not boot.
Could you please share some md5sum or shaXYZsum for downloaders to check the iso file?

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