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Forum: Applications 2015-03-30, 09:11
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [Announce] DTMF generator address book plugin

Thank you for getting back to us and fixing this.
Forum: Development 2015-03-25, 18:16
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: Why not ditch Maemo and work on a new OS?

...because we are the Maemo Community and we are all here to keep Maemo going.

The way I see it if all the closed parts of Maemo are replaced and everything is open w can then see how to move...
Forum: Applications 2015-03-24, 22:04
Replies: 332
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [Announce][Fremantle] FlopSwap - Swap GUI Management

Flopswap 0.2.4 uploaded to Extras-Devel.

Should fix the small bug spotted by chill above.
Forum: Applications 2015-03-24, 20:27
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: Tor Status Area Applet

It doesn't belong here, but yes the answer maybe here just above.
Your VPN's IP maybe blocked by the spam filter here.
Forum: Applications 2015-03-23, 17:49
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: Tor Status Area Applet

Well I gave up and whitelisted * as every exit node I used for at least a month was blocked. So I can safely say you will be lucky to get via tor.

Unfortunately, most tor exit...
Forum: Nokia N900 2015-03-23, 13:23
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: Fremantle timezone update impact

Will there be an update for the latest changes in Mongolia?
Forum: Applications 2015-03-23, 12:57
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: Tor Status Area Applet

All services block known exit nodes.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-03-19, 18:07
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Re: Shellshock? Maemo?

E-mails haven't come through for a while.
You can check the latest builds for errors here
Forum: Nokia N900 2015-03-19, 13:16
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: Uninstall CSSU?

Yes, there is no official way to uninstall CSSU.
You should backup what you can and reflash.
Forum: Brainstorm 2015-03-12, 14:38
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [NEEDED] Appealing ideas for next CSSU

Due to manpower bugfixes and possibly small enhancements is about right. However, anything within Fremantle (core former-nokia metapackage) is covered by CSSU and any patches for bugfixes or...
Forum: Brainstorm 2015-03-12, 13:52
Replies: 455
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [NEEDED] Appealing ideas for next CSSU

Most of your suggestions don't come under the CSSU bracket and would be supplied via extras.

1) Hopefully qml-browser can do that
2) There are patches in testing for that
3) Probably best if...
Forum: Applications 2015-03-04, 15:30
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [Announce] modRana: a flexible GPS navigation system

I always thought it wasn't recommended to make MyDocs an ext partition due to it breaking a large portion of applications. So don't rule out other applications having issues along the way.
Forum: Games 2015-02-22, 15:27
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [Announce] Myatzy - A solitaire Yatzy

Not really had much time to work on Maemo things lately.

I have noticed Yatzy has had some work done for Ubuntu Phone.
Forum: Multimedia 2015-02-17, 12:08
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: BBC Radio stations through Internet Radio application

News article on the topic.
Forum: Nokia N900 2015-02-16, 14:21
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: What is broken: LCD, main-flex-ribbon, or something else?

Check the main ribbon hasn't come loose first.
I would guess LCD but worth trying.
Forum: Nokia N900 2015-02-13, 16:44
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: Died. Salvaging components for arduino, raspi

Use the case and pre-order a Neo900?
Forum: Applications 2015-02-11, 18:52
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [Announce] Traceroute for Linux (traceroute2)

IMO we should be fixing packages not making new packages with different names.
If that means adding to CSSU or extras-devel for now, that's the best option.

If it breaks something on uninstall...
Forum: Themes 2015-02-04, 18:03
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: plain blur transitions.ini

Beware of theme customizer, it is known to install it's own out of date version of hildon-home.

I would have thought it was the launcher...
Forum: Off Topic 2015-01-28, 22:15
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: Help with BASH script plz!

Can you not use rename instead?

rename .mp3 .MP3 *.mp3

Then use the exit code for none found if required.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-01-21, 13:39
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [Fun/Learning] Root access on freshly flashed N900 using on-device tools only

If anything I would say things that could be easily fixed are repairing packages that depend on rootsh or sudser, as a priority.
Long term I would like to see a more secure root in Maemo, thanks for...
Forum: Multimedia 2015-01-20, 15:04
Replies: 1,676
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Alpha release of Open Media Player

Having the odd issue with OMP lately.
It's a bit of a vague bug report, as I haven't had time to try and pin it down.
It seems to be related to removing the headset, I'll be listening to music and...
Forum: Applications 2015-01-14, 14:20
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: Disable autostart of Camera App?

It's seems most are using the dsmetool -k. I don't believe another method has been found.
camera-ui2 should not need to use any killing method as it replaces the camera-ui, in that instance....
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-01-08, 10:42
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [Split] ...maybe we should start another thread about package managers

Different voters have different effects on the voting threshold.
It's sort of broken as is much of the stuff around garage.
I believe it should be 10 "normal" votes or 6 votes if a dev or special...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-01-08, 10:01
Replies: 30
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [Split] ...maybe we should start another thread about package managers

I think you will find it's still 10 actually.

Also there is no "myth busting", just a interesting discussion about HAM's superior features.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2015-01-08, 09:42
Replies: 2,176
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Posted By sixwheeledbeast
Re: [ANNOUNCE] CSSU-thumb thread - stable Thumb2 on N900

Obviously HAM is "recommended", however, you will find that apt-get dist-upgrade is the command if you want to completely cause chaos.
Now you are on thumb you should have the patched super fast...
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