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Forum: The Other Half 2014-06-09, 18:36
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Thumbs up Re: Funky OtherHalf

My current favourite in my collection of Funky OtherHalves! :)

INHO I would describe the green as being an army/military green and the yellow a kind of lime-ish yellow, i.e. Not banana yellow.
Forum: Community 2013-12-26, 01:25
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Forum: Buy & Sell 2013-12-24, 02:54
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Re: Feeler: N950

Definitely interested. 700 CAD?
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2013-05-21, 01:00
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Thumbs up Re: Will you buy the Jolla phone?

Same here.

Current N9 user, via Communicator 9000, 9210, N810, N900. I do miss my hardware keyboard. Really hope someone offers a decent other half keyboard. Kickstarter...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-02-28, 01:37
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Re: N9 - PR1.2 Features

Browser can now remember passwords.
Settings, Applications, Web.

New Contacts options: "Prefer avatars from" & Prefer nickname.
Settings, Contacts.

Twitter notifications, toggle Messages,...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-11-17, 03:25
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Re: Handtec sourced N9 crashes thread

Very happy to report N9 still running absolutely perfectly but was still annoyed it wasn't a completely fresh N9 image due to above and missing sample images, music & videos so I just flashed...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-11-02, 21:28
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Re: Handtec sourced N9 crashes thread

This actually sounds better than my experience, honest.
64GB from Handtec, Austrian, received Monday.

I have also flashed it a good number of times, always using the same firmware version,...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2011-11-01, 04:09
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Re: N9 16/64GB: worldwide availability & pricing

N9 from Handtec, unusable due to frequent freeze & reboots.
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-03-03, 23:22
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Posted By Faz
Re: [Solved] Installs fail: HAM says no space in /home but have plenty.

Stupid thing indeed.

Glad to hear you resolved it.
Sorry wasn't any help.

Sounds like something for the CSSU.
Forum: Development 2011-03-03, 23:18
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Re: [Announce] CSSU Features Configuration application

Using version 1.0-1 no probs, voted up.

Just noticed the Parallax field isn't allowing you to enter decimal point character. i.e. You have to ensure the existing one is left and amend values...
Forum: General 2010-04-05, 01:04
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Posted By Faz
Re: help me decide my provider in the UK

I second that.

I've been with Orange for over a decade but since getting my N900 have been looking for a good data plan so just started trying out O2's Simplicity for smart phones - 1 month,...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-04-05, 00:09
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Thumbs up Re: Overclock the N900?

26217.2ms +/- 2.2% @ 900 Mhz
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-11-11, 00:17
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Re: N900 shipping delayed

Well I'm pretty sure Nokia stated that said pre-order customers would receive it first. So in theory no one should be able to actually purchase an N900 from any store (looking & touching at flagship...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-11-09, 03:10
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Posted By Faz
Thumbs up Re: N900 shipping delayed

Almost word for word, thank you! :)

The now famous post from Did your N900 ship today continued ( in it's entirety:
Forum: Community 2009-11-07, 21:37
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Posted By Faz
Re: What's up today? Max number of users record broken

Numbers keep increasing the closer we get to the expected UK launch / announcement:

Dupe, sorry just saw your post Den!

Currently Active Users Viewing N900 shipping delayed...
Forum: Community 2009-11-06, 16:50
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Posted By Faz
Thumbs up Re: N900 Meetups at Flagship Stores

Check further back in this thread for details from past events. Presentations, hands-on etc. None for sale, although that may change by the time the UK one takes place. But one lucky person does win...
Forum: Community 2009-11-04, 22:11
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Posted By Faz
Re: Maemo Greeters Pilot

Excellent idea! :)
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2009-10-29, 22:47
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Posted By Faz
Re: Hibernation / Supsend to Disk

Interesting idea.

I have a feeling that switching to off-line mode would conserve more power overnight than hibernating. Although the internal storage "disk" has no moving parts, I'm guessing...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-10-08, 23:44
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Posted By Faz
Post N900 browser video

Just found this short video, nice usage of browser and cursor / hover mode.
Apologies if this has already been posted
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-09-20, 21:50
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Posted By Faz
Re: N900 UK Networks

SIM locking and operator branding are two different things.

Symbian based Nokia phones have historically been relatively easy to remove SIM locks, as has debranding by simply amending the phone's...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-09-20, 17:52
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Posted By Faz
Forum: Multimedia 2009-09-19, 18:20
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Posted By Faz
Re: Vagalume and Maemo 5 (N900)

I love Vagalume!!

Unfortunately we may find that the Maemo 5 version doesn't allow access to non-subscribers, as re-issued APIs within the past year or so, blocking access from "mobile"...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-09-14, 00:58
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Posted By Faz
Re: N900 to run desktop class Firefox?

Fennec is the code name for Firefox mobile edition.
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-09-04, 18:46
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Posted By Faz
Post N900 to appear in London next week! (September 9 to 13)

From Nokia Conversations (
Forum: General 2009-09-04, 18:11
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Posted By Faz
Post Nokia: Maemo phones won't be tailored for carriers, operators may reject

Interesting piece from Mobile News (
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