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Ridd92 2017-09-08 08:02

Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.
Hi there.

I know about other related post about os cloning, but mine, I believe is kinda different.

endsormeans - I'm really counting on you :D

Problem is related to nokia n800 with damanged internal slot. (Of course Im using only external)

Few days ago I bought new SD Class 4 16gb memory card and since that time Im still fighting.

I did everything like I always do (Not my first rodeo). I was using wiki instructions.

Card itself looks fine. Can be fill up to full and than copy data back without any problems, even when card is partitioned.

So I did, partition it I mean and started cloning. Everything went fine to the point of 3. Firstly everything was doing well, but when the tar takes places for most of the time I get "No such file or directory". Soon time over process and with "Aborting" message.

I've already tried different tar found on the web but still no change.

I decided to take another run with microsd card but the same specs. Everything went fine and system booted, just like that.

What cound be making this kind of problem? And why, when card is perfectly fine.

If someone ever faced this problem and could help I will be very happy :) I can attach any log for someone willing to help

In addidition. I can only use external slot as my internal have broken pins

endsormeans 2017-09-08 19:01

Re: Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.
I am as shocked as anybody here ...
counting on me??
The world is definitely going to hell.


Endsormeans to the rescue!

(ok it is really powdered toast man sue me.)

(Damn! that strobe is hard on the eyes...I think it is inducing a seizure...)

Number 1- Stop stuffing saltine crackers in the internal card slot :D

Number 2- Unless you are researching and testing stuff in the wiki...
I suggest that you do not use the methods involved there...for the n8x0.
keep it simple.
real simple.
console tools v1
in it has pbeasy and pb (to do complex work ...)
always works.

if pbeasy or pb doesn't isn't the program..or method is either the card or the device at fault.

Ridd92 2017-09-09 09:58

Re: Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.

I will be here for the rest of my life :). At this point I was thinking maybe I'm the god? The heck, I handled everything n8x0 thrown at me, but this time? No no, I just got back to earth xD

Just to be sure, console tools will do all the work for me? Or what?


Number 1- Stop stuffing saltine crackers in the internal card slot
You know, I just couldn't resist xD

Truth is, I have another n800 unit almost in perfect shape and with setup, that is good for me, but shame, I don't use it. I like this unit to stay that way, so I got another, that was treathed horribly. I'm not saying that I thread it easier it's got a nice time with me xP but serious I rather test anything on the unit that I won't be so sad to thrown away :)

endsormeans 2017-09-09 17:29

Re: Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.
I completely understand.
I have 1 n800 that has a busted kickstand I got it that way...don't know how the guy sheered it right off...
So now I use it on this

in a clamp...
no case...
The other day I was ripping down a hill at 80mph and hit a bump and it flew out of the clamp...
took a beating...
all it got at an 80mph impact and roll ..
was a few small scuffs to the sides...
LOVE my n8x0's ... down to business...

Never used console tools v1?
Definitely a lot more fun than the wiki method.
Just make sure to use your comp. to ready the sd card ...
and follow the instructions...
and I suggest (and so do the instructions ..) that you temporarily set the font in xterm to 8 or 10 ..before opening console tools v1 pbeasy or pb ...
since you will have issues otherwise with showing the options properly...
It is a great deal of fun to use the console tools v1 ...
makes a breeze out of the process...
Just make sure you have a clean unfilled fresh flash of diablo or chinook or whatever to work from with only the bare essentials installed..(that includes only the needed repos...just to make sure...)
It makes it smoother process without glitches...with pbeasy.

And for starters I do suggest pbeasy...
then... when you feel brave... use pb.
You can do a LOT with it...
backup is a breeze...
cloning ...
copying your os setup to another sd ..usb..whatever ..a cinch.
multiple os's on your sd card ..easy..

I think you will enjoy it.
Pull out a magnifying glass to read the font size though...

endsormeans 2017-09-09 17:32

Re: Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.
and if you need to download it of my links in "pimp my n8x0" walk through has console tools v1 my download it.

pichlo 2017-09-10 06:28

Re: Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.
@endso, that thing can do 80mph??? Was it a steep hill?

Kinda reminds me of an episode of Top Gear when they pitched an old Wartburg (or was it Trabant?) against a top-of-the-range Porche. The test was which one does one mile faster. They said the old banger just might have a chance with a bit of help from gravity. So they... dropped it from a helicopter. It won.

endsormeans 2017-09-10 16:02

Re: Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.
it was a pretty decent hill...
That sucker flies so straight and true at high velo and it corners so tight...
beautiful machine...

drop her from a helicopter and she'll burst into flames from the speed. :D

it is the perfect island hopper for my commuting...
4 horse Bosch motor goes straight up hills without slowing..
panasonic li-ion top of the line batts
nice tight disk brakes..
weighs in at a little over 150lbs..
I get 160km before I swap out the batts and swap another set in...
plugged into a wall socket takes 4-5 hours to charge up..and costs .25 cents ...
the ferries regard it as a cycle I just pay walk on fees...
no need for insurance , gas , exorbitant ferry fees...
I calculated in my yearly savings I could buy 3 of these a year ...
and now with gas prices soaring here...
It was definitely the smart buy.

I would have bought a "Zero" ...
but living on a small Island ..with not enough space or real good long stretches of road ...and..commuting to yet another Island daily...
It was just a waste of what the Zero could do ...sadly I can't fully utilize the Zero here...

mmm...did I mention mine is an on-road / off-road dirt bike too?

endsormeans 2017-09-11 20:35

Re: Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.
ok ...
update time...
how you doin' Rid?
mucked about with pbeasy or pb yet?

sally_sally 2017-09-12 14:07

Re: Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.
@ endo- a lil off topic but you kill me with the Avatar. Genius! ;)

endsormeans 2017-09-12 15:07

Re: Problem with cloning OS to new SD Card.
Off topic is my specialty...
Well ...others here may be far better at it than I ...not mentioning anyone who's name rhymes with Mave stixblundredandblixdekix.... :D

Powdered Toast Man?
Not bad eh? :D

He is good in a pinch...
I got others though that'd make you laugh so hard you would be needing adult diapers.

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