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Forum: Community 2013-05-23, 12:02
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Posted By chemist
Jolla's Sailfish and The Other Half - We are unlike!

Hello Unlikes,

To become the other half, we need to get it going.

I am happy to announce that Jolla's Sailfish subforum got moved up to be a primary in OS / Platform...
Forum: Applications 2013-01-02, 05:40
Replies: 56
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Posted By munozferna
[Announce] Pockeego - Pocket (ReadItLater) client for Harmattan/Fremantle


Pocket client for MeeGo Harmattan and experimental support on Fremantle.


Authentication .
Sharing content from main client.
Adding content from browser and client.
Forum: Applications 2012-12-28, 22:22
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Posted By herpderp
Re: Is there a free N9 Message Blocker?

What if you just CAN'T pay, even if you wanted to? (
Forum: Applications 2012-12-28, 15:07
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Posted By knobtviker
Re: Is there a free N9 Message Blocker?

You, sir, fail in epic proportions.

Knobtviker is seriously not amused.

I advise you to stay away from a place like this with high concentration of developers.
Or change your opinion...
Forum: Applications 2012-12-28, 14:43
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Posted By coderus
Re: Is there a free N9 Message Blocker?

@bioman you like poor man. You seraching over whole city for free and outdated bread, because you cant buy fresh one. Sadly.

You bought not cheap phone, but why can't spend some money for...
Forum: Applications 2012-12-28, 12:11
Replies: 22
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Posted By coderus
Re: Is there a free N9 Message Blocker?

why you cant buy it and support developer?
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-12-18, 10:38
Replies: 243
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Posted By ukhamitov
[Announce] Rocket - Twitter Client

Rocket is an awesome mobile Twitter client for MeeGo Harmattan with personality. Full of features and stunning design, Rocket is a social media tool for all your needs.


Forum: Applications 2012-12-14, 12:02
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Posted By Reflektorfalke
Re: [Support thread] Billboard Standby Screen

@MoritzJT and whoever else interested...
Below is the code I am currently using and the screenshot showing the output thereof.
Please be aware that it is still WIP, mainly because of the issues...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-12-13, 08:12
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Posted By bibek
Lightbulb [ANNOUNCE] ShareBoard 0.0.2 - A small app to share texts and pics to Twitter & FB simultaneously

Just a small functionality I missed in N9 was that I had no option to fast-share a status update or post to both social...
Forum: Community 2012-12-12, 12:22
Replies: 207
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Posted By joerg_rw
FUNDRAISER - roof on fire

Dear Community,
I have to inform all of you that we're approaching a critical date for all of us: Nokia is about to stop funding our infrastructure and board and council are busy to establish a new...
Forum: Community 2012-12-12, 07:51
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Posted By zehjotkah
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

Hi everyone,

I've just sent the second prize money. (Of course except of Location & Navigation category)

Ups... Missed that.
If the paypal address is just spelled wrong there is no...
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-12-11, 10:39
Replies: 98
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Posted By thp
[ANN] Cyclotron - CLI tools to cycle between app windows

This is in very early stages, and no GUI is provided (only CLI tools). Source code for enumerating and switching between windows is provided (it's just Xlib + EWHM stuff). Hope this can be put to...
Forum: Community 2012-12-03, 19:32
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Posted By qwazix
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

Wikiwide and netvandal we haven't forgotten you. I have tried to contact two Nokia representatives myself, one never responded, the other has left Nokia. The latest action was yesterday, when...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-12-02, 17:40
Replies: 75
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Posted By vitaminj
Re: Firmware downgrade from 1.3 to 1.2 possible

Perhaps people might want an email client which shows unread counts reliably or a web browser which doesn't aggravatingly blank the address bar when it fails to load a page, two major regressions in...
Forum: Alternatives 2012-11-28, 14:47
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Posted By MeeGoExperts
Qt on BlackBerry 10 and JollaMobile

It looks like 2013 is going to be an Exciting year for Qt Mobile.

Now that Digia have aquired Qt its all hands on Deck again with all Qt interested parties pulling in the same direction.
Forum: Community 2012-11-25, 00:44
Replies: 1,153
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Posted By kojacker
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

Time to open up the Coding Competition community bounty chest!

Altogether, we have collected a wonderful 812...
Forum: SailfishOS 2012-11-21, 21:27
Replies: 879
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Posted By shmerl
Re: Sailfish(Jolla): Ideas/Qns & Concerns/Criticisms

According to Stskeeps, Sailfish is intended to be a shared base for vendors, but the status of the UI licensing is still under discussion and not finalized. So it's not yet decided whether it'll be...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-11-17, 16:07
Replies: 79
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Posted By tissot
Re: No Sailfish Update for N9, really?

Jolla made it clear on the very first day that they are not here in anyway to support N9.

I mean a small company that is already stretched to the max should waste their time on a another...
Forum: Community 2012-11-06, 20:33
Replies: 1,153
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Posted By ajalkane
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

Where's my bounty!!!!! :mad:

Now you don't have to feel bad about us not waiting with baited breath like the N9/N950 winners :). It would have gotten really welcomed to me during this month, but...
Forum: Community 2012-11-06, 17:06
Replies: 1,153
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Posted By kojacker
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

it might be better keeping '1.3 for n950' questions onto more relevent threads, I'd like to keep this one for competition queries as much as possible. There's a few out there already, this is the...
Forum: Community 2012-11-05, 17:47
Replies: 1,153
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Posted By kojacker
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

It feels like we haven't had any happy "I got my DHL email" / "I received my device" emails for a couple of days - looking at the updated list is there any happy news from the folks below?

Forum: Applications 2012-11-04, 12:36
Replies: 352
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Posted By dirksonguer
Re: [Announce] Instago, an Instagram client for MeeGo / Harmattan

Hi all,

you can find the weekly developer release (v0.4.2, developer build) here: (direct link)
Forum: Community 2012-11-03, 21:05
Replies: 1,153
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Posted By taixzo
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

After using the N9 for a few days, I can say this: I was sad when Nokia abandoned the N900 because it was the last of a niche product, a hacker phone. Now I'm annoyed that Elop abandoned the N9,...
Forum: Community 2012-10-23, 23:18
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Posted By aStrike
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

Will piggybacking be sufficient? I am sure some one lacking a n9 will agree to this barter. :D

Edit: P.S Congrats to Wikiwide for getting a n9! really a worthy member of this community. :)
Forum: Community 2012-10-23, 23:10
Replies: 1,153
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Posted By helex
Re: 2012 Coding Competition

Mh, the next round. I guess we are reaching slowly the point at which we have to talk about our blood group. Nokia, you won't get even a single drop. Never again. LOL! :D

Btw, would have been...
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