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Forum: Competitors 2017-10-21, 13:07
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Posted By Jordi
Re: GPW Win 2

It's their core business, GPD = Game Pad Digital
Forum: Competitors 2017-01-05, 17:35
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Posted By HtheB
Re: Graalphone Sliding Keyboard Tablet

The best Handheld gnu/linux machine for 2017?
Forum: Competitors 2016-12-13, 10:08
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Posted By danramos
Re: The Epic Android Thread
Forum: Competitors 2016-12-09, 13:52
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Posted By gerbick
Re: Windows on ARM With x86 Emulation

Ironic that this is a website still dedicated to a dead OS or two centered around an ancient device that's being resurrected slowly from its grave, Frankenstein style.

The want and need may not...
Forum: Tizen 2016-10-20, 16:58
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Posted By Dave999
Re: 3 Million Tizen Phones and 4th in market share

Add the experiance to that too, some stuff is not even visible in 17 inch screen ;)
Forum: SailfishOS 2016-09-25, 00:54
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Posted By m4r0v3r
Re: (Request) Asus Zenfone 3 Sailfish

cant be done yet, dont have sfos working on android 6
Forum: Competitors 2015-12-23, 08:40
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Posted By theonelaw
Re: Dell Venue 8 Pro 5855

Well the problem as I have seen is the manufacturers scrape their costs down by using chipsets that are borderline, for instance the Broadcom chipset in the Iconia can either have wifi or it can have...
Forum: General 2014-12-20, 01:44
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Posted By Wikiwide
Re: A "Thank You" thread for Wikiwide

Well, I hope I got no haters ;-)

Not the most mood-lifting picture...

Best wishes.
Happy New Year!
Forum: Competitors 2014-12-12, 07:13
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Posted By Jaracz
Re: Blackberry Is Back!

There are more of them:

- CascaRun (MeeRun)
- Fahrplan
- MeeCast
- FreierTag

And there is a calculator in MeeGo-Style: MeeCal

Best regards,
Forum: General 2014-12-04, 22:18
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Posted By pichlo
Re: Things That Kinda Suck About Modern Mobile Devices

I don't buy that. Computers in 1995 were multitasking too. Neither Unix nor Windows were written last week. The real problem is IMO that even the "lightest" background task running on phone now takes...
Forum: General 2014-12-04, 21:52
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Posted By pichlo
Re: Things That Kinda Suck About Modern Mobile Devices

I fully agree with you on the battery life. My last smartphone before my N900 lasted 9-10 days on a single charge, with heavy daily use. It was powered by Palm OS, as yet unsurpassed by anything in...
Forum: Jolla1 & TOH 2014-11-24, 07:23
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Posted By youmeego
Re: Nokia Should Not Acquire Jolla

Nokia is a cheap brand now without pureview.
Forum: Android 2014-11-18, 20:48
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Posted By maluka
Re: Nokia N1

When I joined to this forum it was called "internet tablet talk" and we were discussing Nokia linux tablets. Funny how we're back to doing that :D.
Forum: Competitors 2014-11-13, 07:20
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Posted By pichlo
Re: Blackberry Is Back!

Or even landscape clamshell, laptop (or Nokia Communicator) style.
Forum: General 2014-10-29, 00:24
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Posted By herpderp
Re: The Fall Of Nokia and Its Similarity To Commodore

Yeah, MS is in huge trouble! I'd like to be in this kind of trouble too!!! (
Forum: General 2013-09-03, 10:33
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Posted By Rauha
Re: Microsoft buying Nokia's devices & services

<honestly and without any sarcasm>

I'm in awe of Ballmer and Elop. This was one the most brilliantly executed corporate takeovers in the whole history of capitalism.

This should be taught in...
Forum: Competitors 2013-07-26, 20:05
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Posted By dr_frost_dk
Re: Ubuntu Edge

i always wonder why the hell there is so much arguing and mudslinging from the corners of linux?

Yes i use Ubuntu 12.04 - Mate Desktop (my remastered version) because it works, i have tried many...
Forum: Competitors 2013-07-26, 18:52
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Posted By ajalkane
Re: Ubuntu Edge

How is this an argument? Canonical makes a distro. They might not have much to contribute to Linux Kernel. That does not make their other open source contributions meaningless.

I'm sure you did...
Forum: Competitors 2013-07-25, 05:05
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Posted By Dave999
Re: Ubuntu Edge

So far so good. This could be a good bookmark to have:

The progress - so far so good:

A solid video with Mark Shuttleworth:...
Forum: Competitors 2013-07-24, 18:34
Replies: 351
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Posted By dr_frost_dk
Re: Ubuntu Edge

+5,000,000$ in less then 48 hours.

+20$ when i get some $ :)
It would be awesome to see this rate going.
Forum: Competitors 2013-07-23, 15:44
Replies: 351
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Posted By Dave999
Re: Ubuntu Edge

No,They stole a name from a Russian space station called Mir. And Linux kids can't handle same name at two places to they have hated them ever since. Doesn't matter how cool stuff they are creating,...
Forum: Competitors 2013-07-22, 15:30
Replies: 351
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Posted By RX-51
Ubuntu Edge Announced! Pre-Order Opened

Technical Specifications:

- Dual boot Ubuntu mobile OS and Android
- Fully integrated Ubuntu desktop PC when docked
- Fastest...
Forum: Competitors 2013-07-21, 18:45
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Posted By panjgoori
Re: Ubuntu Edge

looks sexy
Forum: Ubuntu 2013-05-27, 04:38
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Posted By rcolistete
Re: Canonical announces Ubuntu for smartphones, we go hands-on

Here is my first contact with Ubuntu Touch on a device (Nexus 4), described in this portuguese blog article...
Forum: General 2013-04-15, 13:52
Replies: 55
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Posted By HtheB
Thumbs up A "Thank You" thread for Wikiwide

Almost on every post that everybody posts with (even some LITTLE) useful information on it, Wikiwide ( is the one who thanked you. He has a total thanks of...
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