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Forum: Applications 2009-02-28, 18:25
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Posted By bluesubaru
Forum: Nokia N800 2009-02-13, 04:15
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Any Facebook Applications Available?

I installed it and commented on it, on Don't know where my comment went. It's a read only interface. You can't make any updates or post to facebook with it. Not very useful.

No need for...
Forum: Nokia N800 2008-12-07, 04:06
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Incorrect password saved

Is there a way to clear just one password or user name? I have 25 good ones and 1 bad one. I hope I don't have to wipe out 25 of them because of one mistake. :(
Forum: Applications 2008-10-17, 23:07
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Re: Maemo Mapper v2.5 - Layered Maps
Forum: Applications 2008-10-17, 18:14
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Posted By bluesubaru
Song Lyrics

I was searching around for an app to display song lyrics, not as part of a media player, but a stand alone app. I had one on my phone, it worked well; stored favorite artists and stuff. Well I didn't...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-09-29, 16:34
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: welcome to a new update all diablo os2008 users!

If the system checks once a day for an update imagine the following: If it checked at 9:00AM and the update was released at 10AM, you will not be notified till 23 hours later when it checks again....
Forum: General 2008-08-30, 19:45
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Adata SD card uses extra battery power

OK, I did a test of my N800 with cards in both slots, offline mode; Adata 4GB in the external slot and it took 3 hours to get a 0.4% drain. Consistent over a 13 hour period.

correction: A-data...
Forum: General 2008-08-29, 16:06
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Adata SD card uses extra battery power

I have an A-data card. What is your method for figuring the rate per 1/2 hour. I will give it a test.
Forum: Applications 2008-08-25, 17:32
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: mCalendar

ahh... didn't see that it was a google apps account. Didn't know you could log in with anything but a account.
Forum: Applications 2008-08-25, 17:08
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: mCalendar

Your userID should just be your Id "zzzzz" remove the

Here's what's in my last update field "2008-08-19 15:18"
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-08-19, 19:12
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Is there any chance of getting locate and find on os2008?

I use these scripts to find files easily. I run updatedb every so often to update the database; and run "locate matchingtext" to find file or directory names that match "matchingtext"
Forum: Applications 2008-08-19, 02:14
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: New rDesktop (with new frontend)

TrueJournals: I had this saved in my bookmarks from some Server 2003 work I did recently. I might give you some insight on the console connection. How to...
Forum: Applications 2008-03-17, 16:50
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: The Kismet Thread

I still have my copy of kismet_2007.01.R1b-1.0_armel.deb.

If anyone needs it, PM me.

Edit: Rapidshare download (
Forum: Applications 2008-03-06, 02:30
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: The Kismet Thread

tz1, any specific reason you are recompiling? The version I downloaded works fine (no extra configuring) on my N800/OS2008. kismet_2007.01.R1b-1.0_armel
Forum: General 2008-03-03, 21:14
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Own WiFi overpowered ... now what ?

If it was coming from a XP machine the AP list on the Nokia would show it with the ad-hoc symbol; it has the small dot on top of the icon.

...and yes, the power you can run your AP, or any...
Forum: General 2008-02-26, 17:30
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Access hidden iPod Touch/iPhone websites

The above listed string is not correct for an N800.

In the config strings:
RX-34+RX-44_2008SE_2.2007.50-2 = N810 with OS2008
RX-34+RX-34_2008SE_2.2007.50-2 = N800 with OS2008
Forum: General 2008-02-25, 17:16
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Run Linux on top of windows, without a virtual machine

Let me add a few minor details to the above, before you install scratchbox and the SDK you _need_ to increase the disk space available to andLinux. I found out the hard way the default size isn't big...
Forum: Games 2008-02-24, 06:37
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Games that work well with DosBox

Warcraft 1 (floppy version)
Dosbox 0.72 chinook (n800)
sound choppy above 700 cpu.
With no sound and 3000 cpu game ran, but slow. Not playable at this speed.
Forum: Applications 2008-02-22, 16:55
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Gizmo - Feb 13 2008

That's because the version on the website is still and the repository points to

The website has the new version.

update: .97...
Forum: News 2008-02-21, 20:31
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Vote for the Nokia N810 as the 2007 Handheld of the Year

This kind of comment doesn't belong in here.
Forum: Nokia N810 2008-01-31, 00:47
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Posted By bluesubaru
Re: Leaving Charger Plugged In?

I plugged the power supply into my Kill-a-watt meter and recorded the following readings:

Power supply plugged in without N800 connected: 0.0 watts 0.00 amps
Power supply charging N800 with a 3...
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