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dmj726 2010-02-03 21:25

Sita Sings the Blues game
On seeing a recent post by Nina Paley on her blog I thought we might be able to do one better than on the iphone. She recently gave her endorsement to a developer making an app that would play her film on the iphone. Now the n900 has about 3-4 different methods to view the film (online streaming, direct download, bittorrent, usb transfer) so watching the film on the n900 is super easy already. So, I think we should make a Sita Sings the Blues game!
It should be cartoony and colorful, just like the movie and use some of the music (the stuff not sung by Annette Hanshaw, since that's still under copyright for another 10-20 years). I'd like to hear what kind of ideas people have for a simple, fun, and addictive Sita themed game?

dmj726 2010-02-03 21:40

Re: Sita Sings the Blues game
All of her art files are also Creative Commons Share-Alike Licensed, so no worries about offending the copyright gods (or whatever they be).

dmj726 2010-02-03 22:28

Re: Sita Sings the Blues game
While other people are thinking about neat Sita themed Ideas (quite a nice movie, by the way) I'll offer one of my own. Rama and Sita have been banished to the forest, and the demons that haunt the forest are coming after you. Playing as Rama, you have to use your bow to fend off the Demons and protect Sita so that the Demons don't carry her off.

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