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Ridd92 2015-04-19 13:08

OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
Hi there

Im the one of many happy owners of nokia n900. Linux-based devices is something for me. I decided to go all the way from the beginning with nokia internet tablets, that's why I bought nokia 770.

Before I get the device I was thinking about basic functionality and since it is (the 770) internet tablet it should be able to browse sites (After installing microb browser it is pretty good) and to chat (mosty through facebook).

Here is the problem. Built-in IM does not support facebook, Pidgin dies too. I found something about maemo -gaim, but this one is older than Pidgin so probably doesnt support facebook either.

Is there any app for nokia 770 (0S2006) that will allow me to chat with facebook? Please, this is the only thing Im missing since I got my 770.

endsormeans 2015-04-19 16:31

Re: OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
1st- I think it's grand you are going to be using a 770...
and I also think it grand that you are working from the ground up ...essentially. And that you are reopening the subforum (so-to-speak) after so long a time it has been silent.
2nd- pertaining to your query... I don't ever recall anyone making a facebook app for the device. That's not saying it isn't possible. But I don't recall.
3rd- perhaps there is a facebook app for the 770 hiding somewhere in the gronmayer index. That is worth checking out. Obscure places are probably going to be where it may be hiding. "IF" you find such an app. much time has elapsed ...I'm sure it will have to be reworked to function today...
4th- don't feel down about the fact there may not be a facebook app.
Rather...considering you have the guts and insatiable curiosity to buy the early 770 device and intend to use it... I suggest reading up on every post ever done for the 770 (it isn't as daunting as it sounds :) ) to familiarize yourself with what has been done, what could have been done and what feasibly can be done with it...and then knuckling down and learning how to create your facebook app. ..however primitive...
Don't feel deflated by this possibility either...thinking it may be unfeasible.
I for one am STILL perpetually surprised at what the 8x0 line can do and what people still today are coming up with.
For myself I'm currently wrapping my brain around c++ that I can create the "Find Sex" app everyone seems to want so I can finally retire to the Cayman Islands :D ...
But all humour aside yea that's what I'm doing currently ...learning c++ apply to creating stuff.
And hey ...learning to create what you want for our old device lines is a great ability to have. It can entice others to join can entice more users to pick up their old devices..and it feels good ...real empowerment....creating something new that has a function...a use.
Doesn't get better.
So yea...shout out what you find..what you discover...I'm curious.

nokiabot 2015-04-19 16:43

Re: OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
i ll tell your wife ;

endsormeans 2015-04-19 16:54

Re: OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
If my baby thought I was gonna make a gazillion from something...she'd be the 1st to notice before me :D
And the 1st to decide to go shopping with those gazillions.
Naw she'd be setting up a sunshade on the beach in the Cayman's wayyyy before I realized I had made the App-of-All-Apps. :D

Ridd92 2015-04-20 15:31

Re: OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
It's not just intentions to use it, I want to make the best of it.

Considering the fact that is a pretty old device with what, 250mhz OMAP CPU? It's working really smooth and nice. Just instaled OS2007, and it looks weel.

Currently Im hunting for N800 and N810, does anyone know is there a facebook chat app available?

Maybe I will do something with the facebook app while Im exploring the 770 possibilities.

endsormeans 2015-04-20 16:34

Re: OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
Personally I'm not into the social media app fad...
never was.
pidgin does / did have facebook chat plugin.
I'm not sure if it is still functional.
You'd have to check it out.
Yet again for the older device lines (770 and 8x0 and given enough time the 900 to come) it's about three issues...

1- Not enough consistent users / tinkerers doing program maintenance, troubleshooting etc...

2- ALWAYS with such distant (I don't even call it 3rd party ...rather 5th cousin removed...) applications run by external parties that rely on keeping a population entertained (meaning consistent massive changes regularly to their structure) and the ever changing nature of delivery of services through the web (meaning yet again more change to the structure of such applications) it is about painstakingly keeping up with these social media apps.
Browsers are pretty much the same issue...
It's about staying (...if not ahead of the curve) the absolute worst just slightly behind the curve...or else out of pure frustration no one will use the browser not providing what other browsers offer or it being too slow in compare or any of countless other issues which drive people to move on to other interfaces..

3rd-As a topper browsers and social media apps always aim their devel to run on the latest devices and withdraw support for older devices. The point is.. it is a waste of resources, manpower and money continuing support for always dwindling user numbers for old devices as they migrate to the devices which are the latest "shiny".
So owners of older devices are fighting the creators of the service / program directly ...pretty much....

So all in all... it really is a trifecta of tech progress that collides in a not-so-nice way ...

Unless you find a program for facebook interaction like ttytter which aims at the heart...the foundation ...of a program... so that regardless how the shell changes ...the program still works. It is a "forever" babysitting, diaper-changing maintenance project. Few people have the stomach or attention span for doing that....for long anyway.

So honestly the best suggestion yet again is if their is a prog, app, plugin that isn't working or isn't available ...
1-do without.
2-find someone who can fix a broken program or write one for the community
3- start writing it yourself

Ridd92 2015-04-23 13:31

Re: OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
Ok, I've done a aditional research mostly because of the fact, that I really glad having 770 on my side. It is without a doubt still powerfull and potential device.

But what about the topic, huh? Yeah, didn't find anything that will work with facebook. Now I mostly comunicate through the mobile facebook site, doable but annoying.

Maybe it's time to really start learning c++ and do something for the device, for whole maemo line, but:
Now Im haveing regular job, so my time, or the lack of it is understandable I think. Still I will, like the @endsormeans said:
wrap my brain around C++, but Im newbie at this moment, so I need just a little brainstorm here:

Would it be easier to create a plugin for built in InstantMessenger, or creating new app from the ground level?
I mean, built it IM have some advantages, first of all no external app. Secondly it seems to me it's going to be easier to keep one plugin up to date rather than keeping whole app working right.
Does anyone here have expirence with something like that? I mean built In IM changes a little since it first release on OS2005, got new plugins and so.

And another one is it possible to install Symbian OS or JAVA (*.jad *.jar) apps on 770? Even through the some kind of emulator. That will be much easier or at least kind of solve the problem.

Just help me a little and I will be very thankfull.

endsormeans 2015-04-23 15:22

Re: OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
yup...the 770 is still a mean lil machine eh? :D

here is the deal...
yes program and function development and new firmware isn't coming for the 770 or the 8x0 (possibly) in the near future...but it isn't written in stone.
many over the years have been upset over that.
the fact that when the "new" device comes out everyone almost immediately migrates to it and everything on the last device comes to a screeching halt.
Doesn't mean there isn't a planet worth of undiscovered country still explorable on the old devices though.
Also (not just you rid...) look to the example (linguistically) of Latin as a parallel to the older devices..Latin isn't a living's dead. A beautiful ..perfect...dead language. Nothing new there...yet it is still used.
In the same way..yes the 770 and 8x0 are dead devices to consistent systematic firmware and application updates...
But that is not a bad thing. I don't know how many times I read of a devel or maintainer being irritated, frustrated or upset with the fact that they were perpetually trying to fight not only the 3 factors I mention in my preceding post...but as well were fighting against consistent updates to the systems and having to ..yet again ...make their programs try to function properly under the "new" firmware updates. that problem is solved.
No new updates means it is much easier to create and maintain.
Not to mention the odds are slim that anyone is going to find new bugs eh? :D
So it ain't so bad....
for some it is always a case of... "glass half... "something"... " ...
me ...I think it is an opportunity.

As far as the question of the choice 'tween rigging up IM with a facebook plugin or creating a standalone...
yup ..not much has changed with the IM which does make the plugin creation easier. Creating the plugin will prolly be alot easier... quicker...I don't know..since it also probably means learning alllll the ins and outs of the guts of the IM in the process to achieve what you wish..Regardless...It may be smart to learn aaaallllll about the IM in case it starts breaking down...falling apart ...due to the natural lack of maintenance over time and takes your plugin with it. May happen. So that means learning someone elses stuff essentially...and more complicated stuff to boot ...
the standalone may end up taking just as long since you are creating something from scratch...but ...other than perhaps a few dependencies (at worst) won't rely on anything else ...which ain't a bad thing.

So yeah...choices ...choices.
1st though...on your device...are you running off the original 770 firmware or have you flashed the last hackers edition?
I suggest whatever you are intending to do...make it for the last ...most recent ..firmware.

2nd ...Symbian?'d prolly have to rework apps to function for the 770...
Java? ..possibly..the older versions....the newer versions of Java may end up screaming on your 770 though :D

3rd...the reason why I'm asking if you have the last firmware ...os2008 hackers comes the closest in ability to what the n8x0 were running at the time...meaning you should be able to utilize some if not alot of what's possible in chinook . Remember trial and error to be expected since the 770 wasn't meant to run all the stuff the 8x0 can.
As a consequence of running some greater and lesser degree ...apps meant for chinook ...there is the may be able to utilize Java proper....on your 770... check out Jalimo...never used it myself ...but..if your thing is Java ...there may be hope.

And about c++...yea it is all about the available time to learn c++
I hear you loud and clear on that one.
Ach...we're both in the same boat there :D
I imagine our enlightenment will take about the same time...'s not like the 770 or the 8x0 are going anywhere new that we can't keep up to eh rid? :D

Ridd92 2015-04-24 13:39

Re: OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
So plugin it is and it's good you noticed, that creating the plugin for built-in IM needs to be consider both ways, first, learning skills to write own apps/scripts/plugins or whatever comes to need, second, tearing apart somebody's work, to learn the "maintenance".

And here it comes, 770 and n8x0 devices are literally dead, but as you noticed that is good, for already mentioned reasons (It's like you're reading my mind, endsormeans :p)

I already have to thank you for all comprehensive answers, it's been very helpful and motivating.

Coming to the essential of this post:


1st though...on your device...are you running off the original 770 firmware or have you flashed the last hackers edition?
I suggest whatever you are intending to do...make it for the last ...most recent ..firmware.
Flasing was the first thing I did after I get my 770. Already tried all I could get without old OS2005 images, to be exact, I tried 3 Images of os 2006, 4 of OS 2007 and now Im working with 2008HE OS but Im considering coming back for Latest fiasco of the OS 2007 Hacker Edition, why?
You should know, OS2008 it's the latest we can get for 770, and it have more need for performance than OS2007, not mentioning the older OSes, so it can cause troubles sometimes. Secondly OS2208 it's not end-user operating system, sometimes it's gets annoying, for example yesterday I discovered that I cant set clock alarm :eek:
But, there is always but, yeah?
Repos for 2008 are much bigger than repos for older versions. I found the Pidgin and Pidgin Facebook chat plugin, that's good. Bad is, I can't install pidgin, because of the missing libhildon-extras1_0.9.7 package. I couldn't find vaild package though the web, but I didn't try much.
Still, I will install it eventually, and will report it here.


2nd ...Symbian?'d prolly have to rework apps to function for the 770...
Java? ..possibly..the older versions....the newer versions of Java may end up screaming on your 770 though :D
About symbian, yep, that's what I though.
About java, my 770 screaming without those apps, just for mentioning it :D

For the 3rd..., We already mentioned what was needed, didn't we?


I imagine our enlightenment will take about the same time...'s not like the 770 or the 8x0 are going anywhere new that we can't keep up to eh rid? :D
I bet we do :)

Edit 1

And little off-top, I cant wait when the neo900 get's into my hands, but I promised myself, that I won't get it before I'm done walking though older devices (Without N900, I think I have it all workout :D)

Edit 2

I just came up with idea that sounds nice, but more I think about it, Im getting more "no"'s than "yes".

Maybe we will be able to create a update-patch, a small one, that will bring up 770 to 2015 :D

I mean some package that will provide support for sites, chats, and thing that were created after the nokia 770 was released.It sounds great, but, do we:
1. Have enough man power and people that would get involved here?
2. How much time would it take? People can get involved but without proper knowledge it's simply won't work out.
3. I have some expirience with going through linux right to the center (The kernel), but I was long time ago. Still I have more expirience with Debian/Ubuntu than with any other linux. My knowledge can be refreshed, but it's not all, patch won't make itself to existance.
4. Bringing up 770 or going with idea and go with n8x0 as well, but how to get people involved? That is probably the hardest part.

endsormeans 2015-04-24 14:41

Re: OS2006 Nokia 770 facebook chat application
I like the cut of your jib sir :D

yeah I remem. ...the 2008 hacker is pretty rough around the edges in spots.
hm...well concerning java..check out gronmayers page and the Jalimo repo.
and of course the subsection on maemo.
I believe it still is functioning properly
I don't know if it will work on os2007(or 8 for that matter) hacker edition.
But you can always try and see .
Would be great if it works.
Personally I think that the smoothest methods of devel for the older devices would be c++ or pygtk.
As far as the n800 and n810 go you will find them a lot smoother an experience with much more to offer and less troublesome to boot...(not that I'm knocking the does what it was built for admirably...and then's just that the n8x0's are different beasts in compare.)

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