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Android_808 2015-02-27 12:06

[Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4 + 2.6.3
Finally got round to this. FFmpeg 2.5.4 for both stock and thumb variants. I've tested the ffmpeg binary using cuteTube and get_iplayer and it seems to be ok. I've also been using it to play the new BBC hls streams for radio and tv via command line. The radio playback works fine but tv is still stuttering a bit.

This does not include gstreamer-ffmpeg/av updates, so AFAIK this will not allow hls support in Media Player/OMP. I did take a look at the source but they are quite particular about the version of ffmpeg/libav they use, so they ship with the source included with them. I've tried bypassing it with a configure flag to use system version but it bailed out almost straight away. Upgrading to newest git snapshot, from 2013, would also require an update to gstreamer itself. There is a slightly newer version that I could build but it's probably not worth it.

With regards to the development headers, I'm still not 100% sure on the best way to go ahead. For now I've named the packages based on the version of the library, eg. libavcodec56-dev, so that if I do push to the repos it won't push the old headers out.

As a bonus, there's a copy of corsixth-0.40 built to use the newer versions. The old movie enabled version was using 2.5.1 statically linked. There is also instructions for the new radio links.

Source is configured to build non-thumb at the moment. To build for thumb, uncomment --enable-thumb.



This release will detect thumb if in Debian build options and add the param automatically. Not tested as fully as previous release as I'm out but console app appears to be ok.

supergaban 2015-02-27 15:13

Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4
are those all packages need to be installed..? or only certain packages.? :o

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15.87 MB

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4.19 MB

4.8 MB

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KotCzarny 2015-02-27 15:17

Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4
hehe, fun with dependencies, isn't there option in ffmpeg for monolithic build?

rotoflex 2015-02-28 00:08

Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4
This is great! I hope a version for CSSU-Testing becomes available!

Android_808 2015-02-28 19:37

Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4
supergaban: These aren't going to do anything unless you have either a) an application built against them (like included corsixth) or b) you use ffmpeg/ffplay/ffprobe etc. from terminal (for hls bbc radio) or call it from another application (like cuteTube). For the later, it doesn't really make much difference compared to the 0.5svn version in repo.

As for size/ monolithic builds. Applications built against the libraries don't have to include all of the libraries AFAIK, just those needed to provide the features the application wants. I have a statically compiled version of ffmpeg-2.5.1 executable kicking about from testing. If you want to build a 2.5.4 version, just remove the --enable-shared option in debian/rules and rebuild. As the packaging is derived from the 0.5svn version, all libraries should be optified anyway.

The -dbg package isn't needed unless your using it for development. Same with any -dev packages.

rotoflex: Sorry, I don't get the issue there as I use it on Thumb as is.

handaxe 2015-02-28 22:55

Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4

Originally Posted by Android_808 (Post 1462388)
rotoflex: Sorry, I don't get the issue there as I use it on Thumb as is.

I imagine the reference is related to size in memory, rather than functioning under CSSU-T.

Android_808 2015-05-17 20:21

Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4
Uploading another test of the latest version, 2.6.3. Link in first post. The packages will replace the 2.5.4 versions if installed as the library versions, eg libavdevice56 haven't changed upstream.

Android_808 2015-10-04 21:44

Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4 + 2.6.3
Preparing a new test build of 2.8.0 with librtmp support. Library versions won't change. If anyone is looking to develop anything with it let me know and I'll upload the results.

badpixel 2015-10-05 00:19

Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4 + 2.6.3
n900, n9 or Jolla?

Android_808 2015-10-05 06:34

Re: [Announce] FFmpeg 2.5.4 + 2.6.3
n900 only don't own any of the others

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