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Forum: General 2010-01-06, 05:36
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Posted By yurihua
Forum: Accessories 2010-01-05, 16:17
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Posted By volt
Re: Bluetooth compatibility with Pioneer head units?


No. Unfortunately, there is no firmware update for the DEH-P9800BT. Several other units in the series have, I believe the older P9800BT is not firmware update-able.
Forum: Games 2010-01-04, 14:18
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Posted By zehjotkah
Re: New Port: Tower Toppler

1 up
is IcyTower open source?
maybe thats a project for me learning a little bit more about the system i'm using^^

edit: not open source :-(
Forum: Applications 2010-01-03, 12:22
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Posted By maya
Re: HWR / Handwriting on the N900?

I installed on my N900, but did not work very well.
We await the new version.
Forum: Alternatives 2010-01-03, 08:31
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Posted By shinkamui
Re: Blender 3D on Debian

Finally got a build working. libs require about 50megs, and blender uses another 30. I just moved /usr/local to /home and relinked, so that I can just put all my libs in /usr/local/libs for...
Forum: General 2009-12-30, 15:16
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Posted By daperezg
Post Re: Keepass for for the N800

I've working QT4 and keepassx_0.2.2-3osso in a N800 BUT I can see there is a later (v0.4.1) version, and i would like to run it.

You can read more in the next thread...
Forum: Games 2009-12-24, 07:43
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Posted By noobmonkey
Re: EVE Online Skill Planner for Maemo?

woooop! just a widget showing the training queue would be useful :)
Forum: Applications 2009-12-22, 22:52
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Posted By CrashandDie
Re: espeak

Hide device under kid-brother/sister's bed and have it go "I need to eat flesh..."

or alternatively:

"Gee, Brain, what do you want to do tonight?"
"The same thing we do every night, Pinky—try...
Forum: Nokia N810 2009-12-20, 14:32
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Posted By daperezg
Re: Is there handwriting training for Garnet VM ?

Tealscript is a good app but i prefer "Mobile Write" and it is working in Garnet VM, this apps has a tutorial mode to learn about draw all chars.

Garnet Vm has a very strange char recognition,...
Forum: Multimedia 2009-12-19, 11:59
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Posted By nwerneck
Re: [Canola] Plugins won't load with beta11

Bump this thread... Any canola developers around? Time for new people take over the project?...
Forum: Applications 2009-12-19, 00:17
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Posted By DaSilva
Re: [Request] Bring syncevolution to Extras (new version)

Somebody has tried to compile it but with an error at the end:
Maybe somebody else can help!?
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-12-18, 06:03
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Posted By tirtawn
Re: Will vpnc work over 3G network?


Mine works but sometimes does not too. :(.

So its puzzling me too.

Using wifi ->typically 8/10 can connect to co vpn
Using 3g from tmobile -> 2/10 can connect to co vpn

Not so...
Forum: Development 2009-12-14, 07:25
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Posted By jaem
Re: Bluetooth HFP commands

I've been looking into this as well, and the documentation available aside from the HFP spec itself is, well, not much - and not easy to find. Also, the HFP device I have seems to be a bit buggy,...
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-12-12, 14:12
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Posted By annavp
Re: double Twist and N900

I have used doubletwist. the N900 is recognised when connecting in storage mode.
- Pictures that are taken with the device are not found by DT at this time, allthough i have seen them throuf DT. Now...
Forum: Games 2009-12-12, 09:16
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Posted By n900_ag
Re: Something like Nintendo brain train for this device?

bump. :)

is there anything like nds Dr Kawashima's Brain Training for the n900?
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2009-12-10, 12:05
Replies: 9
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Posted By Zaco
Re: USB OTG Goes Webcam

Can anyone post a compiled module ov51x.ko for DIABLO or give some tips to compile it.
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-12-08, 21:36
Replies: 21
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Posted By kwotski
Re: My Camera Quality Metric

/etc/gdigicam/gdigicam-camerabin.conf ? Interesting!
Forum: Games 2009-12-08, 03:22
Replies: 11
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Posted By DaSilva
Arrow Re: Laberynth

I think something like would be a real addictive game because it has more features than just a labyrinth and I really would like to see something like this for the N900.
Forum: Buy & Sell 2009-12-07, 11:27
Replies: 3
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Posted By vidarino
Re: WTB: Nokia 700 or 800

gerbick: Ugh, sorry about the delay. Still for sale? If so, can you shoot me an email? vidarino at gmail. :)

And doh, yes, I meant 770, not 700. ;)
Forum: Accessories 2009-12-07, 10:21
Replies: 42
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Posted By schaggo
Re: Bluetooth watch support

Yay master moneytoo himself chimed in! Nice to see you again, it's a long time ago since the whole Windows Mobile thing started...!
Well, actually no, it's *not* a long time ago but IT time just...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2009-12-07, 05:35
Replies: 33
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Posted By dvergin
Re: Why is N900 without the Chinese language?

Slightly off topic, but would you share the url's for the Chinese and Japanese online input tools you are using. TIA
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-12-05, 22:15
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Posted By sardaukar
Re: Word on the availability of physical keyboard replacement

Not sure... the N97 is a whole piece
Forum: Games 2009-12-04, 01:19
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Posted By VulcanRidr
Re: Angband errors in App Manager

Nope. Nary a peep. I've just been clicking the extra warning about not being able to install angband in the pkg manager.

Apparently I am. I found it on

Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2009-12-03, 19:13
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Posted By testarc
Re: sync on maemo5

any news about sync with LINUX ?
Forum: Competitors 2009-12-03, 14:55
Replies: 426
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Posted By Nexus7
Re: N900 vs Milestone

The N900 keyboard is 2.42 light years ahead of the Droid/Milestone's. Looks and usability.
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