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Forum: Applications 2018-10-15, 06:43
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Posted By cy8aer
[Announce] podQast - a queue based podcast player.

Hi there. After three months coding I now present podQast. Available on harbour and source on Have fun...

Actual Features

Normal Podcaster Stuff
Forum: SailfishOS 2018-06-11, 14:47
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Posted By vranki
Sailfish SDK in Docker


I've created a Docker image for building Sailfish apps. It's able to compile several packages successfully, although helloworld-pro fails.

Can be found here including instructions:
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2018-05-28, 22:28
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Posted By jonwil
Re: Cairo 1.10 and Fremantle

After looking at the Cairo 1.10 source code, it looks like the CAIRO_FORMAT_RGB16_565 support has been added to there directly and we should be able to just tell Firefox to use its in-tree version of...
Forum: SailfishOS 2018-03-22, 21:52
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Posted By martonmiklos
Post [Announcement]Open source text prediction input plugin

Hello all,

We have started a new sailfishos_keyboard development team at The team is happy to announce a new version from the presage based alternative text...
Forum: SailfishOS 2018-01-18, 11:14
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Posted By hhaveri
Re: Situations app - bugs, questions, answers, help etc..

3.1.146 is now available in Jolla Store.

The UI should feel a bit snappier now. Not much, but at least a bit. :)

Compared to previous store version:
* Support for keyboard navigation in the UI...
Forum: Community 2018-01-09, 21:28
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Posted By chenliangchen
Re: [IGG Live][Slider Keyboard] Keyboard Mod for Moto Z

Livermorium's first product has been announced by Moto/Lonovo at CES today. I'm very proud of being listed the same place as Google and Qualcomm. It's just a beginning :)
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-10-19, 14:30
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Posted By chenliangchen
Re: [Live] Youyota 2-in-1 Tablet

Thanks for it. Yes it's absolutely correct. Getting really busy to finalise Keyboard Mod. (And getting excited)

Checked with Michael today most components have been delivered. Will push for an...
Forum: Development 2017-10-18, 05:45
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Posted By rinigus
Re: Mapbox GL Native QML plugin

I looked a bit into it and this is a what I found regarding opnGL debugging

To debug properly, we need OpenGL ES API...
Forum: Development 2017-10-12, 16:52
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Posted By rinigus
Mapbox GL Native QML plugin

This is an announcement of Mapbox GL Native ( QML plugin that can be used to display and interact with the maps in QML application. This is a fast, OpenGL...
Forum: Competitors 2017-10-06, 20:18
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Posted By Zeta
Re: Purism Librem Phone

I never used an iMx8 which is still a future product that is not yet available widely. I have however used a bit the iMx6.

It would be difficult to compare it to snapdragons and other chipsets...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-10-01, 08:28
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Posted By jakibaki
Re: Sailfish OS (officially) on Sony Xperia devices

I have deleted some of my previous posts because they could be read as if i was quoting some official statement from Jolla, but in reality the screenshots i have shared was a user talking about the...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-09-29, 08:32
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Posted By rinigus
Re: gcc >= 6 ?

For those interested in an example on how to use gcc 6 for their projects could look into Its a working solution that allowed me to port C++14 library and...
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-09-21, 19:10
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Posted By chenliangchen
Re: [Live] Youyota 2-in-1 Tablet

A quick heads up: I will help Michael to order 3K instead of 1K to make production possible. He will cover the extra 2K units costs. He will also post an upgrade on IGG tomorrow explaining the issues...
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-09-20, 10:25
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Posted By chenliangchen
Re: [Live] Youyota 2-in-1 Tablet

It will happen. Will have various ways solving it. I can't announce details now but I'm working on it.
Forum: Brainstorm 2017-09-16, 09:49
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Posted By rinigus
Re: App for vector renderer maps, using OpenGL ES 2.0

I have managed to compile Mapbox GL Native for SFOS and tested it with the small app. All seems to be working as expected. Even in online mode, its fast, allows smooth transitions and so on.

Forum: SailfishOS 2017-09-10, 11:02
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Posted By rinigus
Re: gcc >= 6 ?

Just to let you know - I have been using this compiler to port a rather complicated C++14 project and it seems to work nicely. There current issues are filed at...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-08-17, 10:55
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Posted By Wonko
Re: [WiP] Porting Emumaster 0.3.0 to Qt5/SailfishOS

Another brief update:
I have to keep it short due to time constraints.

I just build: emumaster-0.3.1-10.77.1.jolla.armv7hl.rpm

This one re-enables several patches for:
- Enable Sound
- Amiga...
Forum: SailfishOS 2017-08-16, 21:28
Replies: 41
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Posted By Wonko
Re: [WiP] Porting Emumaster 0.3.0 to Qt5/SailfishOS

I could build emumaster with gstreamer 1.0 dependencies.
You can get version: emumaster-0.3.1-10.70.1.jolla.armv7hl.rpm
from my OBS repository:...
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-08-14, 13:58
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Posted By chenliangchen
Re: [Live] Youyota 2-in-1 Tablet

Some good news: Funds has arrived this morning. Michael have started reaching out different suppliers, and some of them has already come back.

The first batch of production will be 1000 units...
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-07-12, 16:19
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Posted By chenliangchen
Re: [Live] Youyota 2-in-1 Tablet

Hello! Regarding the quantity for IGG:

- $50000 is the absolute minimum I can open a production line and ordering minimum quantity of components for production. In general opening a production...
Forum: Jolla Tablet 2017-06-27, 18:17
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Posted By chenliangchen
Re: [Pre-Announce] Revival of Jolla Tablet

Once the production begins I will do some factory audit myself and will upload as many pictures as I can.
Forum: Applications 2017-06-16, 14:58
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Posted By w00t
literm -- terminal emulator

Though I'm not personally using Sailfish right now, some of the stuff I do still has meaning in that area. One such example is literm (, a fork of fingerterm...
Forum: Brainstorm 2017-05-11, 10:36
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Posted By ontime
Re: Disable long-press power button

For monitoring PwrButton
$ evkey -d -t -1 /dev/input/event0
or there is a counter
$ cat /proc/interrupts
376: 8 twl4030 PwrButton
here says 8, but there was 4 pushed the pwrbutton...
Forum: Development 2017-05-11, 07:10
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Posted By freemangordon
Re: [WIP] Fremantle GTK3 Experiment

That one was tough :)

Still lot to do (implement mounts/volumes support, move to GFile from...
Forum: Applications 2017-04-02, 16:25
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Posted By Ygriega
Lightbulb [Announce] Piepmatz - A Twitter client for Sailfish OS

Piepmatz is a Twitter client for Sailfish OS

Welcome to Piepmatz - the new Twitter client for Sailfish OS. Already now, it supports many features which you need in your daily Twitter life:

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