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hassan_badredin 2010-11-11 23:15

My first port... I HOPE!!!
Guys ive had it!
i gotta port an app or ill go nuts

so i chose Alchemy
i installed java as requested by the program prerequisites and i even got it to start without any UI (i dont really know if it was maemo or easy debian that ran it)
now i understand i have to HILDONIZE this or something..i searched for porting apps but this uses java so...

please help me

if anyone knows this app maybe can tell me if its possible to fully port and add any module they come up with
all i need is some guidelines


ToJa92 2010-11-11 23:19

Re: My first port... I HOPE!!!
AFAIK there's no hildon components(or whatever they're called) for Java. Though it would be very cool if one could write Java for the N900.
*me goes searching*

hassan_badredin 2010-11-11 23:20

Re: My first port... I HOPE!!!
so youre sayng that practically i have to re-write it????

oh and it was easy debian that ran it
on maemo says line7 java not found...


no...its easy debian...


danielronde 2010-11-13 17:11

Re: My first port... I HOPE!!!
There is IcedTea available in the repos (this includes the java command to run a java applications). I use this to run my (hobby) java apps.

I've tried Alchemy, and it runs out-of-the-box on the N900, however the menu is not accessible.

Maybe an Alchemy developer (or yourself) can add another way to access the menu that works for the N900...

What needs to be done after that (I think) is packaging and getting it in the Extras-Devel repository so everyone can benefit.

hassan_badredin 2010-11-13 22:49

Re: My first port... I HOPE!!!
i already installed javaa i have version 16.0.0 or something its the latestabout the menu, i think its about hildonizing but how do i do that?

JohnLF 2010-11-13 23:13

Re: My first port... I HOPE!!!
It involves rewriting all of the menus in a N900 happy way. I started this too for another app but got so bogged down in it,and there so little info out there on it that I gave up. Would love to have another go, but been made redundant and now trying to run 2 businesses just to eat. lol.
Last time I asked for info, I was told hildonizing is the old way, and it's all changed now... been a while so would have to refresh my memory...

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