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HellFlyer 2010-10-26 03:42

What's new in PR 1.3
Hi all :)
I've just installed PR 1.3 via flasher with eMMC flashing so in other words its a clean and clear "brand new" phone. Before I start to install my apps I'm testing what was improved what was messed up etc. Lets share little and mostly unnoticeable thing that we found in this version :)

I'll start ;)

Device is certainly faster and more responsive ( but it might change once I have all of my apps )

HAM version is updated and now works a little bit faster not as fast as it was before PR 1.2 but faster

Under settings/Text input not sure but did we had custom/empty dictionary in PR 1.2? If not this is a new feature :)

This what I've discovered so far , thanks for reading and sorry if you didnt find anything useful in this post

lancewex 2010-10-26 03:46

Re: What's new in PR 1.3
Seems to be less jerky browser with less tearing, but otherwise I have not noticed anything different.

ZogG 2010-10-26 04:11

Re: What's new in PR 1.3
sms bug, that doesn't show all history, the messages messed up. reported as bug.
music shutters less (as i understand pulseaudio updates)

F2thaK 2010-10-26 04:13

Re: What's new in PR 1.3

Originally Posted by HellFlyer (Post 851231)
Under settings/Text input not sure but did we had custom/empty dictionary in PR 1.2? If not this is a new feature

this is not new

RenaldoTT 2010-10-26 04:13

Re: What's new in PR 1.3
what sms bug? explain it please bcuz I don't see a bug

HellFlyer 2010-10-26 04:22

Re: What's new in PR 1.3
2 Attachment(s)
Ok guys what about alarm repetition section? I dont recall anything like that:)

lostinmirkwood 2010-10-26 04:24

Re: What's new in PR 1.3
I believe if you use the Bug tracker, the following bugs were reported fixed for 20.2010.36-2 (what we're calling PR1.3) as shown here.


ID        Product        Summary
6682        Browser        Typing in web-based text input fields isn't as seamless as when using a desktop/laptop computer
8764        Browser        Back doesn't work if no connection (memory cache not taken into account)
10216        Browser        Browser reloads non-HTML page contents when saving; repeated dialog popup
10290        Browser        Can't zoom to posts column on Talk
10404        Browser        tel: links stopped working in PR1.2
10442        Browser        Flash Video Fullscreen mode only partially fills screen on some sites
10443        Browser        virtual keyboard opened when clicking link in gmail menu
10495        Browser        Double-tap to zoom into text paragraph doesn't work properly
10900        Browser        Address bar is missing in Bookmarks (after Portrait mode)
11032        Browser        Device doesn't respond when trying because of showModalDialog()s from website to foreground
5717        Calendar        Events extending to following day appear before earlier ones in agenda view
6876        Calendar        Birthday appears in the day before
9557        Calendar        DST start: Calendar Events created before are now an hour ahead
10410        Calendar        call to CMulticalendar::getComponentsAllCalendars() fails
10424        Calendar        Calendar selection dialog mangled when opening .ics file from portrait mode
10599        Calendar        Alarm for every Task resets after phone reload
5139        Chat & C        Provide multi-user chat (chatroom / IRC) support again
7470        Chat & C        N900 does not support Skype Voicemail Settings
8066        Chat & C        Reply text box with multiple lines covers earlier messages in Conversation view
10283        Chat & C        Skype shows me as the second party in conversation
10461        Chat & C        Skype video call option not present for online user with Windows Skype
10485        Chat & C        Skype rejects incoming calls automatically after about 4 rings
10613        Chat & C        screen glitches on incoming call
9433        Connecti        icd2 shell script (zz_static_ip_if_down) broken
9640        Connecti        Huge battery drain because BT-headset sound is not stopped
10175        Connecti        con_ic_connection_get_proxy_mode() returns bogus data after the connection goes to CON_IC_STATUS_DISCONNECTED
6052        Contacts        Internal error when merging contacts with pics
7735        Contacts        Search very slow with many contacts - search field displayed after search results
6996        Core        Accelerometer uncalibrated after reboot
10808        Core        kernel oops on activating heartbeat trigger
10828        Core        Repeated "Internal error" kernel crash in MM cache handler while googlelatitude
4339        Desktop        HD_DEFINE_PLUGIN_MODULE(): warning: unused parameter 'plugin'
4564        Desktop        Documentation: hildon-input-method API references are not online
4583        Desktop        hildon-fm (File System UI) documentation: No descriptions available
4589        Desktop        HildonFileDetailsDialog documentation: tab properties not deprecated
6632        Desktop        Background image does not show correct rotation
8736        Desktop        Word prediction doesn't work after a non-alphabetic character
9370        Desktop        Home plugin loaders are not being loaded automatically
9722        Desktop        Unsupported Hebrew codepages in E-mail (and iconv?)
9948        Desktop        Contact quick search entering L does not recognize Polish "Ł"
10310        Desktop        can't write a lower case letter after a dot even if you'd do it with shift
10733        Desktop        GTKFileChooser shows no confirmation dialog
10762        Desktop        Missing translation for home_li_get_ovi after restoring from Backup
10976        Desktop        Takes 12-15 sec to display Call application UI during video call when opening a missed call notification
11363        Desktop        In fast search with Cyrillic layout first letters prints are in English.
3941        Email        Signature separator misses trailing space (RFC 3676 violation)
6807        Email        Wrong default region in E-mail accounts dialog
6898        Email        Sometimes auto-update intervals are lost
7691        Email        Modest can't handle forward slash in folder names
8574        Email        Subfolders of Zimbra IMAP server not appearing/not available
9214        Email        Email Address display error in TO/CC fields when REPLY_ALL in exchange mail
9334        Email        Corrupted isync_mailstore.db causes process 'intellisync' restarting in short intervals
10206        Email        Email Attachment not visible if multipart/alternative mime types present
10306        Email        New lines in signatures are ignored (regression in PR1.2)
10357        Email        Manual send & receive doesn't always retrieve emails
10390        Email        Selection of text is impossible once the email is scrolled
10435        Email        POP3 emails deleted from server though "Leave messages on server" checked (PR1.2 regression)
10448        Email        Email checking to Hotmail POP often not working since PR1.2 upgrade
10799        Email        Modest inserts new contacts without email address into contacts
11139        Email        Long delays in email interface
5766        Images a        "Operation failed" when using camera (because of MMC card read-only due to corruption)
5522        Media pl        Plays next radio station when current station cuts out / has playback issues
7190        Media pl        music stutters while multi-tasking, especially browsing web
10557        Media pl        Cannot open MP3 URL through http if spaces (%20) in the URL
11087        Media pl        Media player crashed when recorded video is played multiple times.
6694        Multimed        libplayback missing -doc package
7465        Multimed        Media Player assumes video has 1:1 pixel aspect ratio (stretched or squashed image)
10813        Multimed        gst-dsp codecs may corrupt heap memory
10868        Multimed        Media Player does not resume audio after doing a call using BH-214 bluetooth headset
11180        Multimed        Media player segfaults on m3u playlist with more than 32 mp3 files
9867        RSS feed        RSS Reader fails to add feeds from
8555        Settings        Height of initial progress bar too large
8747        Settings        Ringing tone selector crashes Settings application
10674        Settings        Settings > My Nokia crashes the Settings Application
8394        Sharing        apostrophe (') in title gets translated to &pos; for Flickr
10792        Sharing        Videos shot with geotagging enabled crash 'share via service' dialog
10793        Sharing        Newlines in description are replaced with spaces (regression in PR1.2)
8919        Synchron        Forwarding message in MfE does not insert header from original message (because of smart forwarding)
8944        Synchron        Importing contacts with non-standard characters from GAL results in errors in name
9534        Synchron        Unable to synchronize mail from Exchange 2003 - Invalid username, password or domain (401 error)
10470        Synchron        MfE - calendar syncs up even when synchronisation is disabled!
9977        System s        Hardware T&K lock switch must be used twice to unlock device when keyboard open
9527        Translat        Mistranslated error message displayed when trying to turn of device with USB cable plugged in
9562        Translat        Incorrect gramar when performing package manipulation in application manager
10497        Translat        Missing translations in Skype: messaging_fi_unable_to_deliver_message_contact_unauthorized
10345        Utilitie        PDF reader no longer displays embedded fonts (regression from PR1.1.1)

kulas 2010-10-26 04:42

Re: What's new in PR 1.3

Originally Posted by HellFlyer (Post 851283)
Ok guys what about alarm repetition section? I dont recall anything like that:)

@hellflyer, this function is already there even in pr1.1 :)

H3llb0und 2010-10-26 04:46

Re: What's new in PR 1.3

Originally Posted by HellFlyer (Post 851283)
Ok guys what about alarm repetition section? I dont recall anything like that:)

I have been using that since forever... Or I wouldn't wake up to go to work.

sam9953 2010-10-26 04:47

Re: What's new in PR 1.3

Originally Posted by HellFlyer (Post 851283)
Ok guys what about alarm repetition section? I dont recall anything like that:)

this was present previously as well

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