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Forum: Applications 2010-09-18, 09:10
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Posted By flareup
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Tweak Flash Version

big thanks for being good to your word and getting this up for us 'stuck in the past' people ;)

sadly, i haven't had much luck on sites i hoped might have an effect - it does get past the...
Forum: Applications 2010-09-06, 17:41
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Posted By flareup
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Tweak Flash Version

september now. the days get shorter, the nights longer...
Forum: Applications 2010-08-28, 23:34
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Posted By flareup
Forum: Applications 2010-08-18, 15:23
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Posted By flareup
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Tweak Flash Version

the days are dragging, time is passing so slowly... very eager to find out which sites will come back to life on my 800 ;)
Forum: Applications 2010-08-11, 17:45
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Posted By flareup
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Tweak Flash Version


yeah, it'll breathe some more life into it and, limited or not, anything that gives me a reason to use my n800 is a good thing!
Forum: Applications 2010-08-06, 13:42
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Posted By flareup
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Tweak Flash Version

thanks for the updates on progress, realy apprecitate it and look forward to utilsing on n800.

will this problem affect functionality?
Forum: Applications 2010-08-04, 08:39
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Posted By flareup
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Tweak Flash Version

it all sounds brilliant.

now where's that N8xx version? ;)
Forum: Applications 2010-07-29, 17:15
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Posted By flareup
Re: [ANNOUNCE] Tweak Flash Version

yes, diablo version as soon as you can please ;)

anyone know if this wroks on bbc iplayer or tvcatchup in the uk?
Forum: Applications 2010-07-23, 15:58
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Posted By flareup
Re: BBC News iPhone apps now available - what about Maemo?

I don't have an iphone, so have always wondered about thee kind of 'apps', so without seeming too thick, can someone explain?

the iphone has a browser, and most sites have mobile versions, or are...
Forum: General 2010-06-21, 22:04
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Posted By flareup
Re: The case for a wifi-only device

I totally and absolutely agree with everything you write.

Nokia had the ball (they owned the pitch!) and threw it away.

I've been using my 800 with a 'mifi' thing from 3 network in the uk, on a...
Forum: Multimedia 2010-06-20, 14:58
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Posted By flareup
Re: TVCatchup script

any way of gettying this going on N8xx ?
Forum: Community 2010-06-11, 17:05
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Posted By flareup
Re: Maemo Missteps, your thoughts?

Same here.

I came on board for the 770, kind of accepted the abandoning of it for the 8xx as it was the first step, but stopped short of going for the 9 because I'd learnt the lesson of nokia's...
Forum: Competitors 2010-06-08, 16:22
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Posted By flareup
Re: iPhone 4

if they brought out something between the too small phone and the too big pad I'd be tempted!
Forum: OS2008 / Maemo 4 / Chinook - Diablo 2010-06-08, 16:20
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Posted By flareup
Re: UserAgentSwitching: Make sites think you are using an iPhone, Opera, etc.

does this 'faking' mean sites like iphone-adapted tvcatchup work? or the equivalent bbc iplayer etc?
Forum: Community 2010-03-13, 00:18
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Posted By flareup
Re: Maemo Community Council elections: Nominations open!

nobody cares.

the whole thing is now a sham.

i vote for an independent "internet tablet" forum - you know, like we used to have ;)
Forum: Competitors 2010-01-01, 12:41
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Posted By flareup
Re: "Surging iPod touch eclipses the iPhone" ... while Nokia stupidly abandons tablets!

an updated N8xx form factor.

what's the block to nokia for doing this?

must be an internal 'political' decision.

and it's plain stupid and wrong.

I've given up waiting/hoping now though!
Forum: General 2009-11-14, 13:09
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Posted By flareup
this would be so funny if true - apple IT with stylus?

if true, this would be ironic in light of the iphone-chasing nokia has done with 900, and in the process losing most of the...
Forum: Multimedia 2009-11-10, 13:14
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Posted By flareup
Sky Mobile TV

it's just luanched on iphone - any way to get this ported to work on maemo devices? (thinking it would suit nice big screen of n8xx's in particular) :)
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-11-04, 09:47
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Posted By flareup
Re: Nokia N900 Re-ordering

brilliant! and big up us Brightoneers!!
Forum: General 2009-10-22, 15:40
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Posted By flareup
Re: Nokia sues Apple for infringement of Nokia GSM, UMTS and WLAN patents (

story hits mainstream UK media.

another story from today's Guardian is perhaps an interesting add to...
Forum: General 2009-10-22, 13:36
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Posted By flareup
Re: summit n900 recipients, report in

can the thread title be chaged to "we've got one - you haven't"?
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-09-21, 09:18
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Posted By flareup
Re: N900 will not allow USB OTG!


this is a PHONE, not a mobile computer, nor a continuation of the NIT line.

accept it everybody! I have. sticking with 810 til something with form factor appears that substantially...
Forum: Competitors 2009-08-29, 13:33
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Posted By flareup
Re: Toshiba TG01

just come across this device - looks very interesting for someone who might not be waiting for q1 2010 for a not-yet-even confirmed 4 inch nokia tablet...

also interestingly being marketed as a...
Forum: Applications 2009-08-29, 07:48
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Posted By flareup
skype on n900?

haven't seen mention - is it bundled?
Forum: Nokia N900 2009-08-27, 19:45
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Posted By flareup
Re: Nokia devices size comparison

yes, absolutely. i see that even toshiba have a 4.1 out now...
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