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qgil 2009-04-19 20:00

READ THIS before posting a new thread here
The Nokia 770 forum is devoted to questions and discussions about this wonderful device only. You can find basic information about the 770 in the Wikipedia and the support pages.

Posts about programs, the operating system and accessories go elsewhere.
  • Software -- Anything about the programs pre-installed or available to download.
  • OS2006 -- Basic functionality and tweaks for the Nokia 770. Also related: Maemo 2 / Mistral - Scirocco - Gregale.
  • Accessories -- Any complements you can plug, insert, pair, wrap...

Note that posts related to the OS2007 & OS2008 Hacker Editions go to their respective OS forums, not OS2006. Posts about applications under those unofficial OS versions go under Applications, as usual.

See also the general guidelines for posting. Follow these basic rules and you will get more readers and better answers.

Thank you!

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