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Forum: General 2008-06-23, 15:04
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Angry Wayfinder - What a load of crap

Not the application, which seems OK, but the company.

I placed an order for 36 months full functionality of the Map application last Monday. They didn't send me an acknowledgement email.

Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2008-01-28, 09:56
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Re: TrueCrypt

There's a simple little pygtk based gui for truecrypt called Easycrypt which might be easy to adapt for maemo. Have a look here...
Forum: Development 2008-01-13, 09:48
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Re: PyGame: A Python Game Engine, port it?

did you read the pymaemo documentation?
Forum: Off Topic 2007-12-19, 14:02
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Re: Any Ron Paul supporters in the ITT world

This is not quite correct.

Ron Paul has it right when he suggests going back to a gold standard, but for some reason he doesn't quite get the financial aspects of the Constitution.

A nation...
Forum: General 2007-12-13, 12:14
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Re: Caldav server

How about If you want to test it, I have a build script and necessary packages here ( The script builds qmail, courier, exmlm, vpopmail,...
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2007-12-05, 08:22
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Re: SDHC Corruption bug back?

Last night I found my internal card mounted read only for no apparent reason. A reboot sorted it for me too.
Forum: Nokia N810 2007-12-04, 08:40
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Re: UKMP N810 Crashes. Kagu Same.

Can you run them from xterminal and post the output?
Forum: General 2007-11-29, 17:13
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ukmp / n800 / os2008

Hi all,

UKMP is bombing out for me with the following error:

File "/usr/lib/python2.5/", line 47, in copyfile
IOError: invalid mode: wb

Is anyone else having this problem? I have...
Forum: Nokia N800 2007-11-23, 10:53
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Re: Offline Mode and Web Server/ Development

hordeman, you're link doesn't seem to work?

In any case, after you've taken Milhouse's advice and voted, one way to get this to work in the meantime is to install minimo, which does allow access...
Forum: General 2007-11-14, 13:38
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now that I've seen a real iphone ...

I have to say that its very nice. I don't want one, but it is nice.

There's been a lot of discussion about data plans and sim cards on here. I agree with Nokia's decision re simcards and the IT. ...
Forum: General 2007-11-05, 22:18
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Re: Any one use the new Samsun Q1 Ultra..

I thought I would really like the Everun. I bought one for one of the guys in the office who felt he needed it for remote support. Well, its a hedge fund ...

In the event, the only good thing I...
Forum: Nokia N800 2007-11-01, 00:22
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Posted By w14
Re: Wanted: Nokia N800

Funny you should mention that, Andrew. That used to go for me as well ... and then I rolled out a Baracuda box at work. You know the kind of thing ... it blocks spam and notifies the various spam...
Forum: Nokia N810 2007-10-17, 22:51
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Re: nokia-n810-gets-official

Oh for God's sake.
Forum: News 2007-09-07, 16:54
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Re: Mozilla-based Browser for the Nokia N800

If you had bothered to search, you would have found this thread:
Forum: Nokia N800 2007-09-06, 16:39
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Posted By w14
Re: Is 400x240 the Max. Video Resolution on N800?

Will you SEARCH, for God's sake.

Entering "video resolution" into the handy search feature results in several threads, including these below. Try reading them.
Forum: Newbie 2007-08-26, 16:22
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Posted By w14
Re: Help needed pls to make N800 truly useful ...

Please search the forums. You will find answers to all your questions with a little effort. If you still have questions after doing that, I'm sure plenty of people will help.

Good luck.
Forum: Nokia N800 2007-08-24, 14:28
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Posted By w14
Re: How do you switch between Opera and Mozilla?

You may not see the "switch engine" menu item. See this for the fix:

You should read the rest of that thread as well ...
Forum: General 2007-08-20, 20:52
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Re: Kagu Media Player Released 1.0.6

Ah... I was right. I was being stupid.

Thanks. And thanks to you and your colleagues for the hard work. Job well done.

Forum: Nokia N800 2007-08-20, 17:55
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Posted By w14
Re: N800 as an underpowered toy

I'm wondering if Liam1 is related to Euchprof or whatever his name was ...
Forum: General 2007-08-20, 17:26
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Posted By w14
Re: Kagu Media Player Released 1.0.6

I'm confused. Probably just being stupid ... but how do I just play an album? Do I have to add all the songs to a playlist manually?
Forum: Nokia 770 2007-08-10, 11:20
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Posted By w14
Forum: General 2007-08-09, 11:11
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Posted By w14
Re: WIMAX coming to N800

Its worse than the spam, isn't it.
Forum: Nokia 770 2007-08-09, 10:38
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Posted By w14
Re: Ebook Readers


Why don't you look at the settings menu item. There are a whole host of settings there that you can change to allow you to do all the things you list.

Not only does FBReader...
Forum: Community 2007-08-08, 18:18
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Posted By w14
Re: account attack?

Does no-one search before posting around here?
Forum: Applications 2007-08-04, 11:11
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Posted By w14
Re: ukmp 1.5 out

In these situations the best course is to open xterm and run the application from there. That's already been said on this thread.

In this case the command is MediaCenter (case sensitive). When you...
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