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Pranjal 2012-06-06 12:52

Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
I got a Nokia N950 as a gift from a relative (who works in R&D Nokia MeeGo development, India) on my last birthday, as he knew I was into Qt Development and after having used the N900, wanted a MeeGo device badly. Had lots of fun using it, until today, when it slipped from my hand and fell.
Now my problem is that the top layer of glass has cracked badly, although the touchscreen is as smooth as ever. I was wondering if any of you mates know where I could get a replacement for the glass, or does the whole display have to be changed? I tried at Nokia Care centre, but unfortunately, they couldn't help me out.
So does only the top glass have to be replaced, or the whole display? Links where the parts are sold would be highly appreciated.

Hurrian 2012-06-06 12:59

Re: Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
I'm pretty sure the glass is fused to the display.

And I'm pretty sure repairs for the N950 are only available from Nokia in Finland (which means, you'll need to contact whoever gave you this to get it fixed)

I would love to see the reactions of Nokia Care when they take in a device marked "Not for sale" though.

F2thaK 2012-06-06 12:59

Re: Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
Lucky Nokia Care didnt take the device from you!

Pranjal 2012-06-06 13:22

Re: Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
Thanks for the replies.
Hurrian, are you sure that the repair job would be done in Finland? A relative of mine is a frequent traveller to Finland. So do you know where exactly in Finland the repair is provided? Finland is a big country lol!

lolloo 2012-06-06 13:40

Re: Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
any picture??

vitaminj 2012-06-06 13:42

Re: Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
If it's anything like the N950s they gave out as part of the device program here, they won't bother doing the repair (it's not worth their time), developer relations will just swap it for a new one.
Whether you're eligible for this or who you have to go through is a different question - get back in touch with your relative and get him to ask up the chain.

Pranjal 2012-06-06 13:48

Re: Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
@lolloo, I'll upload the pictures soon enough. Although I don't really get why you want to see the pictures, as proof, or perhaps as some random troll who would like to laugh at others' pain. I do hope it's not the latter that applies to you.

@vitaminj, It's very difficult to get it swapped for a new one. There are a limited number of devices in the world. No more production is being done, and all the devices are already owned by developers across the globe. I doubt Nokia would have any pieces left with them in spare.

I just need to know where to get it repaired. I am ready to pay for it lol.

abill_uk 2012-06-06 14:06

Re: Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
HAHA this is classic because you have chosen the wrong place to ask a question like that when you got hungry and very jelous i might add, wolves on here who will hate you for even having a 950,,, hohoho

But anyhow i wish you luck especially with Nokia ( am laughing here) because you just probably got your relative into deep shitt ...and will have to explain this one away hehe but on the bright side as your a dev i just hope you can show some good work to the maker and they just might let you have a new one,,, oh dear lol.

vitaminj 2012-06-06 14:37

Re: Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
Developer relations had a small cache of replacement units for this reason, they expect a certain defect/damage rate, and a handful of people from the device program here have already needed to take advantage of this.
As for replacement parts, I wouldn't see why they'd bother to keep them in stock or train staff on repair procedures, given the run of actual units was so small. You might be out of luck given the nature of this device if you don't have a channel to get it replaced.
I can give you the email of the dev relation people via PM if you want, but I imagine they're going to ask some in-depth questions about where exactly you got the phone from and what you're using it for before they help you out.

MINKIN2 2012-06-06 15:01

Re: Nokia N950 screen broke! :(
Have you thought about selling it for parts, then getting an n9?

I know it's not the same as what you originally hope, but it could be better than living with a broken device or having it taken from you by nokia. I'm sure you may find a few takers here on the boards.

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