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tebsu 2012-03-01 22:49

forum down?
Errm, i dont know if its only me but in the last 3 days the forum was offline 2 times. Can someone confirm? Oh and shortly off topic, where can i find that tmo app where i can browse the forum? only found one with the most recent topics.

thanks !

MINKIN2 2012-03-01 23:12

Re: forum down?
Forum app? You mean microB? Didn't know there was one :)

On topic, I thought TMO was playing up. Been browsing the web on my touchpad a lot lately so could not be sure (it can be flakey at times)

tebsu 2012-03-01 23:27

Re: forum down?
oh i forgot to say that i need that app for the N9 :P

yea well the forum was completely offline. no response from server or something. next time i have it, i make a screenshot

itsnotabigtruck 2012-03-01 23:40

Re: forum down?
It was down on my end too, from yesterday evening through this morning. :/ Hopefully they'll get the uptime back under control.

MartinK 2012-03-01 23:47

Re: forum down?
I can also confirm at least two outages in the last few days.

qwazix 2012-03-01 23:50

Re: forum down?
You can find the tmo app on

For the N900 I had started a python app for this job but it's unfinished. You can find it in devel (tmoread)

SamGan 2012-03-02 00:07

Re: forum down?

Originally Posted by MartinK (Post 1172811)
I can also confirm at least two outages in the last few days.

Same here.

jleholeho 2012-03-02 00:21

Re: forum down?
same here as well...

Mike Fila 2012-03-02 01:36

Re: forum down?
Havent had any problems

you can aways check by going to

IsaacDFP 2012-03-02 01:46

Re: forum down?
It was down for me as well earlier today from three different ISP. With all the news going around I thought TMO was under DDoS lol. Then I thought who would target us...

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