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HtheB 2016-08-13 17:40

Jolla C customs...?!
So today, I got a mail from TNT telling met that I have to pay for customs: 43,56

The guys did NOT tell me that I have to pay for customs when I received the package.
Otherwise, I would have refused it untill things were sorted out.

But today, I just got a mail telling me that I have to pay.
We didn't even buy the phone, it should have come as a gift that we are participating the Community program...!?

Anyone else having the same problem?

mrsellout 2016-08-13 17:44

Re: Jolla C customs...?!
I'm sure I read some members on the main Jolla C thread had a similar issue, and showing the invoice with the VAT included fixed the issue. It might mean having to send a pic of the Jolla shop invoice.

Edit: This post by Mosen:

peterleinchen 2016-08-13 19:25

Re: Jolla C customs...?!
As mrsellout stated just send mail back with 'invoice' that you received lately from Jolla.
That shows the VAT part and everything sent smooth for me (got that notification of custom declaration too).

Dave999 2016-08-13 19:53

Re: Jolla C customs...?!
Send a mail to jolla and tell the to pay the VAT.


Bundyo 2016-08-14 07:02

Re: Jolla C customs...?!
Actually Jolla do pay the VAT if there is no other way. However, the only thing you need is to tell TNT that the package is clearly marked as DDP and they need to contact the sender to ask them if they agree to pay the VAT on the package, which they got from Jolla.

Wonko 2016-08-14 09:12

Re: Jolla C customs...?!
My experience is similar to that of peterleinchen and mrsellout:

I also got the notification about customs foo.
I forwarded the "Jolla Shop: confirmation for your order #...." e-mail to TNT with the reference that TNT gave me for this case and everything went incredibly smooth.
Even though all this happened on a Sunday, they reacted within a few (~3) hours and I could see that my package was forwarded that same day.

PS: For the order to Germany, the invoice actually lists the VAT:
Subtotal 136.29
Shipping & Handling 0.00
Germany* (19%)
Tax 25.90
Grand Total 162.19

According German regulations, the price before taxes is low enough that you do not have to pay customs, only VAT, which was already paid by Jolla.

HtheB 2016-08-14 14:04

Re: Jolla C customs...?!
The problem here is that I suddenly got a letter out of nowhere. TNT should have told me before handing over the package... Let's see what will happen when I contact them

mosen 2016-08-14 16:31

Re: Jolla C customs...?!
I can not safely tell what exactly happend, but your amount of 43 somewhat euros does not match the vat that is to be expected...

we paid 25,90 at 19% vat for germany, turkey is at 18% so it should only be 24,53.

The regulations for tax free import in turkey are different from germany and what they are trying to collect from you is propably import tax / import duty!

For germany, everything below 22 is import vat and import tax free. between 22 and 150 is only import tax free but we needed to show we already paid vat at some point to avoid import vat.

For turkey i found at FedEx that the limit is 75. Correct or do i mix up things?

The 43,56 correspond to 31,96% "whatever tax."
Searching for "Turkey 32% tax" returns they might want to charge you at maximum rate for Capital gains. LOL
(Could be coincidence though)

Are you the only turkish jolla c owner?

Wonko 2016-08-14 18:20

Re: Jolla C customs...?!

Originally Posted by mosen (Post 1512548)
The 43,56 correspond to 31,96% "whatever tax."

Well, there are also various other possibilities.
It could, e.g., be that they considered the ~160 price (including taxes) as the gross price and added the taxes on top of that.
It could also be that they did not have further information about the price at all and "estimated" the price, which will usually be done in a way that they prefer overestimating the price rather than underestimating it.
It could also be that this includes customs fees, which is not the same as VAT etc.
Or a mixture of all the above or even something completely different.

Anyway, time will tell and I'll keep my fingers crossed.

mosen 2016-08-14 18:44

Re: Jolla C customs...?!
@wonko, totally!

All i wanted to point out is that my vat hint for german users propably has nothing to do with HtheBs case and not wanting to make him hope into that direction.
My guess is he will have to pay or find other means to challenge tnt or the authorities, sadly.

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