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leonicholson 2015-11-22 21:07

I have flashed a 770 with OS2006, OS2007SE, OS2007HE and tried to install FBReader for each version.

As none of the OS versions successfully connect to WLAN, I used the download packages from FBReader for each OS and attempted installation in the recommended order.

All fail installing libzlibrary:

Package missing: libfribidi0

Where am I screwing up?

endsormeans 2015-11-22 23:20

Re: FBReader
If it fails installing libzlibrary
doesn't matter the os or device line...
without the missing dependencies no program works.
there is your answer.
If libzlibrary is necessary ...
then by hook or by crook you must get them installed.

leonicholson 2015-11-22 23:33

Re: FBReader
I'm just surprised that the FBReader download files for the different OS's don't include it.

endsormeans 2015-11-22 23:44

Re: FBReader
You must become creative.
Very creative in searching, hunting, puzzle-solving, etc.
The difference with the maemo platform compared to other platforms is..
Other, icrap, wp, etc. everything is what it is...and it is either available or not anymore. Then it is time to move on to the latest pile of bile and suck it up if you want what they are serving.

With the maemo platform all the goods, old, outdated, revised, new, kept...but it is up to community, teams, groups, projects and/or individuals to work on, figure out, etc.
Consequently we all are here as well to become more enlightened on topics, more knowledgeable and help new folks...
Enough time and you'll be needed to help with new folks.
It isn't mandatory.
But can't just watch new people get frustrated ...and not help.
And once you have the 770 tamed...well...we don't have too many guru's of the 770 around anymore ...especially 770 enlightened folks to help with new members who "just" got their new 770.
Just sayin' ....
Anyway...I blame no one for not lingering ...but instead wanting the latest and greatest...
Peeps can say "Meamo's got Fanboy's!" all they want...
But truth is... been around for a bit...
it is all about the love... that makes people linger ...that is really the truth.
Me...I just find it an old favourite wool sweater, hot chocolate, a good stiff shot of rum, or whisky just has a good feeling all around...that's what has gotten into my bones. Love chinook, diablo, fremantle,'s all good.

Anyway...down to answers.
For example
if you are missing something and serious creativity is needed since you cannot connect via wifi and must download to pc then transfer to your 770 to install solutions...

A- If you go to gronmayer...go to the 2006 page...go to search...type will find packages. How you deal with them is another matter.

B- More pinpointed in approach.
If you go to
and go to zlibrary it will download the armel.deb for zlibrary to your pc...then transfer that armel.deb to your 770.
there is then absolutely no reason why you should have a problem with the dependencies.

Puzzle solving is the key with maemo.
Specific keywords in just the right order in say search...for example ...can yield desired results.
Forget thinking sideways...
Forget thinking 'round corners..(okay that was a shameless Jethro Tull song plug)
Forget "thinking outside the box"
Think outside the tetractys.
For new people curiosity and a desire to poke and peer into things is a must.
You are on the right track leonicholson

leonicholson 2015-11-23 00:03

Re: FBReader
You're right, as usual. Downloaded:

ZLibrary 0.8.17 package
FBReader 0.8.17 package

and installed on OS2007HE, personalized keys and good to go.

endsormeans 2015-11-23 00:07

Re: FBReader
As far as more permanent solutions ...gotta get the wifi workin' man.
If that is impossible.
Then there must be other avenues of connectivity.
Pairing to a smartphone.
and I'm sure I'm missing/forgetting some..

there are alternate methods of connectivity so you at the least ...aren't perpetually "cabling-up" all the time to your pc.

endsormeans 2015-11-23 00:14

Re: FBReader

Originally Posted by leonicholson (Post 1489249)
You're right, as usual. Downloaded:

ZLibrary 0.8.17 package
FBReader 0.8.17 package

and installed on OS2007HE, personalized keys and good to go.

Glad it worked.
Glad to help.
Frankly I'm just lobbing sticks of dynamite in the lake and calling it "fishing" ...lob enough explosives and at least 1 fish should float to the surface :D

"Right as usual?"
Very kind...
But hardly..
for the most part I'm always wingin' it ...since the rules for problem solving always change for the particular problem.
Frankly I'm as shocked as anyone that the issue was resolved and solved so quickly :D

leonicholson 2015-11-23 00:16

Re: FBReader
Yeah. sometimes it finds my wlan, sometimes it doesn't. Even when it does, it disconnects. I've already changed my router mode to "G", as it doesn't like "N". I've read many posts about this.

The N810 I just received with OS2008HE connects. I like the form factor less than the 770 for ebooks, but should receive an N800 soon that appears similar to the 770. So many choices. Old tech, but cheap and just as interesting to me.

endsormeans 2015-11-23 00:26

Re: FBReader
Now that you have your 770 setup to be your ereader again.
and ...
Now that you have your n810...
and the n800 is coming...
knuckle down.
get up to speed and get diablo turbo onto sd cards and cloned to a nice spot on your pc first for your n810..
then for the n800 when it shows up.
Then I believe you can safely play and screw things up to your hearts content..poking around, and experimenting like all inquisitive souls should....
And "old tech" is completely subjective.
Cheap ...yes...
undervalued for sure in the market.
which is good for us...
Keep shouting publicly.. "NIT devices are old, outdated, bricks!...Not worth a penny!" ...The more people hear it and believe it...The more it makes it more affordable for new people :D
thank goodness for the most part..even the latest great discoveries, innovations, new programs etc etc..aren't really seen outside our community...and hence don't affect a rise or fall in the going price for the devices...
If the market paid attention ...the value of our devices would mark them as unaffordable :D
I still am constantly amazed and amused by my n8x0's and n900's..
I still think the devices are ahead of their time...
Since they give us the users sooooo much choice, power and control compared to the stuff on shelves today.

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