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Forum: Multimedia 2018-04-15, 19:06
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Posted By KotCzarny
Re: [M4+5] oscp - multiplatform player for (almost) any file format and network streams (using libav/ffmpeg and others), now with pygtk GUI

to anyone asking about android remote, i've made simple httpd request server to control core from just any browser. alpha version screenshot:
Forum: Development 2018-02-17, 00:55
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Posted By wicket
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2018-02-16, 08:50
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Posted By pythoneye2
Dirty-backup clone your n900 maemo system via an usb linux machine

backup/restore your personal u-boot-2013.04-2 maemo system (rootfs emmc and sd) via commandline via usb networking via rescueos booted by 0xffff

install u-boot-2013.04-2 kernel via commandline
Forum: Applications 2018-02-13, 12:58
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Posted By justmemory
Neovim on n900

Hi All!

I happened to successfully install neovim 0.1.7-4 on my n900. You can find the details here (

Forum: Development 2018-02-11, 14:27
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Posted By Macros
Re: Fremantle porting - getting organised

For your first question (honest questions are never stupid!):

Ram is built into devices for a reason, it has advantages over normal storage:
(Near) infinite reads and writes
Very fast reads and...
Forum: Development 2018-02-04, 22:40
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Posted By Halftux
Re: Maemo-Leste pre-alpha announcement

Yay I got i booting through the flasher.
As freemangordon pointed out that zImage is needed for booting through the flasher and Wizzup gave the hint to read out the zImage from an uImage I got it...
Forum: Development 2018-02-04, 10:52
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Posted By Wizzup_
Maemo-Leste pre-alpha announcement


We're happy to let you know about the pre-alpha release of "Maemo Leste" - an attempt to port/run large parts/bits from Fremantle on the latest stable Devuan/Debian.

There are currently...
Forum: Games 2018-01-13, 10:13
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Posted By Radu
GL4ES (OpenGL 'emulator')

Has anyone tried GL4ES to port OpenGL games on Sailfish?
It's a very nice library, you can find it here:

I used it to port Eternal Lands...
Forum: Alternatives 2018-01-09, 14:49
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Posted By immi.shk
Lightbulb Gemini PDA Happened, A Debian Linux Dream Came True..

Gemini is an ultra-thin clamshell mobile device with fully integrated tactile QWERTY keyboard, that fits in your pocket. Designed for Android, it also features a dual boot Linux option. Gemini is...
Forum: Applications 2018-01-01, 13:04
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Posted By marmistrz
Re: - Community Repository System

Custodian, could you please add a mandatory field called license and a non-mandatory field for the source code location? (e.g. for the GitHub repo address)

It would make a lot easier to find out,...
Forum: Alternatives 2017-12-27, 08:55
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Posted By pichlo
Re: Eelo OS : the Non- Googlized Android Alternative.

That is hardly surprising. Android pretty much equals GApps. Or, put another way, Android without GApps is so crippled that you do not need Android. You may as well use Sailfish or similar.
Forum: Nokia N900 2017-12-05, 08:32
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Posted By pichlo
Re: WLAN not working

Indeed. A good hint is if you have a SIM card in one unit but not in the other. The mobile network will tell the phone the location and that in turn will tell it whether channels 13 and 14 can be...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2017-11-29, 08:03
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Posted By Android_808
Re: [Announce] CSSU Testing thread

Will give it a few days before installing. Hopefully fmg will put out a thumb version as well at some stage
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2017-11-03, 10:49
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Posted By opt1mus
X forwarding to N900 with working hardware keyboard.

Not wishing to necrobump and old post; I found a clunky workaround to capturing keyboard input for X forwarding.

I did this with Chromium, which may...
Forum: Nokia N900 2017-11-01, 22:57
Replies: 26
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Posted By sulu
Re: N900 is a target platform for PostMarketOS !

In light of Easy Debian dying due to glibc no longer supporting the old Maemo kernel, I just tried to run the basic Alpine armhf rootfs in a chroot under Maemo.
At first sight the chroot seemed to...
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2017-10-21, 03:22
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Posted By jonwil
Graphics drivers on the N900 - my notes

This post is doing to be a data dump of all my findings/research/etc on the N900 PowerVR graphics drivers and stack. I wont be talking about anything happening in the kernel (since I am not a kernel...
Forum: Alternatives 2017-10-08, 09:40
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Posted By klausade
Re: Easy Debian Fremantle Beta Testing

I found out that these instructions almost work still, in addition to the above changes, I also had to change these files:

--- debian/ 2017-10-08...
Forum: Alternatives 2017-10-02, 21:39
Replies: 38
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Posted By wicket
Re: Darwin/ARM running on a Nokia N900

Apple recently open sourced the XNU kernel on ARM. ( Will Darwin on the N900 see a revival?
Forum: Maemo 5 / Fremantle 2017-09-15, 19:52
Replies: 22
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Posted By pali
Re: Did I brick it? Flashed broken xloader.


It makes no difference if those steps are done in 300ms time period :-)

Probably the only SW way how to brick N900 is to erase CAL partition... Erasing anything else can be...
Forum: General 2017-05-04, 17:35
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Posted By wicket
Documenting devices with mainline Linux support - Help needed

Some of you have already seen my recent rants [1 (] [2 (] [3...
Forum: Development 2017-01-16, 10:55
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Posted By KotCzarny
Cool [M5] N900 native ARM sdk chroot

hello, i'm sharing n900 dev chroot i'm using personally. what is it? i took few sdk packages, unpacked them locally, fixed some bits and odds, installed even more packages (all from fremantle sdk...
Forum: Applications 2016-08-24, 19:56
Replies: 41
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Posted By t-b
Re: [Announce] GNU Emacs 24 for N900

Today I've set up emacs to receive email (with gnus) on my N900. Here' s what I did. It is pretty straightforward.
This thread seems to be the most appropriate to add this info but no problem to...
Forum: General 2016-08-16, 11:18
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Posted By Dave999
Re: Former CEO of Angry Birds-Maker Rovio Hired To Revive Nokia's Phone Business

No point in trying to make Nokia great again for the very same reason As US cant be great again.

Coperation is key an neither of them seems to understand that, time will tell...but a keyboard...
Forum: Competitors 2016-08-05, 09:02
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Posted By n950
Nokia RM-696 Build B3 with armor

Right :)
It's a very rare rm-696 prototype.
Anybody have seen another one on internet before mine?

I have one question:

The led at bottom left corner and flash behind like on my picture...
Forum: JollaC & Intex Aqua Fish 2016-08-01, 18:05
Replies: 38
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Posted By mautz
Re: Intex Aqua Fish recurring activation sms

You could try to mask the sms timer with systemd:

systemctl stop sms-activation-intex.timer

systemctl mask sms-activation-intex.timer

If it's a user timer like the service you have to use...
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