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tschakram 2017-01-14 09:56

N900 daily Work in 2017?
Hello Maemo Team,

I am a Fan of the Nokia N900 because it was the Best Phone in the last Years. I was very happy to See that the Community is working on it till 2017. Respect!
Did somebody use the N900 as his primary mobile? What Setting,Setup and Programms Are the stables and working good?
Thanks for answers

sicelo 2017-01-14 20:59

Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?
It is primary mobile for me. 'Everything' is stable too :)
Of course Facebook Chat no longer works, but that's the only thing I can remember. Skype still works (with videos too), ActiveSync works (I have it setup with a business Office365 account)

All the 'linux' things are still working good as well

tschakram 2017-01-15 16:59

Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?
That s great,

Thanks for the answer.I reload my N900 and update. I read in the Forum that a 200 GB Mirco sd will Work. What Did You use?

biketool 2017-01-15 19:19

Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?
Daily user with kernel power and CSSU thumb, I also support a Cyanogen Nexus7 tablet via bluetooth tethering.
I mostly use email, panucci for audio books, Open Media Player for music, some Palm games, camera and phot sharing via MMS or email, Sygic still works good for offline GPS, RTL-SDR for some radio hacking stuff, 'USB mode' to read flash drive, qtqr for reading qr codes, mstardict for language conversion dictionaries, heysms to let me have SMS conversations over wifi/bluetooth networking using my computer and bonjour, and calendar to sync with google calendar alerts, oh yes phone and sms. So many thing you just cant do with an android or apple.
The cyanogen tablet with a bigger screen and up to date browser picks up the slack for microB and also lets me add credit to my NFC transit card and has a better torrent client(though qtrapids still works if you can get the torrent files, not magnet links) I can also do limited 3d modeling and and some very narrow atmel/arduino code check and field upload; but my N900 is still my almost always/everyday mobile computing device and phone the tablet and keyboard folio is only for when I will be away for a while and need a browser but cant schlep my big laptop.

Roth 2017-01-15 21:06

Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?
I still use mine, but I'll need to replace the battery pack soon since it keeps shutting down randomly. I like to use it mainly as a music player now.
I remember last looking for the universal remote apps (ie. Irreco) on N900, N810, and N800, and they no longer function as they should since the online services are shut down so we can't download UI templates/layouts. But there's another one called Raemote (stylized as RĉMote) that I'll wanna try out.

biketool 2017-01-16 06:38

Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?
Roth, in any case I have always found the IR emitter on the N900 to be underpowered for most use beyond a meter or two. I have had very limited success with the tvbgone widget.

sicelo 2017-01-16 08:05

Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?
Not sure if I'm not OT, but Pierogi is a good remote controller application for N900. Also, it is actively managed AND you can even ask the developer to implement a remote control(subject to availability of course)

GameboyRMH 2017-01-16 14:06

Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?
I'm still using mine as my only phone, with kernel-power, overclocked and many speed tweaks to the OS. There's not much functionality a new phone would have that you can't get by installing apps from the repos...I'll just point out the troublesome parts.

Browsing isn't a surefire thing anymore. YouTube doesn't work well on the browser even with some of the later leaked Flash releases. If MicroB doesn't work with a site I use Macuco, but that isn't a sure thing either - it seems to have trouble with newer SSL certificates/protocols. Sometimes I have to fall back to Lynx on Debian chroot.

There's no Whatsapp anymore (RIP Yappari) and it's too popular to ignore, unfortunately, so that's an annoyance.

Bluetooth was always a bit limited and troublesome on the N900 (it works more like a desktop PC and doesn't work well with a lot of "phone gear," especially headsets) and it hasn't been updated to work with many newer devices.

Other than those, no problems really.

sicelo 2017-01-16 16:28

Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?

Originally Posted by GameboyRMH (Post 1522085)
Bluetooth was always a bit limited and troublesome on the N900 (it works more like a desktop PC and doesn't work well with a lot of "phone gear," especially headsets) and it hasn't been updated to work with many newer devices.

Never had headset trouble myself. Always worked good, except once when I broke the configration trying to turn the N900 into a bluetooth headset (which i succeeded in doing) :-)

tschakram 2017-01-17 19:12

Re: N900 daily Work in 2017?

Many interessting Posts. I searched for the latest powerkernel for overclocking and the speed tweaks. Did anyone know a good tutorial for the latest?

Without WhatsApp its Not so easy in this days. So many people use it and Theres now thinking about Privacy. But when you Make Business Theres no way Without.

I searched for a good jabber Client. Did somebody have a favorit?

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