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blck 2012-11-06 08:52

[SOLD] Phone + parts + accesoires
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I'm selling my beloved n900. I just refurbished the phone, with parts of a second n900 (selling it aswell). The usb-port of the main n900 was brokken so I used the mainbord of the second n900. Furthermore I'm gonna throw in 3 batteries, an external charger (+ cable), the original nokia charger, the gamegripper, headset, a input-pencil, one rubber-case, the tv cable, the usb-cable and like stated above the second n900, which is in perfekt condition aswell (beside the now broken usb-port and a small error in the display.

The whole package is gonna sell for (150 Euro) now 130 Euro.


For those interested, please read the whole post as some misunderstanding turned up!

vi_ 2012-11-06 08:58

Re: [N900] Phone + parts + accesoires
I will give you 100 euro right now.

blck 2012-11-06 09:01

Re: [N900] Phone + parts + accesoires
well I paid 100 Dollar for the second phone back in July and 30 Dollar for the charger.

So I guess I could do 130 Euro.


blck 2012-11-06 16:43

Re: [N900] Phone + parts + accesoires
Added picture.

MfG blck ;)

vi_ 2012-11-06 16:49

Re: [N900] Phone + parts + accesoires
What country do you live in?

Please tell in precise detail every single flaw with the n900. I mean, stripped screws, scratches, scratchy slider, worn out matte on the keyboard etc.

blck 2012-11-06 17:00

Re: [N900] Phone + parts + accesoires
so the n900 which is still workinhg (the refurbished one) has small scratches at the corners of the screen and on the backside. The screen is perfectly fine (the metal surrounding is not fitting perfectly - 1mm bent on the bottom of the screen). It is not missing any srews. It has a German keyboard layout, on the left side of the keyboard is a small bump. The screw went through a little far, but it is not broken or anything.

The second n900 (bought for refurbishment) is missing the USB-Port and is bricked. The screen has a dull smudge (don't now what that is) and a small dustparticle under the glass (note: The touchscreen is still working and the dustparticle is just under the glass not in the screen). As this n900 was used for refurbishing it is missing one screw. Otherwise it has some scratches from the daily use. Also it has a QWERTY-Keyboard Layout.

The third battery is working, eventhough it is not the strongest anymore.

I live in Germany near Berlin,

blck 2012-11-07 13:22

Re: [N900] Phone + parts + accesoires
Guess your not interested anymore? Let me know, otherwise I'll put it up on ebay...

vi_ 2012-11-07 13:35

Re: [N900] Phone + parts + accesoires
Well you said 'refurbished' but from your description it is clear the 'good' one is in rather poor condition. I mean bezel falling off? Keyboard sticking up wtf? How is that even possible?

So please be honest on your ebay auction and mention these things unlike the last clown I bought an n900 from on ebay. Turns out in his mind, 'very good condition' included:
  • Broken vibrate motor
  • snapped stylus
  • Stripped screws on slider
  • knockoff Chinese replacement slider
  • LCD covered in crap INSIDE the screen
  • Screen covered in scratches

Protip: Ebay seller kekszikla2011 will probably try to sell his n900 again. Do not pay more than 40 for it, it is a total junker.

blck 2012-11-07 14:12

Re: [N900] Phone + parts + accesoires
ok I did you a favour and described the "flaws". Obviously I wasn't precise enough. The only thing that was broken on the good n900 was the USB-Port. EVERYTHING else is fine! The keyboard is not sticking up (there is a small bump in the plastic around the keyboard, locks just like a small plastic pimple. I'll try to upload a picture later (it's so small it's gonna be hard to photograph).
Also the bezel is not falling off - not at all. It just does not fit extremly tight anymore, it's bend down 1 millimeter, but holds on perfectly!
I would seriously never scam anybody!

If you wanna know a specific thing or you wanna know something else let me know, but please do not imply that I willscam anybody!


vi_ 2012-11-07 14:34

Re: [N900] Phone + parts + accesoires
I am sorry, I am just venting over some douche bag on ebay. Good condition n900 are getting hard to find and getting one that is not when it is supposed to be just sucks.

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