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Forum: Nokia N900 2015-01-17, 15:44
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Thinking of getting back to N900. Few questions.

With modest you can't actually have multiple identities associated with a single email account. If you have multiple accounts then yes you can select which account to reply from - but that's not the...
Forum: General 2015-01-08, 19:18
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Posted By kureyon
Re: POLL What screen size do you prefer for your future mobile phone (2015)

I care more about battery size than screen size. The bigger the battery (capacity) the better :)
Forum: Nokia N900 2014-12-15, 11:05
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Thinking of getting back to N900. Few questions.

I have to disagree with you here, K9 Mail for android is far better, some of the useful stuff it does that Modest doesn't: multiple identities, threaded view.

podcasts: gPodder
ebook reader:...
Forum: General 2014-12-11, 06:07
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Things That Kinda Suck About Modern Mobile Devices

What really sucks about most modern devices is the desire to be thin and unergonomic, often at the expense of battery life. Often I see people holding a clunky portable charger under their phone...
Forum: Jolla & TOH 2014-11-26, 09:28
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Nokia Should Not Acquire Jolla

I wouldn't be surprised if there are such companies out there. With all these "health" and "safety" regulations if an employee moved a computer by themselves and broke their back they might sue the...
Forum: Competitors 2014-04-14, 23:18
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Latest And Greatest!

That's probably the one that made funny noises if you used the zoom when taking a video. That drawback is apparently what prompted Nokia to look into using a huge 41M pixel sensor to simulate...
Forum: General 2014-04-13, 00:36
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Posted By kureyon
Re: step to step: file transfer between winPC and tablet using SSH

Your speed will probably depend on whether there are any other computers using your wifi network. I can get speeds of up to about 1MB/s when I transfer a file from a wired computer to my N900 (the...
Forum: Nokia N900 2014-04-06, 22:34
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Thinking of getting a N900

I have both.

With the 808 most apps are geared for portrait and vice-versa for the N900. I use my N900 exclusively in landscape mode (I disabled the orientation switching thing in CSSU because...
Forum: Nokia N900 2014-03-14, 18:32
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Posted By kureyon
Re: New start with the old N900 - help needed

Link is incorrect, please fix :)
Forum: General 2013-09-05, 22:08
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Microsoft buying Nokia's devices & services

The only way MS can make an impact is by extorting patent fees for obsolete and dubious "technology".

Nokia owning Jolla would probably be the 2nd quickest way to kill them (quickest would be if...
Forum: Competitors 2013-08-25, 16:46
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Why does Android feel so lacking?

Memory "management" on android is, in one word, @#!*. On my galaxy note 2 with 2GB ram and with over half of it free and with just a single foreground application running (web browser), when I press...
Forum: Applications 2013-08-21, 19:16
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Posted By kureyon
Re: [Announce] modRana: a flexible GPS navigation system

I wonder if reverse-engineering the POI database would be any easier? I'm always surprised at how much useful items it contains - one of the more useful being that you can search for bus routes and...
Forum: Alternatives 2013-08-21, 19:07
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Firefox: We want to get rid of Nokia

Until low-end "smartphones" has battery life measured in days instead of hours then for many people they will not be replacing a "featurephone".
Forum: Development 2013-08-21, 14:58
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Disable/change alarm sound from python?

Create a silent sound file and point to that when you want to disable alarm?
Forum: Off Topic 2013-05-26, 06:56
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Posted By kureyon
Re: indian origin girl from us invents supercapicater to charge battries @20 seconds

If they can be charged in 20 secs as claimed then capacity won't be too much of an issue.
Forum: General 2013-01-08, 17:44
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Nokia N9 Hong Kong

Any idea where to get an N9 in HK?
Forum: Applications 2013-01-08, 14:50
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Posted By kureyon
Re: [Announce] Gnumeric - a spreadsheet application for N900

I have been trying to get conditional formatting to work. It works fine on my gentoo desktop. I've followed the same steps using the N900 version but cannot get the "<- Add" button to activate...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2013-01-03, 17:54
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Posted By kureyon
Re: [N900] Where are SMS text messages and IM conversations stored?

These are stored in an sqlite3 database at:

Forum: Applications 2013-01-02, 14:40
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Posted By kureyon
Re: wiki page about dbus-scripts a great toy to play with dbus

The difficulty is probably how to figure out that Opera is "idle". One solution might be to use autodisconnect to kill network connection when idle, then modify...
Forum: Nokia N900 2013-01-01, 16:50
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Posted By kureyon
Re: why n900 dont support gif images?

Or you can use "file:///" as the URL in microb or other web-browser. You can probably also bookmark your favourite folders too.
Forum: Competitors 2012-12-26, 17:06
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Posted By kureyon
Forum: Off Topic 2012-11-27, 09:34
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Jolla Sailfish Is stunning! Now on video!

This is not the same as having it displayed ALL the time. The old Psion organisers had the option of easily toggling between the display of status panel or not. Maemo allows programs to run in full...
Forum: Applications 2012-11-27, 09:22
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Latest Firefox for Mobile (Fennec) for Fremantle

At the beginning of 2011, Firefox was at version 4. Just under 2 years later it's at version 17/18. If they continue at this rate I predict a worldwide shortage of numbers.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2012-11-25, 07:36
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Extra/Special Characters Support for N900

It displays fine for me:

I copied and pasted from this page into a text file
scp'ed onto n900
opened it with Notes and all characters were shown properly
Forum: Off Topic 2012-11-25, 03:25
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Posted By kureyon
Re: Jolla Sailfish Is stunning! Now on video!

That would be the quickest to kill off Jolla.

It's probably the first and so far, only, major market where they've managed to sign up a distributor. It's all very well having a critically...
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