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uvatbc 2016-12-21 04:11

Docker image for Maemo development on Linux
A Docker image that can be used to compile Fremantle x86 and armel

All my Maemo development was stuck inside a Ubuntu 12.04 virtual machine that I was too scared to upgrade to 16.04 or better.
It was also incredibly slow and I could not easily change the number of cores on that VM.

How and where?
If you see the code that creates the basic scratchbox docker image, you'll see that I've followed the latest Maemo documentation for installing scratchbox.
While this image could be easily created using a simple Dockerfile, the actual Fremantle installation cannot be done with a Dockerfile: It requires privileged docker access which the "docker build" command does not support.
So I created a that is run in a privileged container and then saved into a docker image.

There's a readme at that gives a very quick how to.
The actual docker image is at

I think it is finally time to retire the Maemo development virtual machine after using it for close to 6 years! :)

Please try it out and tell me how well it works for you.
This will be one of my entries into the coding competition.

I'd love it if by using this Docker container, you could submit your applications into the into the competition (and win!).

uvatbc 2016-12-21 13:00

Re: Docker image for Maemo development on Linux
Update: Docker image for Harmattan SDK

The way to install the Harmattan SDK was to use the from the Nokia dev site (now unreachable).
Instead I used a modified that uses to download and install the dependencies.

The Harmattan howto and sources are at
The docker image to use is "accupara/harmattan"

uvatbc 2017-02-09 20:58

Re: Docker image for Maemo development on Linux
Docker images updated.
Example usage: See the Makefile

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