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chenliangchen 2016-04-15 14:07

[Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection
As Jolla is shipping the final batch of tablets and more lucky users got theirs, it will be easier if there is a dedicated thread for i486 branch of SFOS software, as most were spread/hidden in different threads.

As suggested, this thread is specifically about i486/Jolla tablet software. Any contribution to the collection is welcomed.

So I start with the must-have Patch Manager. Credit to Sfietkonstantin (Took me a day to find it...)

To install:

HTML Code:

ssu ar sfietkonstantin-obs
ssu er sfietkonstantin-obs
pkcon repo-set-data sfietkonstantin-obs refresh-now true
pkcon install jolla-settings-patchmanager

abranson 2016-04-15 14:19

Re: [Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection
Everyone knows tablets are only used for watching films. The gallery app can play them but is more suited to short home videos, so you'll need LLs Player:

And to play videos with AC3 or DTS audio tracks without having to convert them first, you'll need these gstreamer plugins:

Edit: These packages only contain the gstreamer plugins, not the actual codecs libs they use. These are pulled in as dependencies from the same repo, so you *must* add his repo or else the installation will fail...

Edit: and I should mention that I did an unofficial build of Warehouse for the tablet:

It doesn't filter out apps that don't have x86 versions available, because I think that would need a few server side changes, but it works well for installing and upgrading openrepos apps.

chenliangchen 2016-04-15 14:35

Re: [Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection
@abranson Thank you!

Do you think we should add your build of Unofficial Warehouse for Tablet as well? ;) It's also a must have.

velox 2016-04-15 17:17

Re: [Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection
m4r0v3r has made an unofficial kodimote build:

edit: I propose that the first post be updated with the aggregated stuff if your time allows for it, chenliangchen. Thanks for the thread!

Fellfrosch 2016-04-15 17:44

Re: [Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection
Thanks for destroying my soon:D
Ok these patches work:
Launcher combined patch
Return to app from eventsview
Ambience Powermenu2
and therefor of course Powermenu 2 is working too.

Fellfrosch 2016-04-15 17:52

Re: [Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection
Further on I like to mention that I'm really happy that Zimpedia is working.
So do Poor Maps and modRana

Schturman 2016-04-15 18:37

Re: [Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection
2 Attachment(s)
All this patches working for me..

Fellfrosch 2016-04-15 19:20

Re: [Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection

Originally Posted by Schturman (Post 1503710)
All this patches working for me..

Which one?

Schturman 2016-04-15 19:46

Re: [Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection

Originally Posted by Fellfrosch (Post 1503715)
Which one?

I added screenshots, sorry for delay.. Sailfish browser didn't want to add screenshots....

Schturman 2016-04-15 20:09

Re: [Jolla Tablet] [i486] Applications Collection
FileTug, packaged by Coderus :)
SSHFS from tablet to jolla phone and ImageMagick you can install from this thread:
Installation of Kodi app (android):
USB-OTG auto-mount:

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