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SMAr2wo 2012-10-03 22:52

Re: Loopable N900 wallpapers
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panoramic photos..Best results
Use/Install " WPcreator " application to crop and and make 4 images specially for N900. It will create a "set" as the sets from the factory (digital nature for ex.) and you will find it in the desktop menu>change wallpaper with the chosen name. :)


- to create your own loop desk with a normal picture pick a Hi-Res. picture and try to imagine how will look after a extra-wide crop. crop it to 3200x480 (best resolution) to avoid stretching:D.Imagine that you put a HD wide photo with small circles as looping. The circles will be ovate. you can force a little more the height on landscape photos, but not too much.
I use Photoscape (freeshare) because is easy to keep the aspect can use even very high res. pics. (8000x6000 for ex.): just set "aspect ratio" on crop menu, set it to 3.2k x 480 and move the selection. For small/medium photos (2048x2024 for ex.) is best to use resize menu and set the width to 3,2k and keep aspect ratio.
-For "panorama" app. you must use 6 (or at least 5 shots application to have a good photo for N900 4 desktops (without stretching the objects ).:cool:

- i cannot put the full photo from above 'cose even zipped is too large (1,5mb) for upload.
(I'm not the owner of this photo. I have no rights reserved)

SMAr2wo 2013-11-05 18:34

Re: Loopable N900 wallpapers
A huge collection of extra wide photos just waiting to claim your desktop! :)
-recommendation: use WPCreator app

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