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Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle Today, 20:15
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Posted By homejogger
Re: [HOWTO]Watch 720p videos on n900 [09.12.2011 VIDEOCALL WORKS]

Connecting to||:443...’
shows when I try to install the deb file. I have been waiting for about 30min...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle Today, 16:33
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Posted By homejogger
Re: [Request]ioquake maemo5 1558

You have done me a great help Sir. Thank you very much.

Please allow me to ask a further question: 'Is this possible if I would like to turn off the'Gravity senor' in the quake3 gameplay? If so,...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle Yesterday, 05:34
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Posted By homejogger
[Solved]ioquake maemo5 1558

Million thanks to 2F(sulu) and 3F(Halftux).
Now the maemo5 1558 version is available in the URL provided by 3F(Halftux).
Way to quit the game:
‘get into the console from quake with Fn+Ctrl, then...
Forum: Competitors 2018-10-09, 17:52
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Posted By homejogger
Re: What's the best Handheld gnu/linux machine for 2016?

Far from I know the Gemini PDA could be a choice.
It has 20nm mediatek x20(2x a72+8x a53 cores)
4G RAM 64G emmc+TF Card support.
6inch 1080p ips display(multi-touch capability)
(2015 spec. Not...
Forum: Games 2018-10-07, 15:01
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Posted By homejogger
[solved]ioquake3 touch screeen not calibrated

Problem solved.
Please refer to this URL ( for details.
Thanks to 'sulu' and 'Halftux'.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2018-10-03, 08:43
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Posted By homejogger
Could Open Pandora games run on N900 ?

As many people pointed out, the original Open Pandora shared similar hardware&system with our N900.

N900 omap3430 Cortex-a8 500Mhz 256mb RAM sgx530 GPU(Maemo-Debian based)
Open Pandora omap3530...
Forum: Nokia N900 2018-10-03, 08:30
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Posted By homejogger
Re: N900 can't boot after uninstall 'power-kernel'

Wow! Life saver you are !
I didn't notice the Repos are available now.
I used the 'faster app manager' at the first time, it didn't sync with the repos you provided. But it works on the original...
Forum: Nokia N900 2018-10-02, 12:50
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Posted By homejogger
Re: N900 can't boot after uninstall 'power-kernel'

I have downloaded the 43GB Maemo mrrior. After I extracted it, there were many folders come together. I have no experience of buliding my own local server. My desktop is running windows10 64bit at...
Forum: Nokia N900 2018-10-01, 20:42
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Posted By homejogger
Re: Price of N900 is getting lower and lower

2018,I got a used N900 for $20. And my dream finally come true.
Forum: Nokia N900 2018-10-01, 15:45
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Posted By homejogger
Re: N900 can't boot after uninstall 'power-kernel'

You are right. I made a mistake doing so without reading the wiki pages.
Actually I get another problem now. After I successfully re-flashed my N900. I installed the 'multiboot&multiboot menu.deb'....
Forum: Nokia N900 2018-09-30, 19:48
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Posted By homejogger
Thumbs up (Fixed)N900 can't boot after uninstall 'power-kernel'

It was fine early today when I tried to uninstall the 'power-kernel'(Everything is fine when I uninstalled the 'power-kernel'. Maemo5 apps still working, no error shows). After I turned off the N900,...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2018-09-30, 16:05
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Posted By homejogger
Incompatible application package(Unable to install)

Since most Repos are no longer working(lack of depends), I can't use 'apt-get install' to add Wgames/Filebox on my N900.

So I searched and downloaded the 43GB Maemo-software-mirror. zip

Forum: Nokia N900 2018-09-30, 15:54
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Posted By homejogger
sorry wrong forum

Just realize this forum is Hardware only. My appologizes.
Since most Repos are no longer working(lack of depends), I can't use 'apt-get install' to add...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2018-09-30, 13:13
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Posted By homejogger
(Fixed)Any Repos alive?Need help for 'lack of libs'(Failed apt-get install Wgames)

There are Repos still available today (

Thank you ID: Halftux :)
Hello from a Nokia N900 Newbie.

Wandering how...
Forum: Android 2018-08-03, 07:25
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Posted By homejogger
Re: The Grand NITDroid Thread - NITDroid ICS Upgrade!

It seems the auoto installer is no longer working.
Is there a way I could install Android dual boot on my N900 with local files?
Thank you
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2018-07-27, 00:40
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Posted By homejogger
(never mind)Could steam stream work on N900?

There are several posts on youtube that N900 ‘stream’ pc desktop with VNC client. The laggy is noticable. Is there any way we could remote play pc games on N900 via wireless streaming?
Hope to find...
Forum: Nokia N900 2018-07-26, 12:25
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Posted By homejogger
(solved)Anyone has the Flasher for N900 ?

Thank you so much for all the reply.
I finally got the flasher3.5.exe on the dropbox and successfully flashed my n900 under windows xp.
Love you guys.:D
I decide to get the 9G HOME bin flash on...
Forum: Games 2018-07-26, 11:29
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Posted By homejogger
Re: [Announce] ppsspp (psp-emulator) for maemo5

Hi sir. Thanks for the instructions.
Is it possible you could upload the files for ppsspp again?
I find the following link is no longer available.
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