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Forum: Brainstorm 2014-12-28, 07:48
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Posted By KFX
Re: [NEEDED] Appealing ideas for next CSSU

I'd be happy if I got even 480p working reliably. N900 chokes to death when trying to play anything in a MKV wrapper, even 480p. :(
Forum: Games 2013-12-21, 17:52
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Posted By KFX
Re: Ren'Py ported to n900

Understandable. Thanks for taking a look at it.
Forum: Games 2013-12-21, 16:13
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Posted By KFX
Re: Ren'Py ported to n900

RenpyTom patrols the support chat here, I'm sure he can answer questions about those modules.
Forum: Games 2013-12-19, 23:58
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Posted By KFX
Re: Ren'Py ported to n900

It just occurred to me that there may be a trivially simple reason for the compatibility woes with N900 Ren'Py - the engine is 6.10.2, several versions behind the desktop edition (6.16.5 at the...
Forum: Games 2013-12-07, 20:19
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Posted By KFX
Re: [Announce] Lone Wolf

I have an issue with book 8 (Jungle of Horrors) where it always offers updates and updating doesn't remove the book from the update list.

EDIT: Problem solved by reboot. :P
Forum: Applications 2013-10-08, 22:51
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Posted By KFX
Re: SunVox coming to N900!!!????

Is there some configuration setup that improves performance on playback? I'm getting lag spikes just trying to play the demo songs.
Forum: The Other Half 2013-10-06, 14:52
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Posted By KFX
Re: Designing and building QWERTY OtherHalf

If you're going to have four rows of keys (as in your mockup), you should definitely have dedicated number keys.
Forum: Games 2013-09-20, 23:56
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Posted By KFX
Re: Ren'Py ported to n900

1) Has anyone actually gotten Katawa Shoujo to work on this? For me it hangs with a black screen during the 4LS logo animation, not even reaching the start menu. Waiting for 15 minutes isn't enough,...
Forum: Games 2013-09-20, 21:02
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Posted By KFX
Re: [Announce]NXEngine Compiled *Cave Story engine-rewrite* OpenSource

This is a really noobish problem but... how do you type the &-symbol on N900 keyboard? It's neither on the hardware nor virtual one.
Forum: Games 2013-09-13, 12:05
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Posted By KFX
Re: Ren'Py ported to n900

They're not, but they probably should.

Other than the bugs, this port is pretty sweet. Too bad it's just a launcher though - I was entertaining ideas of seeing if it's possible to write, draw,...
Forum: General 2013-09-03, 23:45
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Posted By KFX
Re: Microsoft buying Nokia's devices & services

This is betrayal. Nothing else to it.
Forum: Games 2013-07-07, 16:57
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Posted By KFX
Re: [Announce] Sony Playstation 1 Emulators

This is really nice. Most games work at a playable speed even without overclocking.
Forum: General 2013-07-04, 11:17
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Posted By KFX
Re: Look what I drew on my phone

I wish Mypaint still got updates.
Forum: Community 2013-03-22, 21:43
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Posted By KFX
Re: [FOR DUMMIES] Add temporary mirrors of to N900 + Tablets-Dev Mirror + Scratchbox Mirror

So, is there anything that needs to be manually configured now, assuming a newly flashed device?

Asking because I haven't seen updates to any of my apps in several months, including ones that have...
Forum: Applications 2013-03-22, 20:52
Replies: 125
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Posted By KFX
Re: [MeeGo] What are your TOP 2 Missing Apps?

I would be happy if all currently existing apps were still updated and maintained.

Still, I'd like to see a newsfeed widget that actually works (the AP News one is woefully lacking in...
Forum: General 2013-01-22, 03:17
Replies: 234
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Posted By KFX
Re: [GENERAL NOTICE] Service Downtime, TMO migration to new server

Only 40k N900's in the entire world? That seems like a low figure. Didn't it sell 100k in the first few weeks?
Forum: Applications 2012-12-27, 12:08
Replies: 1,537
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Posted By KFX
Re: [Announce] cuteTube - A feature-rich YouTube client

1.4.3. deb posted earlier seems to fix the "no connection to server" problem, but now CuteTube crashes every few minutes during a transfer.
Forum: Multimedia 2012-12-26, 09:16
Replies: 175
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Posted By KFX
Re: [Announcement] MyPaint-0.9.1 for N900 (extras-devel)

Remapping the shortcuts to something that's actually possible to execute with the N900 keyboard should be a first priority. Currently the only way to exit fullscreen mode is to forcibly shut down the...
Forum: Games 2012-12-24, 10:07
Replies: 174
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Posted By KFX
Re: New Port: FreeCiv SDL

How am I supposed to access the spaceship screen when it doesn't have an icon and N900 doesn't have function keys?
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-12-14, 22:27
Replies: 11
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Posted By KFX
Re: The N900 could have made it really big...

I think the main thing that really clipped the wings off of N900 is that Nokia threw away its whole software platform soon after release. If Nokia had continued to back Meego and released it for N900...
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-12-14, 21:41
Replies: 9
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Posted By KFX
Re: Media player shows multiple copies of same song, and wrong pics on albums

This may be two years too late to help you, but the same thing happened to me today after I had to try a firmware update a couple times - turns out the backup process had created duplicates of all...
Forum: Applications 2012-12-11, 15:27
Replies: 151
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Posted By KFX
Re: [Announce] Mieru: a flexible manga and comic book reader

Feature request: using kinetic scrolling to change pages (with horizontal swipes), not just scroll the current page up and down.

I would also appreciate an option to turn the volume control...
Forum: Development 2012-12-08, 12:55
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Posted By KFX
Re: GemRb Development Thread

Is there a reason why I can't seem to be able to change the options in Baldur's Gate 1 from the game's option menu? The default options autopause when literally anything happens, making the game...
Forum: Games 2012-12-04, 14:20
Replies: 18
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Posted By KFX
Re: [Announce] Dungeon Master / Chaos Strikes Back / Conflux 3

This default keyboard layout is pretty much unusable. All the movement keys should be on the left side, in a 3 by 2 cluster, so you can operate the stylus with your right hand.
Forum: Applications 2012-12-03, 16:10
Replies: 110
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Posted By KFX
Re: [Announce] Comic widget for maemo5

App needs more Jerkcity.
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