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kamtar 2017-12-28 02:08

N810 USB networking on Win10
Did somebody tried recently to connect with N810 via USB network?
I installed RDNIS drivers, the ones for N900 supplied with MADDE. Then i tried edit ones for N770. But with both of them it fails on error code -10.

First it manages to finish and device is shown in device manager as okay and ready, but after few seconds it switched to error with inicialization -10.

Is there somebody who managed to get RDNIS working on win7/8/10?

endsormeans 2017-12-30 09:00

Re: N810 USB networking on Win10
I would suggest going here


....for the particulars on n8x0 usb networking..

(I wish you luck with win 10.....personally I have never had a good happy happy funtime experience with win 8 or 10 and the 7 and xp work better...)

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