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Forum: Nokia N900 2010-10-05, 12:53
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Posted By xabaras
Re: Change voltage for individual frequency

Just to add some..

remember that for each 1 point you'll add or remove from the voltage value (wich has a range of 0 - 72) you will either add or remove 0.0125V.

to calculate the voltage you...
Forum: Games 2010-08-29, 17:17
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Posted By xabaras
Re: [Announce] Vexed clone

Screenshot please, or it doesn't exist :D
Forum: General 2010-08-13, 08:38
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Posted By xabaras
Re: Phone slows down when installing applications

I've been receiving calls during download and installation of apps. The phone works just fine
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-08-12, 16:24
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Posted By xabaras
Re: How many times does your N900 freeze?

Same as Droll and never had to pull the battery
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-12, 10:41
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Posted By xabaras
Re: overclock the DSP?

Maybe it's just "placebo" effect but i believe it makes a slight difference playing movies with mplayer/sib...

but as i said may be only placebo...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-12, 10:08
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Posted By xabaras
Re: overclock the DSP?

With Titan Kernels it is possible to make a custom config.

I'm running my DSP@500Mhz starting from 600 Mhz cpu clock and like this up to 900Mhz
Forum: Themes 2010-08-07, 09:40
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Posted By xabaras
Re: ULTRA SEAMLESS loopable - glowing blue smoke

Nice wallpaper, really.

Using it right now and i believe i will stick with it for a while

Thank you :thumbsup:
Forum: General 2010-08-05, 15:39
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Posted By xabaras
Re: Latam & Caribean n900 users REPORT HERE! :)

Hi there,

I'm italian but i live in Mexico sooooooo.....

age: 34
City: Tampico
country: Mexico

Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-04, 15:18
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Posted By xabaras
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-08-04, 14:41
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Posted By xabaras
Any way to make the status bar Auto-hide?

Hi all,

Is there a way to make the status bar autohide as the desktop setup one does? appearing only when the desktop is tapped?
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-07-30, 09:47
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Posted By xabaras
Re: SmartReflex- Battery Enhancement - The right way?

For me also SR make the n900 unstable over 805Mhz, it's ok up to that clock freq. & only if enabled on VDD1. VDD2 SR on will randomly reboot the device.

I'm using titan kernel and my custom...
Forum: Games 2010-07-27, 16:24
Replies: 70
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Posted By xabaras
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Destroid - Astroids Blasting Game v-1.0.2 now in extras-devel

Same problem here, solved with apt-get install python2.5. It has updated 2 packages for me.

Nice app, thank you!
Forum: Applications 2010-07-22, 14:51
Replies: 167
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Posted By xabaras
Re: [Preview] Sygic Mobile Maps 10

Any news about Mexico map for sigyc? It is supported in all the other platforms but maemo5....
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-22, 07:14
Replies: 141
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Posted By xabaras
Re: Battery Life just got Amazing. 4 Days of Standby!

he is not asking to stop using everithing, he's sugesting a way to troubleshoot the battery drain, starting from having nothing installed on the device and adding one by one the apps one need
Forum: Themes 2010-07-20, 13:20
Replies: 8
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Posted By xabaras
Re: [Desktop Button] Six Blue Squares

is there a way to make the application launch bar & tray disappear as the one for set up the desktop?
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-07-19, 16:19
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Posted By xabaras
Re: How to uninstall / remove ovi map from my N900

could be becouse of the speed, if you haven't got a fix on satelite before take off i doubt it will get it while moving over 800 km/h, and also for the airplane screening
Forum: Applications 2010-07-19, 12:25
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Posted By xabaras
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-07-11, 00:59
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Posted By xabaras
Re: PR1.2 destroyed my N900.

glad to report that so far so good for me after P.R: 1.2, i'm not experiencing any of the OP's problems

updated with flasher
Forum: Multimedia 2010-07-10, 10:37
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Posted By xabaras
Re: Freyja Media Player

I third that...:)
Forum: Applications 2010-07-09, 16:07
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Posted By xabaras
Re: [Announce] Queen BeeCon Widget: Customizable and flexible monitoring tool.

what to say... thanks xD

here they goes.
pwr_on_bklght_max.txt will max up the backlight to lvl 255 (range 0 - 255) when dc supply or usb supply is connected
pwr_off_bklght_dim.txt will dim the...
Forum: Applications 2010-07-09, 14:33
Replies: 1,393
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Posted By xabaras
Re: [Announce] Queen BeeCon Widget: Customizable and flexible monitoring tool.

Hi guys, new here...

Thanks for your effort on providing us such a great app!

Actually with dbus monitoring i managed to bring backlight to max when connected to power supply, and dim it back...
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