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Ilmanowar 2017-06-01 08:15

Oversize me! (battery thread)
Hello fellows,
I will not speak of burgers.. Of course the subject is N900.

In 2017 my N900 rocks and is almost my primary phone, camera, linux box, ssh device, music player, notes, etc.. Maybe the camera lacks a bit, but because some humidity/dust filtrations..

Coming to the thread: the main weak point for a suck intense usage is the battery. I am working on wireless and solar charging to do not wear much the USB connector and to increase the phone day availability.

BUT, I would explore the possibility to increase/double/triple the battery.

This thread is for hardware gurus such as Estel or dr_frost_dk..

I checkout their contribution and look also the entire forum, but at the moment seems there are no currently available options (like mugen cover, it is no longer sold).

The question for the community is, somebody know some option/suggestion/websites/vendors/3D printing schematic to achieve the "extended battery" purpose?

Thank you all.

PEB 2017-10-23 20:56

Re: Oversize me! (battery thread)
Joined -- haveing the same issue, quite similiar the same usage pattern.

so let's join our efforts please!


endsormeans 2017-10-24 07:13

Re: Oversize me! (battery thread)
want better battery saving?

depending on a supplier of batteries and specific covers...
dwindling away...with every passing year...

Is not the way to go.

This is a better ..


take an old n900 battery...
take it apart.
remove the battery guts...
attach requisite wires from battery shell interior to exterior of n900..
place battery back into the n900..with pre-drilled hole in back cover of n900 with rubber gasket in dust and moisture do not get in...pull wires through...
connect ..
to the output of this...

adjust voltage...
connect a wire with usb end to the input...of the LM317

Use any battery storage device...utilizing usb....or any storage device that utilizes an adapter that fits a standard usb...
Or plug into any wall outlet using an adapter...
or plug straight into the usb of a computer to utilize it's power.

I suggest as well to make an enclosure for the LM317
and to fix and set the voltage dial so it doesn't get altered ...accidentally.

Ilmanowar 2017-10-24 09:17

Re: Oversize me! (battery thread)
Hello to both,
I am happy to see here endsormeans, because I see (after I wrote this thread) that he was dealing on maemo parts (
I had my tries, some bad other something better, but I am generally unsatisfied.
I am pretty busy now, but I would like to share my experience here later.
About what is speaking endsormeans, I think it is not the best/recommended solution because is bulky, inefficient and a bit dangerous for the battery.
You can prefer this (I already mounted it on my phone, and I will show picture later):

They are safe, compact and micro USB.

Please be patient soon I will share details.


endsormeans 2017-10-24 10:47

Re: Oversize me! (battery thread)
heya Ilmanowar...
good to see you too :D

your mentioned board is an option...
possibly it is a little safer...
But when dealing with batteries inside the device (n900)
anything can happen...

"About what is speaking endsormeans, I think it is not the best/recommended solution because is bulky, inefficient and a bit dangerous for the battery."
I am not sure if you quite get it...
or perhaps you may be referring to something else...
But ...there is no battery inside the n900 with utilization of the LM317...(not in the traditional sense of the word "battery" anyway..)

the LM317 essentially removes that issue.
there is no battery inside the n900...just the shell of the provide proper normal Nokia BL5J battery connection to the contacts inside the n900...and inside the battery shell ...only leads that go to the LM317...
which from there one can fine tune the output to the n900 battery shell...and at the same time offers surge and power fluc protection...
the power input does not need to be a can be direct usb power from a wall outlet or computer or battery bank ...

No matter what ...a battery melting down inside the n900 won't happen.
since there isn't a battery in the n900..

what may happen in the form of some unforeseen risk to the external source of power possible and cannot be ruled out.
But considering the protection and distance from the n900..the likelihood is that the n900 will not be physically affected unless the source of the power is in close proximity...
Even still...the step down does have protections to impede such possibility from occurring.

What may happen is the setting on the LM317 could be altered accidentally ..if it is not fixed and set so it must be "unlocked" to move the dial and alter the input to the n900...
well is possible to damage the n900 ..
But this risk to the n900 is purely in the hands of the to whether or not they wish to put a "safety" on the it cannot be accidentally moved and hence increase or decrease power accidentally if the dial is jarred, hit or moved.

I dislike messing with batteries...
I do like taking the risk of tampering with batteries out of the equation simply removing the battery guts...and utilizing the shell.

And I certainly like not having to rely on either fake bl5j's ...old bl5j's....refurbished bl5j's...
but have free choice to pick a method of power source.

the LM317 may not be the most compact and pocket portable ideal...
but it sure helps solve some issues.

Ilmanowar 2017-10-24 11:04

Re: Oversize me! (battery thread)
OK, now I understood, my blame I do not catch it before.

Then what you propose is safe enough after you set a voltage near 4V.

I like a lot more what you done in the mentioned thread because I do not want to compromise to much portability.

What kind of material you used to add that white (black painted) layer to double the battery space?

I reproduced it with modelling foam, later I hardened with cyanoacrylate but the results is not as desired (pictures later).

I would like to 3D print it, but first how to model it? Somebody has a 3D file of that?

endsormeans 2017-10-24 11:12

Re: Oversize me! (battery thread)
ah...the double decker n900 sandwich eh?
yeah it was fun to make...
I used elk antler...for the original.
(I have been a period -piece carver since a child...and the spacer was easy...)
then I used the original to make casts ...
and then made resin casts of the the original.
in plastics...
and hybrid combinations of resins and plastics and powdered metals...and antler powder...stone powders ...
but it went nowhere...interest wise .
So I moved on and abandoned any further work on it..
Like many other such projects..
I did them...
worked on them...
completed them..
moved on.

And I cannot take credit for the LM317 step down
Another member suggested it to me...
and I wired up a n800 with one...

Ilmanowar 2017-10-24 11:38

Re: Oversize me! (battery thread)
Sometimes seems lacking of interest, but other times it is a visibility problem.

Our community activity is going to reduce with time, just few people interested must be considered as a big hit.

By the way, it was a nice experiment and it is good that remains documented on that page: people can see it randomly, as I done.

My sandwich do not close tide and sometimes fall apart (I do not use anything sticky to get everything closed, I do not glue it to maintain the possibility to access to the inner of the phone). As we know the camera is affected by a reduction of the vision field. While the mmc can work with a small magnet.

After a trial period, I decided to abandon this solution. But I can consider it again if it can fit better. With a 3D printed layer it could be OK.

endsormeans 2017-10-24 12:16

Re: Oversize me! (battery thread)
totally agree on the numbers issue.

that is one of the biggest hurts to the n900 subcommunity..
since maintaining function and programs is such a huge thing..for the n900..
whereas the n8x0's still seem to be going strong despite having no maintainers at all anymore ...(of course there are the few things needing maintaining for the n8x0 too...but they are trivial in compare to all the n900 stuff that needs to kept up...)

I enjoy my n8x0's more than my n900's frankly...
and use them more...

In the end...hopefully ...some open maemo os ...
or even a shell of a maemo de and wm ...
a "cosmetic look" of maemo ...
will survive that will run on any linux device.
Even that...I would be quite content with.

In the end I see the future of my interest in handhelds moving to the pi and slowly or quickly leaving the nxx0...

more and more I see advancements with the pi...
towards goals which we all ..pretty much have been wishing for ...
portable linux handheld computers ...
(that can ...if so desired have telephony ...though that isn't a deal breaker for me..since a cheap flip is durable and does a good job...)...

I just hope that maemo (in some kind of form) can make a transition to an alternate device...
Because everyone else either has...can...or will inevitably have no choice but to make the transition...

Ilmanowar 2017-10-24 12:28

Re: Oversize me! (battery thread)
I love my N810 sound quality and loud.

Raspberry Pi is a nice device, I use it a lot, but my main phone device is a N900. It will remains for a while yet, even if I already have other phones (mainly a cheap Samsung).

I write/program a lot, then I must have a good qwerty physical keyboard on my phone.

Frankly I do not see reason to have maemo on other devices, to me it is perfect just on phones.
E.g. Pi has a pure debian OS that works great, maemo will not be a real plus on Pi.

Off topic, I share some Pi uses: I use Pi as rsync server between my phones, FTP sync and remote storage, house alarm, presence control, remote switch, remote camera. It provides a VPN wifi too.

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