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Forum: SailfishOS 2013-12-10, 00:07
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Re: Porting Sailfish to N9 (or other)

i did installation via windows. so do i need to go to step 6 ? that is for ubiboot ? after step 5 i directly went to step W.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2013-02-09, 14:53
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Posted By jinnn_1989
WTS: Nokia N9 black 16gb malasiyan model (UK)

I am selling my nokia n9 16gb black version , which has broken usb cover , some times camera does not work, sometimes when you restart phone it ask to setting date and time again, some sign of wear...
Forum: Off Topic 2012-06-16, 15:16
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Re: Sad news; Nokia apparently killed Meltemi

Instead if investing money in developing meltimi project , if nokia would have used the same money to develop meego it would have been a hit and would have outsold lumia , iphone , s3 , note ,etc....
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-06-15, 03:46
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Furture Meego Updates DEAD?

As with cuts off and killing of meltemi project has nokia also killed furture MEEGO UPDATES ?
in the following post it says that "Any prior talk of research and development into future market...
Forum: Applications 2012-05-17, 17:03
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Re: [Announce] Wazapp Public Beta

i wanna thank you 1000000 times , but sadly there is only 1 thanks button.....anyways thanks alot for ur hardwork....all the best for ur furture progress
Forum: Applications 2011-09-14, 16:52
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Posted By jinnn_1989
[Request] Portrait Keyborad

Does anyone had portrait keyboard like meego or android or apple type . Because i am facing problem when using portrait mode. i always have to use my both hands while type and have to open the...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-06-30, 04:57
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Re: Show off your Maemo 5 screenshots

is this fake or a true?
coz if this person can make hildon work in portrait mode then why cant MAG ?
and if MAG can then why he havent included it in CSSU?
Please some1 clerify it.
is it really...
Forum: Applications 2011-06-27, 04:38
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Re: [Announce] Enhanced lockscreen

i want a small feature included in this.
i have go on bike everyday to class, college,etc. so i just want to tell u that when media player is playing songs , (the screen lock or unlocked ,) i...
Forum: Competitors 2011-05-11, 04:57
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Re: Nokia will announe something next week but what?

i am expecting a Grand Maemo update from PR1.3 tp PR2.0. Having all the missing features. i dont mind if if they give it as a last update. but i want all the missing features and advanced features ....
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-04-15, 19:04
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Re: [Release] Meego Developers Edition for N900

this guid is to install on memory card

this is to dual boot meego and maemo
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-04-15, 18:37
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Re: [Release] Megoo Developers Edition

you got it wrong. meego 1.2 is not developers edition. but meego 1.2 developers edition is a different project based on meego 1.2 specially for n900. so meego 1.2 is different and meego 1.2 DE for...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-04-15, 16:28
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Posted By jinnn_1989
[Release] Meego Developers Edition for N900

Here is the link for Developers Edition. Release today
Check it out guys
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2011-03-06, 14:29
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Re: MeeGo 1.2 Developer Edition for N900

yes ofcourse its going on a way like nexus one and yes i think that just nokia is making MEEGO DE for its upcoming handset N950 and they are willing to test it on our n900 and i expect the...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-29, 05:41
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Posted By jinnn_1989
Sharing Files via media player to n900

He guy you can share files through media player 12 and access it via your file manager using wifi.

Step 1:
Go to media player then click on organise>manage libraries>music or videos ...
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