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MFaroTusino 2012-08-01 14:54

[Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
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This is not my app. It is being developed by CODeRUS

It is also NOT compatible with Unrestricted-System-UI

This app alters the status menu on your N9. It does not require inception or open mode. Simply enable third party apps to be installed (Settings>Applications>Install.) and you're good to go.

Note: Upon install, the standard Bluetooth and availability "widgets" will be removed from the status menu, and replaced with the ones in this package. However, when you uninstall, they will be replaced.

What does it add?
Status Menu Extensions alters several elements of the current status menu. A brightness bar is added, sticking to the same visual theme as the Volume Bar. Also, it replaces the availability tab, with Harmattan icons for each of the accounts (with IM capabilities) you have enabled. Finally, there are also several toggles which are added. The order of these toggles can be re-arranged via Settings>Applications, as well as choosing which to enable/disable. To rearrange, tap once (grey square appears) and choose which toggle to swap position with. To enable/disable, long press the icon

Toggles Currently Present:
  • Bluetooth. short press switches the operation mode is switched off / on. long press launches the setup menu bluetooth
  • Cellular - Toggles network 2g/3g/dual
  • Flashlight - Enables / disables the LED flash camera.
  • GSM- Enables / disables the mobile network.
  • Power Saver Mode - Switches the power saving mode (off / auto / on)
  • Brightness - Toggles the display brightness between minimum, average (middle) and maximum.
  • USB Mode - Toggles between "is charging only mode", "sync & connect", "mass storage" and "sdk mode". When connected to a PC, you will not be asked to make a selection.
  • Reboot - Reboots the phone. Press and hold for 2 seconds to reboot.
  • BG Connections - Switches the mode of background connections (on / off)
  • - Glol. - Switches the screen orientation Auto / Landscape / Portrait

+ The widget screen orientation
* Fixed behavior when upgrading from versions 0.0.4.H
* Fixed scripts service restart
* Bug fixes

* The planned correction of the flashlight, changed the mechanism works. It should work without developer mode and do not hang up when you start the camera.

+ Added color choice to the brightness
* Changed the border, distance, etc.
* Bug fixes.

* Fixed the position of the strip brightness at 75%
* Fixed possible spontaneous blinking icons reboot.

+ Battery Percentage in the PSM icon
* Some icons are changed
* Bug fixes.


Deb files are attached

Dousan 2012-08-01 14:58

Re: [Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
Will try it out now and return with feedback :)

Regards Dousan...

efion 2012-08-01 15:15

Re: [Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
You did a great job mate!

Working flawlessly, must installed mod!

- After rearrange, some widgets missing and chaos, though resolved with reboot.
- Need a moment after reboot for status menu to show up, waiting in silently afraid.
- Update FB and Twitter status next maybe? ;)

AMD 2012-08-01 15:51

Re: [Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
Works great except for the after re-arrangement chaos just like he said ^
Thanks :)

efion 2012-08-01 15:59

Re: [Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
And also, i dont understand how the orientation toggle works. Choosing auto, but it can't change to landscape; choosing landscape, just available in the tasking app, exit the app, back to portrait.

update:'s just for app, not the homescreen ;)

rash.m2k 2012-08-01 16:03

Re: [Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
Ah dude, this is brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Means I can uninstall a few apps I use to change settings. 2012-08-01 16:25

Re: [Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
is it opensource ?

Hariainm 2012-08-01 16:33

Re: [Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
Why is this not posted by CODeRUS himself?

Dousan 2012-08-01 16:37

Re: [Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
Yeah really great work @coderus, works very well, have only been testing shortly.

Will post if issues appear.

Regards Dousan...

e: will you implement your battery status to this mod when finished @mfarotusino?

sprawl11 2012-08-01 16:48

Re: [Announce] Status Menu Extension for N9
Can you say me, how uninstall unrestricted-ui by MAG or restore original unrestricted-ui ?

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