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Texrat 2010-04-16 00:17

What exactly is "Off Topic"?
I've started some thread moves lately and in order to make life easier on all of us I want to clarify what Off Topic means.

Some have asked for help with a competitor product, or posted serious threads about competitor business moves or practices. These are definitely topical and go under Devices/Competitors.

Today someone asked why the N86 got an update but not the N900. A perfect fit for Devices/Nokia N900.

These are just a couple of examples but hopefully the idea comes across. Think about the goal of your post and where it might find the best audience, especially if you're seeking assistance.

Off Topic is the appropriate place for philosophy, social subjects, jokes, odd/interesting news and activities that don't fit under more specific business or technical sections-- including anything poking fun at competitors. So consider the context of your initial post and find the best fit for it. We will all benefit.


And speaking of Thanks: that feature is not implemented here. Along similar lines, posts here do not contribute to your post count.

EDIT: and feel free to ask questions in this thread!

CrashandDie 2010-04-16 02:00

Re: What exactly is "Off Topic"?
Can we ask that threads about Apple be banned? Especially threads that revolve around throwing cheap jokes and hatemail towards other companies?

RevdKathy 2010-04-16 07:04

Re: What exactly is "Off Topic"?
I thought for a minutes you'd moved my 'chocolate up the USB port' thread to the n900 forum. Or the chocolate forum...

geneven 2010-04-16 07:13

Re: What exactly is "Off Topic"?
Off Topic is everything besides On Topic and Off Off Topic. You can discuss things like who you would kill in various situations, but nothing truly violent, such as who you would vote for.

EIPI 2010-04-16 11:35

Re: What exactly is "Off Topic"?
And in true off-topic fashion - Congratulations to Texrat for becoming a '10k-er' !!

Sopwith 2010-04-16 22:07

Re: What exactly is "Off Topic"?

Originally Posted by CrashandDie (Post 612849)
Can we ask that threads about Apple be banned? Especially threads that revolve around throwing cheap jokes and hatemail towards other companies?

Very good suggestion, except not banned, but maybe excluded via an option, much like the shortcut. There are ideas in the Brainstorm linked in my sig that would allow for this -- go and vote!

I also would like to extend congrats to Texrat for the 10000+ posts! Keep up the good work!

Texrat 2010-04-17 23:23

Re: What exactly is "Off Topic"?
ack... I can't see talking a lot as a thing to be proud of... :rolleyes: :D

and I won't be banning Apple posts per se.

CrashandDie 2010-04-18 04:17

Re: What exactly is "Off Topic"?
Not Apple per se, but how about just removing derogatory posts against people who use a device from a specific manufacturer?

I have to read through the most obtuse, close-minded crap in a forum that promotes open spirits and conviviality.

I use Mac hardware, and for some reason I have to read that people who buy Apple are idiots, have a low IQ, etc, etc, etc.

If we remove religious topics because they cause offence, the least we can do is remove such posts as they are even worse.

Texrat 2010-04-18 04:38

Re: What exactly is "Off Topic"?
I think I'll tackle them on a case by case basis. and no matter what I need to adhere to moderation policy... whatever it is. :D

ysss 2010-04-18 05:51

Re: What exactly is "Off Topic"?
Although the growing numbers of aggressive\irrational fanboys are growing (both side of the fences), I don't think those discussions should be censored. However annoying they can be.

The real answer to that (imho) is for the fanboys to grow up and realize that any kind of fanaticism (of OS, technology, races, religion, etc) is not the optimal behavior for anyone to adopt...

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