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chemist 2013-12-03 11:31

[Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
Hello Community,

as it is getting messy again and people are complaining about "Software" being a pain as only a few thread titles reflect for what system they are.

I'd like to change settings or even structures to our needs.

What possibilities do I see:
  • Quick and Dirty: We can have Prefix-Presets in Software
  • Longhaul: Adding each and every system as base subs to software moving all threads not for more than one system away from Software baseline.
  • Shooting: Killing "Software" and put everything under the OSs sub

I will add CSSU to M5/Fremantle in the near future.

qwazix 2013-12-03 11:46

Re: [Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
quick and dirty one looks good to me

peterleinchen 2013-12-03 13:02

Re: [Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
I'd say quick and dirty is good enough.
But if we/you want to go the long way I would kill the software area and integrate SW under each sub OS (as this seems to be the same work as keeping software and creating OS specific sub subs).
Some kind of hen/egg problem? ;)

chemist 2014-01-13 13:07

Re: [Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
Added Neo900 and NeoFremantle subforums

Estel 2014-01-13 14:07

Re: [Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
I we're at it - is it absolutely necessary for TMO to be Sailfish center? It's a little irritating, that Sailfish threads are spamming "Active Topics" window at such rate.

It wouldn't be a problem, if user could blacklist some sections from "Active topics", using personal control panel. AFAIK, it wouldn't be trivial to achieve (fixme?)

Anyway, currently, I'm afraid that I might miss some really interesting threads, due to steady and overwhelming stream of "where is my facebook app" threads from SailfishOS, Jolla & co, and similar sections.


panjgoori 2014-01-13 14:53

Re: [Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
totally agree with you Estel. Whenever i visit TMO all active topics are about Sailfish and Jolla.

Estel 2014-01-13 15:15

Re: [Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
The thing is, that they're, obviously, tons of active threads about things relevant to Maemo. Still, they're totally buried under "spam" from jolla sections. Of course, I understand that it's all the buzz about new device, but, I don't get why things relevant to *us* (maemo) must suffer.

Not to mention that AFAIK, Jolla isn't paying Maemo a single cent for maintaining all traffic that comes from their devices. Heck, even leaving the fact, that paths of Maemo and Jolla - while never really close - are now going into two totally different directions, with less and less common things between two communities.

I didn't liked how was bullied into holding free adverts for Jolla. I don't like fact, that Jolla isn't helping to fund forum, that acts as communication center for Jolla devices. But, it all wouldn't be so bad, if all of the above wouldn't make it harder for me to find a *maemo* related activity, on the *maemo* org. This latter thing makes me "mad as hell, and I won't take it anymore", if you excuse the pun and obvious references.


ggabriel 2014-01-13 15:24

Re: [Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
TL;DR: subscribe to topics of interest if the Active Topics section fills up with things that don't interest you.

I disagree with the maemo/meego/sailfish/etc. separation. You can always subscribe to threads/topics if the Active Topics section isn't enough. While this is, I'm only here because of meego, and now sailfish _and_ meego, and so are other people. I see it differently: meego existed because of maemo, sailfish/mer/nemo exist because of maemo+meego.

We even have Android/iOS/Symbian discussions in this forum and it isn't bad either.

Finally, it has been expressed that wants to be part of the Sailfish community, and so it is for discussions that fit forums, and I'm very happy about that. Look at the great stuff some folks are doing with OLED other halves for Jolla or keyboards or solar panels. Everybody can learn from that.

pichlo 2014-01-13 15:33

Re: [Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
An option to hide (blacklist if you wish) traffic from selected sections would be welcome. I called for it when TMO was spammed with Meego posts. Now Meego posters get to taste their own medicine by being themselves spammed with Sailfish posts. Yes I know the metaphore isn't perfect. At least Meego was somehow relevant and had no other place to go, while none of that applies to Jolla and Sailfish.

Another welcome feature would be the ability to killfile a thread. Currently one can do only per member.

And lastly, I would welcome the ability to mark a thread as read straight from the list, without having to jump to the last post and then back to the list. While not completely equivalent, it could be used as a poor man's "thread killfile" substitute.

Is any of that doable?

EDIT: ggabriel, no one is asking to kick Meego or Saifish users out of this forum. I also like to peek at the other sections from time to time. But I do not like having them waved in front of my face. All Estel and I ask is an option to set our personal preferences of how we want to read the forum.

caprico 2014-01-13 15:42

Re: [Forum] Restructuring, Ideas, Changes
It's true that some very interesting threads get almost due to the Sailfish popularity. But isn't it amazing that talk.maemo is so popular - whether it's Maemo, Harmattan or Sailfish OS. I think that's fantastic and there's no other place like this. A healthy forum needs (in my opinion) different kinds of writer, content and discussion.

I see the problem in the structure of the forum. There already were problems when MeeGo Harmattan came up and/or some Maemo users didn't agree that Harmattan threads should be posted in the main forum.

Why not a structure more similar to So that discussions about apps, ideas, issues, hacks etc. take place in the right subforum and therefore only about the related platform? Finally all platforms mentioned here are somewhat related to Maemo and should have a right to exist in that forum.

(oh and BTW - I'm not criticizing as I appreciate this community a lot. But those are my suggestions ;) )

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