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byteninja1 2011-10-24 02:16

Overclocking N770?
I was wondering if there is a way to overclock the 770, and if so, how?:confused:

Ridd92 2015-06-05 15:07

Re: Overclocking N770?
Diggin' it up,

all I can say is that somebody on this forum was trying/speaking he was trying to do so, 'cause most omap CPU's could handle some overclock, but

Even If overclock 250mhz CPU to 300mhz without frying it alive it won't change anything.

770 today low performance it's due (To some opinions, and mine) to low amount of ram and low speed of build-in flash.

Mine 770 otherwise works great, even decent web browsing is now possible, but there are few thing to achieve:

First of all Im running OS2007HE from memory card, but not the common RS-MMC one, but from Class 10 high speed microsd card with hand-build adapter (There is a thread on forum how to do the adapter, and maemo wiki page how to boot from memory card). Running OS from flash card also require some OS modifications.

Also, I changed the swap size to 512MB, its probably to much, cause never've been able to full it, but I have 8gig card and it's because I can. Like the following there is also a thread how to do it

And most of all, Im not expecting my 770 to be so f***ing powerful cause it's 10 years-old device, and it was old, when you posted your question, what I mean it was old and now it's even older but usable with proper preparing and for specified things.

endsormeans 2015-06-05 17:31

Re: Overclocking N770?
And you aren't finding you are having issues surrounding using the class 10?
I have a few other set-ups other than diablo(turbo) diablo or chinook running on a couple...easy deb. ...easy mer...etc..
and I've found least for the n8x0 ...
I have fewer issues with the class 4 cards...much more stable..
If you have managed utilizing the class 10 cards on the 770 and not had issues resulting from that speed ...good for you man.

Ridd92 2015-06-19 07:14

Re: Overclocking N770?
No, no problems with class 10 card.

I followed the instructions on maemo wiki and it just booted from microSD card and today is still working fine but laying turned off as Im playing with my n800 with diablo turbo which finally provided a solution (Jabber working) to my facebook chat problem

But now as we mentioned Turbo, do you running Diablo-Turbo on your 770? Is it possible? Don't know if 2008HE is upgradeable.

endsormeans 2015-06-19 16:15

Re: Overclocking N770?
2007 he was stable-ish.
2008 he is more raw unpolished...
I'm not completely sure that it's impossible to get turbo on the 770.
over the years ...anytime someone said "doubt _ _ _ _ will work" ...someone else got something working ...regardless of the model.
So I frankly rule nothing out.
However...realistically ...I do see the inherent limitations in the 770 that are not there compared to say the n8x0 or the n900...
Considering the last firmware for the 770 is 2008 (he)
and diablo turbo came out for the n8x0 and was finished/ polished in 2010 ...By then I would imagine most 770 users would have accepted the natural built-in limitations of the 770 and had since migrated to the n8x0. I pretty much was one of those people myself ..So I never tried to beat turbo into the 770 ..(I still used it for a lonnnnggg time...but in the end I migrated like pretty much everybody else.....still turn the key and make sure the engine still turns over in old "betsy" ...but that is all I pretty much do with it...whilst my mind wanders down memory lane. :D)
. I find that there is more continuous devel (how ever it may have slowed over the last few years is still happening) happening by n8x0 owners to this day compared to the 770.
I don't pin the lack of devel to just one thing ..rather a few things...
1-migration to the next device by many.
2-the limitations of the device (albeit ..that is a matter of personal perspective)
so...what I'm saying is the 770 is a great device...the limitations of it give a comfortable pre-defined understanding of how far and where and what you can do with it in compare to applicable software and code. This is an advantage in my opinion.
You will most likely be able to get many components of turbo into it.
But not ALL of them I'm betting. Since turbo was designed for the n8x0 after all. So you may have to find applicable bits that would make up those particular shortfalls.

My particular focus and interest has been the n8x0 for a long time now...more so than my time spent puttering with the 770 and n900 combined...the n900 simply works imho (compared to the n8x0) what's to fiddle with? :D and the complexity level of the fiddling with the n900 system with it's cameras and serious telephony isn't very fiddilicious ..more nail-biting to poke around and mess with stuff.
and my feeling for my 770 is more sentimental...
whereas my n8x0's are a constant source of fascination for me.

Having at least one person who is "the go-to-guy" for the 770 sub-forums is a serious need here. Your interest RIDD fits the bill.
You may not get alot of people posting or asking questions all the time but they still show up asking...for are...
Keeping the torches lit in the lowest levels of the grand laboratory is an honourable position. If your love for the charm of the old "Betsy's" of the maemo world (the 770) is strong isn't a's simply fun.
So consider it. I'll happily come on down and chat and help how I can ...I always read and sometimes respond to what posts come out of the 770 and n8x0 subforums. So don't think you'd be writing stuff nobody There are still a few 770 users here..quiet bunch though...Just means you wouldn't be :D ... you are shooting higher more a power-user...devel even...
speaking of which...if you don't know about it...I do think I mentioned it somewhere...the last time I did any devel for the 770 was a loooonnng time ago and I used this guy's work to get scratch set up it was 2007 he for scratchbox...should still work..maybe a tweak here or there...but it should be sound still. You could try using one of my pre-made pre-set-up distros and implement it easily ...(though I haven't tried this method for the you would be doing something never done before...sound exciting? :D) You could try engineering a proper stable turbo-esque version for the 770...and that isn't all...lotsa stuff you could do...
um ...let me find the link..I have it somewhere here...
that should help in setting up a proper environment.
If you bash it into one of my altered probably won't have to do ALL the instructions at this link ...just tweak a little ..redirect a a couple of buttons... and let it set itself up.
Alot easier than doing it all yourself.
and if you can get a stable 2007 he set up in reason why you can't get the more unpolished 2008 he set up in scratch...
and hence possibly work a variation of turbo that would function on the 770...

Ridd92 2015-06-20 07:21

Re: Overclocking N770?
First of all, thank you @endsormeans for this exhausting post, everyone who will/was here should benefit from it.

I already tried to work with 2008HE, but booted from flash memory, very slow flash memory. I decided to pimp up my 770 a little, just in case when someday I will need it. So the 2007He it is, booted from modified microSD works efficient enough. It's old unit, but I wont just throw it away, because it's old. Hey, my cat is 14-years old, but still get my interest sometimes ;)

Im the one of many users who started maemo journey with n900.
And not just started. Now Im haveing 2 n900 units, and one is still serves me as my "everyday phone/mp3/video/tablet", just because it's got everything I need.

I simply bought the 770 because of interest of maemo evolution and just wanted to know how it all started.

Today, still using the n900 I migrated from 770to n800, just got diablo-turbo, so I have jabber working (Not super-duper ultra, but working). And with swap on fast microSD card its fast and, for me, and I think not just for me, very good device. It's connected through bluetooth with my n900, so Im walking around using the one I want (n800 or n900), just like a boss :D

My interest in n8x0 is now the point (Just like yours) as Im using n800 everyday, trying to make the most of and I have to admit it's still surprises me so I just ordered n810, so it's gonna be long, fascinating journey ;)

But I learned a lot with 770, so I will also look down here, maybe someone will need help and If i could I will help much as I can :cool:

endsormeans 2015-06-20 17:16

Re: Overclocking N770?
that's right ...
I remember you mentioning that...
you are coming from the "other" direction device-wise.
Started out "with" the n900 and now working backwards...
Interesting methodology :D

Don't want to mess with stuff proper...
I reiterate ...use one of my easy-peasy distros...
much easier...than mucking up your actual devices.

Also ...I'm sure everything will work fine with your class 10 sd cards...
until that is...
you start playing with running systems "off" the sd card and other such alternatives via sd card..
.there is a great deal of documentation concerning cards higher than class 4 having inevitable issues.
The speed becomes too much for the system essentially to handle.

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