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Forum: Nokia N900 2011-09-22, 06:45
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Posted By Dancairo
Re: Apps that we should be avoid on N900

I think that since this tread was started users have discovered that it is not always the apps fault, and that whilst an app may give problems on one N900, on another it runs perfectly giving no...
Forum: Multimedia 2011-09-19, 01:32
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Posted By TMavica
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Alpha release of Open Media Player

Put omp_20110917.tar.gz in MyDocs, then unzip it to there

X terminal:
1. root
2. cd /home/user/MyDocs/omp_20110917
3. sh --desktop-file

Forum: Nokia N900 2011-09-17, 08:55
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Posted By Alfred
Re: N900 GPS problem

Do You have the latest CSSU installed?
if yes, change AGPS setting from to
Forum: Multimedia 2011-09-17, 03:07
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Posted By gidzzz
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Alpha release of Open Media Player

Hmmm... that's not how it is supposed to work. Even single tapping should change the song. Maybe the playlist was still loading and the responsiveness was crippled.

It might be true, but I'm...
Forum: Community 2011-09-14, 16:15
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Posted By RevdKathy
Gary Birkett (aka lcuk) RIP

Hi all,

It is with sadness that I have to report that I heard from Gary's wife today that he died last night. I don't have much by way of details.

Gary was important to me in my connections to...
Forum: Development 2011-09-12, 22:45
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Posted By Saturn
Re: [Announce] CSSU Features Configuration application (Maemo 5)

FYI, uploaded the latest version (2.5-6) in devel.

For info and screenshots you can check the wiki (

If no complaints, in a couple of...
Forum: Design 2011-09-08, 14:36
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Posted By Boemien
Re: Rotation control within apps - how best to present choice to user?

For a list of Programs name, you can check this link:

It's a work in progress!
Forum: Design 2011-09-08, 14:21
Replies: 20
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Posted By dekkelkamp
Re: Rotation control within apps - how best to present choice to user?

/usr/share/hildon-desktop/transitions.ini, on the bottom of this file you can add a row (if its not allready there) like this:
blacklist = appname1 appname2
whitelist = appname1 appname2
Forum: Development 2011-08-05, 09:18
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Posted By shnigi
Re: [Pre-Release] Grooveshark client untill someone updates this great program :P
Forum: Applications 2011-07-15, 23:14
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Posted By fcrochik
Re: [Announce] Macuco(2) on n900 - "iphone faker" browser

Since I still don't have a N950 yet and I can't imagine, after so many adventures, leaving my trustworthy friend maemo behind I decided to try something new: save web sites shortcuts to the...
Forum: Applications 2011-07-11, 20:05
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Posted By skykooler
Re: [Announce] Photo Frame

You need to install python-clutter. Open up xterm and type
apt-get install python-clutter

If you haven't installed rootsh already, you will need to install that first to be able to run the...
Forum: Applications 2011-07-11, 18:45
Replies: 27
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Posted By skykooler
Re: [Announce] Photo Frame

Thank you. I will look at that this afternoon.
Meanwhile, I have added some more transitions, and I think I have about enough. I added a "shift" animation (think of Cover Flow in Mac OS X), and a...
Forum: General 2011-07-11, 03:23
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Posted By NvyUs
Re: Nokia: The End Of The Line (Magazine article inside)

To sum up the Paper is Sensationalist Fascist Scum
The paper is famous for making up stories, they write derogatory articles on single parents, scaremongering, hate against certain religions, they...
Forum: Applications 2011-06-12, 16:59
Replies: 252
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Posted By 7thd
Re: [Announce] DrLaunch - Program launcher widget with portrait mode

Desktop Activity Manager won't bring up any icons except for Contact Icons. I c a n force them being brought up by making attempts to alter the desktop (f.i. when you add a Widget or a...
Forum: Nokia N900 2011-06-11, 16:47
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Posted By 12vibes
Neuvasync N900 Stopped working workaround

Neuvasync has changed its setup. To Keep it working with the N900 you will need to change the MFE server setting to
It then starts working again.
Forum: Applications 2011-06-05, 06:16
Replies: 31
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Posted By divan
[Announce] QFlipClock - flip clock app and widget

Hi all,

there is a homescreen widget and standalone application for bringing Flip Clock to Maemo desktop.

* Homescreen widget for Maemo 5
* Scalable - you can set any size you...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-05-20, 17:50
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Posted By gionni88
Re: Flip between apps with camera button

With "prev" it flips only between 2apps, while using "next" it flips between all the open windows in my N900.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2011-05-20, 17:23
Replies: 11
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Posted By uppercase
Flip between apps with camera button

Here is how you can use the camera button to flip between open apps - like ALT+TAB in windows.
Install Shortcutd (
and put this command in the...
Forum: Android 2011-05-07, 15:21
Replies: 333
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Posted By xur17
Re: [Release] N12 "UMay" - Android GingerBread 2.3.4

I added instructions on upgrading to the wiki if you installed N11 to the EMMC:
Forum: Applications 2011-05-01, 09:47
Replies: 18
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Posted By m750
[Announce] shaketowake2 - Enable/Disable wake up/rest by shaking

shaketowake2 (

I optimized the shaking code (initial source code ( for shaking by Niklas Tanskanen)...
Forum: Multimedia 2011-04-18, 06:32
Replies: 526
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Posted By somebody
Re: [ANNOUNCE] SomePlayer is available for Maemo 5

In 2.0. I'm working on this version now.
Forum: Multimedia 2011-04-14, 19:47
Replies: 1,716
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Posted By MohammadAG
[ANNOUNCE] Alpha release of Open Media Player

Open Media Player is a full free open source rewrite of the stock mediaplayer.
While I started the project, my current free time slowed down updates a lot, so OMP is currently maintained by gidzzz....
Forum: Applications 2011-03-16, 13:46
Replies: 37
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Posted By keynya
Re: WANTED: Anki for N900 - pay for it!


Although I kind of like the standard look of anki on the N900, the "motifstyle" is really useful even without changing anything. For the next version of ankiqt900 I could make two desktop...
Forum: Games 2011-03-09, 19:19
Replies: 16
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Posted By Acidspunk
Re: Maemo Plzz Create Hd Games For Nokia N900

This is hugely disrespectful towards the developers and the community. And ungrateful too.

This is your opinion ONLY and it isn't shared by the large majority of the people here.
Forum: Applications 2011-03-06, 14:30
Replies: 37
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Posted By keynya
Re: WANTED: Anki for N900 - pay for it!


I played around with the Version 1.0.1 of Anki and the buttons and almost all the letters were a bit too big for the small N900 screen. Is this the problem why you think the desktop version is...
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