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ARJWright 2010-03-12 03:04

Hott MD500 Android Tablet
I saw this over at Engadget earlier today and it hit me at just how easily Android could be a solution for many of you who are looking for something to replace your older Maemo devices, but don't want cellular. And if they can keep this under $100 (or even $150), this would be crazy.

Hott MD500 Android Tablet via Engadget

Though I'd love to see Maemo 5 on this hardware and rock out from there. The screen size is nearly perfect for tablet-style working.

meep 2010-03-12 09:20

Re: Hott MD500 Android Tablet
That does look damn cool for the price.

Stuff like this makes me wonder what direction people are going in with $500 iPads / skylights

EIPI 2010-03-12 11:19

Re: Hott MD500 Android Tablet
And after my convergence device N900 is now not working - I am rethinking my mobile solution. Something like this would be terrific!

EIPI 2010-03-12 13:13

Re: Hott MD500 Android Tablet
with MeeGo on the horizon, hopefully we'll see h/w coming out of China for low prices to satisfy our MeeGo-tablet needs.

DaveP1 2010-03-12 16:57

Re: Hott MD500 Android Tablet
Before everyone gets their hopes up, the MD500 is just a prototype now. "MD500" does not even show up on Hott's website. Whether they can meet their announced price and what their version of Android can do is still an open question. Still, I agree that, for me, the tablet form factor is very important which is why I cling to my N810 and eagerly away the Dell Streak/Mini5 (or the Archos 5 once it gets Google Market support).

sevdali 2010-03-12 19:32

Re: Hott MD500 Android Tablet
I'm waiting for Dell Streak.

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