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Forum: General 2017-02-27, 20:51
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: Camera phone competition February 2017: Sunlight

Juiceme is my choice. Tough decision.
Forum: General 2017-02-20, 23:55
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Posted By tzsm98
Forum: General 2017-02-20, 23:43
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: Camera phone competition February 2017: Sunlight

Winter Curtain!As55lWSfc_2bp5xdi2-9wKkJZcEm4A
1/500 @f/1.9 ISO 50 Lumia 950 DS, adjusted with Adobe Photoshop Express.
Forum: Accessories 2017-01-09, 04:02
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: The multifunction Other Half mod prototype for the n900 is out. ;)

This will ship from a former Nokia production facility in Hungary, to the EU, on April 1, 2017.
Forum: Applications 2014-02-18, 01:03
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: [Announce] Pierogi - a universal infrared remote control app

This program is the best! Misplaced the remote for my TV, which is needed to cycle through the inputs. Was stuck on my Blu-ray player and I wanted to watch the Olympics. Fifteen seconds after I...
Forum: Community 2013-05-25, 03:42
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: [Help needed] You are Maemo - drop your ideas

I know what you mean. The full image opened up in my browser before shrinking down into the "click this bar to view full image" box. While it was loading I was thinking "what, just a gradient...
Forum: Community 2013-03-26, 02:23
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: [Referendum] [Council] Hildon Foundation and Maemo Community Council(s)

Mr. Chairman, I move to close debate and call the question! (not that I am against debate, it is I'm for getting this done and moving forward.)
Forum: Off Topic 2013-03-22, 04:57
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: It's the final countdown!

What isn't changing is short windows of support. Saw the dates yesterday, wish I could remember where, and it looks like WP8 will be supported into 2014. WP7.8 will get support for a little longer.
Forum: Community 2012-09-01, 15:38
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: WTF is this?! (football spam threads)

The moderators are on top of this now. Some spam threads are gone within two minutes of posting. KUDOS to whoever is taking care of business.
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-09-01, 14:57
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: my device(N900) is too slow...

switch to CSSU
install power kernel
overclock to 805 mhz

This is a start. HAM is slow, painfully so. Use apt-get to avoid HAM, also Faster Application Manager gets around the slow HAM issue....
Forum: Community 2012-09-01, 14:51
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: WTF is this?! (football spam threads)

The OP started a single thread about the spam issue (this thread) since joining TMO, check his threads started by report. The spammers were starting between one and eight threads each. Comparing the...
Forum: Community 2012-09-01, 14:09
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: WTF is this?!

Looks like it is sorted now.
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2012-08-09, 20:51
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: 13 line quran

13line quran requires Android 2.1 and up according to the program page...
Forum: General 2012-07-25, 22:51
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: Just bought a new n900

I'd be looking for these:

flaking paint on keypad
scratches, nicks, etc on display bezel
two bright points about 2.5cm (one inch) apart near center of display
obviously non-standard IMEI...
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-07-24, 18:27
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: Hahaha NOKNA

I got mine from and in 12/2009. Nokia fixed one of them under warranty when the screen went dark.

N900_NOKNA_BLK indicates N900 for the North American market in Black color ...
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-07-24, 15:59
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: N9 Tmobile Service Issues

Have this same issue. Can not make calls, missed calls, MMS do not send/receive, SMS do not send or receive. Requires re-boot. On T-Mobile using N8 and C7. Had issue in Oklahoma City, Buffalo, NY,...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-07-24, 04:49
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: [Announce] kernel-power stable v51 in Extras-Devel

KP51r1 installed without a hitch. Thanks.
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-07-24, 04:45
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: I Want to buy Nokia N900, But I don't trust this chinise

Look closely at the photo that shows the accessories. They are not N900 associated.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-04-04, 18:12
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: Nokia USA Service Question

PALCO has come a long way over the years. Four years ago they were slow and the treatment of the device was spotty. My last several dealings with PALCO were fast and spot-on for repair and how they...
Forum: Nokia N900 2012-03-27, 03:34
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: [Resolved] Flashing N900 in windows 7

I gave up on Windows7 for this and booted up my son's XP machine. 8 minutes later I was restoring. Glad to see there is a future for flashing if he finally moves out!:rolleyes:
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-03-12, 02:33
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: Is there any way of seeing more information about the cell connection?

Sorry, was not aware that PCS supported anything over 2.5G.
Forum: Nokia N9 / N950 2012-03-12, 02:08
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: Is there any way of seeing more information about the cell connection?

Page 19 of the user guide for the N9 ( the various network indicators. 2G, 2.5G, 3G and 3.5G are what will show up in the status...
Forum: Alternatives 2012-02-07, 18:58
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Posted By tzsm98
Lightbulb Playbook OS to support Qt

Saw this linked ( phonescoop.

"By officially joining the Qt open source effort,...
Forum: General 2012-02-04, 20:11
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: NOKIA we need a new MAEMO5 device

I would like to see another Maemo5 device. I'd like to see it have:

4 inch resistive touch screen
1280 x 1024 resolution
OMAP 5432 @ 1850
1 gig application ram
64 gb emmc
Forum: Applications 2012-02-03, 19:01
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Posted By tzsm98
Re: @qwerty12 can you push rootsh 1.8 to Extras Testing?

QWERTY12 bowed out of this forum a long time ago. Perhaps someone can put a date on it. It looks like August, 2010. I found a post that reads, in part "Looks like it's an orphan package, unless...
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