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Dave999 2014-03-08 13:43

Latest And Greatest!
We need a thread with the new cool devices.

Stating this thread with a cool device: OPPO

If you having some latest and greatest news about something. Please share.

herpderp 2014-03-08 15:01

Re: Latest And Greatest!
Unless it runs Sailfish we will hate it! What a piece of s***, it runs Android, it sucks a**!

slaapliedje 2014-03-08 15:09

Re: Latest And Greatest!
Isn't that the truth. No seriously.

Due to a want/need to start looking for a form of income, I ended up getting an android phone to test things on. And holy crap, seriously people had kept telling me "Oh, it's gotten so much better since 1.6!" which is the last version I'd really used for more than a few moments at a time.

I'd installed Android-x86 on my Touchsmart, but the touch screen wouldn't work, but everything else did (still looking into getting the touch working). Looked/ran okay, and was kind of wanting another device to test on... so I ended up getting a Galaxy Note 3.

I absolutely hate it. Where's my swiping from the edge to change screens? Where is the awesome multi-tasking?

Can't wait 'til I can throw sailfish on it!


Dave999 2014-03-08 16:05

Re: Latest And Greatest!
yes, sailfish needs some proper hardware...

Love this:
"Chinese smartphone maker Oppo plans to launch its latest high-end phone this month. The Oppo Find 7 is expected to come in two versions, one with a 2560 x 1440 pixel display and another with a plain old 1920 x 1080 pixel screen. And there’s evidence at least one version of the phone could have a 50MP camera."

1920x1080 is now OLD. Finally!

Kangal 2014-03-08 16:43

Re: Latest And Greatest!

Originally Posted by slaapliedje (Post 1415910)
Isn't that the truth. No seriously... so I ended up getting a Galaxy Note 3. I absolutely hate it. Where is the awesome multi-tasking?

Hold Back for 3 seconds.
Swipe open the Application Tray on either side of the screen.
Choose the App.
Hold and Drag the App to the top or bottom of the screen.
Multitask with two Apps on-screen, something that can't be achieved on Sailfish.

Haters gonna hate.

slaapliedje 2014-03-08 17:11

Re: Latest And Greatest!
Ah, so that's what multi-window does. I was trying to figure out beyond the side launcher what it did. Only thing I hate about that is the side bar arrow is always there, doesn't matter if you're in a full screen game or not. It's just always there until you turn multi-window back off. It'd have been better if you could make it so it was just a swipe from the side.

I still prefer how the N9 handles things, how often on a small screen would you need two windows open? On a 7"+ tablet, I could see.

I don't know, after using my N9 for two years, Android (granted, I realize part of this issue is probably TouchWiz) just seems non-natural and horribly unintuitive.


thedead1440 2014-03-08 17:24

Re: Latest And Greatest!
I have been a fan of the multi-window thing since ages when I used to use my S2, Note or i9305 as my secondary phones but once my N9 gave up many moons ago, I just dont use multi-window much.

It become so rare that I switched to MIUI and never missed multi-window. One thing I do like about Android is the pop-up windows for video players that can be dragged around so if I am for example playing sudoku I can put it at the bottom or top and view my music videos. Multi-tasking is also improved with things like LMT Pie Controls, Switchr etc so Android has some cool things that try to make up for its crippled multi-tasking methods.

However, the crap I have to put up with to do basic things like rsyncing, SSHing over USB (w/o using adb) etc make me long for the day Sailfish is ported over to my i9305 or Nex4. Hopefully by then Sailfish is more mature as in its current infancy it lags behind Android for my current usage patterns (i.e. proper Cal/CardDAV etc).

hardy_magnus 2014-03-08 18:25

Re: Latest And Greatest!
50mp camera. Can it beat the nokia pureview performance or match it is the thing to see. Rest is all android.

slaapliedje 2014-03-08 18:28

Re: Latest And Greatest!
50MP camera on a phone. Can we say sick and wrong? Well, and utterly awesome. Yeah, after having an N900 and N9, I really do understand why people say that Samsung phones feel cheap.

I'm still debating if I want to use my Note 3 to make any actual calls. I'll have to see if I can find an app that doesn't suck (be ad supported) that will record my calls. The Advanced Call recorder I think was only a few bucks for the N9, but it works perfectly.


Dave999 2014-03-08 18:57

Re: Latest And Greatest!
Guys, i doubt we Will see 50mp this month. IT Will probably have a 13mp. Don't like oppo stock OS so it's just to release it with some mod or if sailfish will be released full for android.

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