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Forum: Nokia N900 2011-02-17, 01:27
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Posted By misterm
Re: Problems with N900 USB port becoming broken / loose and resulting warranty & repair issues

Well, it seems I will be owning an iPhone soon. Posting to this thread I have the same problem. The microusb broke and I cannot charge my phone anymore. This is just one big designflaw. I still had...
Forum: Off Topic 2010-08-24, 06:37
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Posted By misterm
Re: Touchscreen burn-in

89 euro isn't that bad of a deal. Thanks for the links xzibit.
Forum: Off Topic 2010-08-23, 06:43
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Posted By misterm
Touchscreen burn-in

Last weekend someone a burning sigaret fel on the display of my N900 and burnt into the touchscreen. All kinds of spraks came from the device and then I noticed.

Is there any way to repair or...
Forum: Nokia N900 2010-06-03, 11:52
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Posted By misterm
Re: I love my N900 even more with 1.2


-no real portrait mode
I really think not having portraitmode throughout the whole phone is just stupid. It should have been in there by now.
Forum: Applications 2010-06-03, 11:49
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Posted By misterm
Re: [Announce] Opera Mobile 10

I am truely stunned by the Opera browser. It's fast, it gets the interface right, I really like it. After using it for some time now there is only one things missing. The zooming that microB has....
Forum: Competitors 2010-06-03, 11:38
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Posted By misterm
Re: Complainers on android forums

Louis CK. Awesome, and so true.
Forum: General 2010-06-03, 11:34
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Posted By misterm
N900, what could be improved

Well I think there is always need for improvement, big or small. One thing that really bugs me made me start this thread. Let's see what else other people have to deal with.

What I think should...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-05-28, 16:01
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Posted By misterm
Re: PR1.2 OTA -> Sim not recognized

My former pincode isnt accepted either it seems. Any ideas what could cause this? I've skpped the pincode step for now, but I'd like to phone with the thing.. go figure! : )

So, ideas, suggestions...
Forum: Applications 2010-05-11, 10:09
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Posted By misterm
Re: [Announce] Opera Mobile 10

I am still playing with Opera and seeing what it holds, but my first impression is: Awesome! They surely have gotten the interface right. +1
Forum: Applications 2010-05-11, 09:50
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Posted By misterm
Re: [Announce] Maelophone -Stylophone emulator

Nice! After doing this I got to download it. Thanks.
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-05-05, 21:55
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Posted By misterm
Re: portrait mode in N900 ?

If not, I might as well sell the phone. Portriat is useable in many ways. It should at least be an option.
Forum: Off Topic 2010-05-01, 12:24
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Posted By misterm
Re: HK N900 running 10.2010.12-9. Is this the PR 1.2?

It would be nice if it sells nicely there and we have more app-developers.

Still, we have waited for two months allready. Nokia can't stall us months..
Forum: Applications 2010-05-01, 12:19
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Posted By misterm
Re: [Maemo 5] Gowalla working on N900

I'm trying some things on my own with eo-location and it is working fine now thanks to the geolocation-addon by Oleg Romashin ( Respect!...
Forum: General 2010-04-11, 01:24
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Posted By misterm
N900 Menu's Background more transparant?

I was just looking at the video of the X6 ( and i wondered if it would be possible to have the menu and section of it not display on a black background, but...
Forum: Applications 2010-04-11, 01:14
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Posted By misterm
Re: what happend with FRING?

Seems it landed in the fring(e) division..
Forum: MeeGo / Harmattan 2010-03-29, 21:25
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Posted By misterm
Re: MeeGo / n900 - Developer Only - Not Users

Can't wait to hear the first stories and see some images :)
Forum: Applications 2010-03-24, 18:24
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Posted By misterm
Who will do Palringo on the N900?

I was just reading some of my feeds and I again heard about 'pinging' for mobile phones, something that Blackberry started. It seems Samsung is getting on the bandwagon too and the app to use is...
Forum: Games 2010-03-15, 17:32
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Posted By misterm
Re: Working/Not Working PCSX Games

Seeing how stuff like updates and potrait features and what not are coming along I tend to lean towards this cynical statement.

: )
Forum: Off Topic 2010-03-15, 17:27
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Posted By misterm
Re: new update!?

So, there's symbian 3 (which looks nice, smooth animations and such), but the released N900 needs to wait? How can that be?

ps: We really need an image gallery like on symbian 3, with an album...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-03-14, 21:28
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Posted By misterm
Re: Microb browser bug?

another bug, at least to me. there are no controls in portrait mode. no topbar, no rightbottom icon. itīs half the functionality!
Forum: General 2010-03-09, 17:54
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Posted By misterm
Re: Linux fight over meego??

Hm.. what makes .rpm better over .deb?
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2010-03-07, 11:51
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Posted By misterm
Re: New N900 firmware 3.2010.02-8 released today (16 Feb)

Well the mid-februari updat ebricked my N900. Most likely due to the NSU. I reflashed with the newest firmware (with the februari update included - v3.2010.02.8) available using flasher and that all...
Forum: Applications 2010-03-07, 11:31
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Posted By misterm
Re: RotateScreen for Nokia N900

This script is nice. Will it affect the batterylife due to the polling on the accelerometer?
Forum: Games 2010-02-28, 13:15
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Posted By misterm
Re: Flash games that works great on N900

I haven't tested all of them, but Tilt is highly addicitive. (it has ads at the start). Would be a nice game for the n900 accelerometer.

Forum: Nokia N900 2010-02-28, 12:52
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Posted By misterm
Re: Could not access OVI Store

I have the same problem and I dont have Hide-User-Agent installed. I did reflash straight to v.3.2010.02-8 after it bricked on that update at first.

Could it be that there is something in the...
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